Vuelta a España 2021!! One of cycling’s best!!

And here I give you an ahead news on one of cycling triple courses we enjoy over the years. Due to the fact in my wife’s family they were/are avid followers , and of course, I join in with the family. As said before we usually used to go by Pau to catch the French Tour de France, and by Castilla La Mancha and Cuenca for the Vuelta a España. Lately this has stopped due to losses in the family and the virus.

However, the 76th edition of the tour of Spain or Vuelta a España is back next August if all goes well as our times tells us lately. Here is the planned lineup.

Two time trials, seven mountain stages, six flat … These are the profiles of the 21 stages of the 76th edition of the Vuelta.
The 2021 Vuelta will have 21 stages with profiles for all types of runners and without losing the essence that has been forged in recent years. However, many unfamiliar places and do not know if the effect will be the same. Here are the stages with day of the week, date, itinerary , distance and type of race.

Stage 1 (Sat. 08/14). Burgos-Burgos. 8 km. CRI
The 2021 Vuelta will start with an individual time trial starting and finishing at the Burgos Cathedral.

Stage 2 (Sun 08/15). Caleruega-Burgos Gamonal. 169.5 km. Flat
Stage 3 (Mon. 08/16). S. Domingo Silos-Picón Blanco. 203 km. High end

Picón Blanco from Espinosa de los Monteros finally made his debut in La Vuelta after years in the plannings. First contact with the mountain for the favorites, with a practically one-port stage, although the end is demanding on a 9 km ascent of around 9% and with ramps that reach 17%.

Stage 4 (Tue. 17/08). El Burgo de Osma-. Molina de Aragón. 163.6 km. Flat
Stage 5 (Wed 08/18) Tarancón-Albacete. 184.4 km. Flat
Because the day between Tarancón and Albacete, despite its completely flat profile, could be decisive if a strong wind rises that could cause fans.
Stage 6 (Thu. 08/19). Requena-Alto de Cullera. 159 km. High end
Stage 7 (Fri. 08/20). Gandía-Balcony of Alicante. 152 km. Mountain
Stage 8 (Sat. 08/21). Santa Pola-La Manga del Mar Menor. 163 km. Flat
Stage 9 (Sun 08/22). Puerto Lumbreras-Alto de Velefique. 187.8 km. Mountain
Stage 10 (Tue. 08/24). Roquetas de Mar-Rincón de la Victoria. 190.2 km. Half mountain
Stage 11 (Wed 08/25). Antequera-Valdepeñas de Jaén. 131.6 km. Half mountain
Stage 12 (Thu. 08/26). Jaén-Córdoba. 166.7 km. Half mountain
Stage 13 (Fri. 08/27). Belmez-Villanueva de la Serena. 197.2 km. Flat
Stage 14 (Sat. 08/28). Don Benito-Pico Villuercas. 159.7 km. Mountain
Stage 15 (Sun. 08/29). Navalmoral de la Mata-El Barraco. 193.4 km. Mountain
Stage 16 (Tue. 08/31). Laredo-Santa Cruz de Bezana. 170.8 km. Flat
Stage 17 (Wed 09/01). Unquera-Lakes of Covadonga. 181.6 km mountain.

Lagos de Covadonga, return to the tour as the outcome of a pure mountain day. But the stage will have another novel element: a circuit prior to the final ascent that takes two laps and in which a new pass is climbed in both: La Collada Llomena, with 14% ramps.

Stage 18 (Thu. 02/09). Salas-Alto del Gamoniteiro. 159.2 km. Mountain
Stage 19 (Fri. 09/03). Tapia-Monforte de Lemos. 187.8 km. Half Mountain
Stage 20 (Sat. 04/09). Sanxenxo-Mos (Castro de Herville). 173.6 km. Mountain
Stage 21 (Sun 05/09). Padrón-Santiago. 33.7 km. CRI

Seven years later, La Vuelta returns to live in Santiago de Compostela its last stage in the form of an individual time trial.

The official Vuelta a España webpage in English:

Cycling news journal on the Vuelta in English:

There you go now be ready plenty of advance notice, this is planning and hopefully we will be able to enjoy in August/September 2021. Maybe see you there, La Vuelta of Spain!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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