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February 12, 2021

Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce, Honfleur!!!

Well this one is another memorable one for my family. If you have been reading my blog, which I thank you for that, you know Honfleur is special for us. The Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce is one big spot in my heart, as we came here many times with my dear late mom Gladys and my dear late wife Martine! Excuse me for a moment, and hope you enjoy the post as we do!


I come to our utmost favorite. This is without hesitation, the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce. A family tradition that with the busy lives sometimes we missed ,but we do come often.  This is the oldest tradition here, and when you are in a traditional Norman town, the oldest have a greater meaning. We love it, enough said.  And now let me give you a bit of history and pictures of the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce or Our Lady of Grace Chapel.

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is a Catholic chapel located in Équemauville, part of the town of Honfleur in the department 14 Calvados in the region of Normandy. You have faith and walk or come by car as it is very hilly to get to the Chapel in the village.

The Notre-Dame de Grace Chapel is built in 1600-1615 (on land given by Madame de Montpensier) by the burghers and sailors of Honfleur at the site of an old chapel that disappeared in a landslide of the cliff in 1538. This primitive chapel was founded before the year 1023 by Richard II, then duke of Normandy to fulfill a vow made during a storm in which he had almost perished. Since then, the cult of Our Lady of Grace has been perpetuated. It was at this time that the Capucin fathers planted a wooden cross to indicate the location of the old chapel, a cross that was about thirty meters from the present Calvary. It housed many ex-votos, model boats and an organ made by the organ factor Dupont in 1990. On the outside, on the left, you can see the bells of the pilgrimages.




The interior consists of a small nave, richly decorated and two transepts; The one on the left is devoted to the Norman settlers who settled in Canada, the one on the right is dedicated to St. Teresa of the Child Jesus of Lisieux. The canopies relate the history of the chapel. By a writ of 1912, the chapter of Saint Peter of Rome awarded the Golden Crown to the statue of Our Lady of Grace and it was in June 1913 that the solemn feasts of the coronation of Our Lady of Grace were celebrated.  You can see the statue of Saint Peter in the choir of the Chapel; A statue of St. Anne bearing Mary and the Child Jesus and a statue of Saint Joseph in wood dating from the 18C. Many marble plaques and paintings perpetuate the memory of famous people who came to this chapel: Samuel de Champlain, Pierre Berthelot, king Louis XIII, Napoleon Ier,  and Saint Theresa of Lisieux.



There was this first episode narrated from the city of Lisieux, ravaged by the plague in 1624, which was delivered after its officials and religious leaders had made a vow to Our Lady of Grace. Indeed, as a child, Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face (or Lisieux) (see post) came, being a child, several times to Honfleur with her family, on a pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary, to the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace. It was here that little Thérèse Martin took the decision to go to the Holy Father in Rome to asked  him for the exceptional permission to enter the convent before the minimum age required. This is why a relic of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus is now in Honfleur.  It is further noted that Athalie and Désirée Gosselin, two sisters, took to the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace the decision to have a Carmel built in Lisieux, after, because of their fragile health, they could not be admitted to the Carmel of Pont-Audemer. It was precisely in this same Carmel that little Thérèse entered, in 1888.


There is a great Festival of the Marines or Sailors’s Festival on the weekend of Whit Sunday or Fête des Marins. This is taken place here since 1861. This festival is a gathering of all those whose lives are linked to the sea. All kinds of craft gather in the Seine estuary for a benediction to remember the dead and to bless the boats.  On Whit Monday a procession including sailors and their families, carrying model ships, winds its way in pilgrimage from the town center to the Chapel of Notre Dame de Grâce where an outdoor Mass is celebrated, at across from the Chapel there is a smaller one where the Bishop presides the Mass. During this weekend, a fair visits the town and the Société des Marins organises an exhibition and concerts in the Greniers à Sel and concerts in tribute to fellow seamen. One can admire a picturesque procession of the models boats carried by the children from the Church of Saint Catherine (see post) to the Chapel of Notre-Dame of Grace. Magical fairy tail; and we are glad been part of it for several years, and looking forward again when possible.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here in addition to my posts are:

The Tourist office of Calvados dept 14 on the Chapel:

The Honfleur tourist office on the Chapel and hill of grace:

The Religious presbytery on the Chapel:

It is magical to go up the hill and from there look over the ocean, the city, the Cross of Christ and on the other side Le Havre!(see post).  At nighttime is awesome for the romantics especially. As well as very spiritual indeed. Hope you have enjoy the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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February 12, 2021

Church of Sainte Catherine, Honfleur!!!

And why not update this memorable monument in a nostalgic town for us, this is the Church of Sainte Catherine in Honfleur! If you read my blog you know this town is very attach to us, and been coming over here over many years with the family. Hope you enjoy it as we do!

And here I am again on my special Honfleur, each stop is memorable and full of souvenirs for the family. I have written many posts on Honfleur , all in a general touristic nature; however, I need to tell you about some things to see that are really worth the detour. Of course the city is in dept 14, Calvados , in the region of Normandy. This is a wonderful Church . The whole area around it is magical quant , beautiful architecture, and plenty of history I like.  Let me give you a bit more background on the Church of Sainte Catherine!!!


The Church of Sainte Catherine is located near the old basin, just behind the Quai Sainte-Catherine, along the rue des Logettes in the neighborhood of the Faubourg Saint Catherine, bordered by the sea, was the sailors ‘ area. The Church of St. Catherine replaces a stone church destroyed during the Hundred Years ‘ War. It is the largest Church in France built in wood by marine carpenters. It is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria, as a wood carving above the porch of the steeple, which is separated from the two naves, reminds you.

The first nave, the oldest part of the building, dates back to the second half of the 15C. It is built on the model of a market hall, with the appearance of an inverted boat hull. In the 16C a second nave is added, the vault of which conforms to that of modest Gothic Churches. The Church is covered with shingles in chestnut wood that make up the timber frame. At the bottom of the main nave is placed a beautiful organ whose carved oak buffet is in the style of the 18C, one can admire a painting depicting the carrying of crosses. Near the altar, you can see the statue of Sainte Catherine, which holds with one hand a palm, in the other a sword.

The neo-Norman porch was built on the model of those of the rural churches of Normandy at the beginning of the 20C and replaces a monumental portal in Neo-Classic style built in the previous century and which can be seen depicted on some paintings of Jongkind or Boudin. The South Gate is in Renaissance style.  Note the classical organ from the parish of Saint Vincent of Rouen and the Renaissance balcony adorned with musical characters. 19C stained-glass windows decorate the chorus in the east.


The eagle-shaped lectern dates from the 15C, it is in bronze. The painting depicting the martyrdom of Pierre Berthelot was blessed in 1926; The stained glass windows and canopies were inaugurated in 1887. The steeple was erected at a good distance from the nave, it is square in frame, clad in essence and topped by an octagonal pyramid in essence, it relies on stone bedrock. The bell tower’s crutches placed in 1718 support the building. On January 2, 2015 marks the 142nd anniversary of Sainte-Thérèse of Alençon (see post). It is on this day that the sacred reliquary with a kneecap of Sainte-Thérèse was installed at the Church of Sainte Catherine.



It is a classic in Honfleur, a must see for all. One of the nice things to do in the city. Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The city of Honfleur on the Church of Sainte Catherine:

The Tourist office of Honfleur on the Church and neighborhood:

The department of Calvados tourist office on Honfleur and the Church:

Hope you enjoy this brief, but I think interesting story on the symbolic Church of  Sainte Catherine of Honfleur. There are many posts on Honfleur in my blog for a good reason.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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February 12, 2021

Other sights of Barcelona!

So here I am again updating another dandy of my older posts, this one on mediterranean Barcelona. I have several posts on it in my blog so this one was to gather some misc pictures and show you a bit more of Barcelona. Hope you enjoy it as I

As I was  winding down my latest trip to Barcelona , decided to take some miscellaneous pictures as I walked by them. You know the tourist office and the city webpage and all those wonderful transport combinations; (see posts) now let me give you views and sights of Barcelona, and some off the beaten path thing to do.

And this is unique I think, a firemen’s museum !  The Museum highlights the history of the Barcelona Fire Brigade through the exhibition of its heritage and its connection with the city of Barcelona, ​​with more than one hundred and eighty years of history. Training and informative center dedicated to prevention and self-protection. What it does best is to exhibited objects come from the collections of the Barcelona Fire Department, which include more than a thousand pieces of all kinds. Among all these, the Delahaye bomber, better known as Genoveva, stands out, one of the emblematic historical vehicles of the corps. Apart from the utensils on display, the museum includes different elements with audiovisual content that allow visitors to interact. The museum also provides that users can experience the sensations that can be had during a fire, so an audiovisual system has been set up that reproduces all the stages of a real intervention, from the call of the citizen to the final resolution. of the incidence. The center has several classrooms to organize information sessions or courses on safety and prevention, and also includes a meeting center for entities.

The city of Barcelona on the firemen’s museum in Spanish:



Do not if interesting but the building has a nice architecture is the Guardia Urbana or urban guard police of Barcelona. This is in appropiately Calle Guàrdia Urbana, 2 near Montjuic. This is the city of Barcelona on them with at the bottom Servicio de Atencion al Turista or tourist service in case of needs:



There is a wonderful building that caught my architectural eye, I think is gorgeous. Actually is a school! The Escola Mossèn Jacint Verdague! at Carrer Lleida, 32 street. More in the city of Barcelona info webpage:


I had a nice walk from the Guardia Urbana around this school to Montjuic, (see the MNAC museum tops) this is wonderful to walk and recommended to all. Lots of great architecture and history around here. I would definitively walk again once possible these days.


And of course, what better view down from Montjuic! MNAC museum on my back looking down to plaça de Josep Puig i Cadafalch to the font Magica to the Torres Venecianes and the plaça de Espanya, superbe I think is my best picture, humbly !


The Barcelona Tourist office

The city of Barcelona tourist information webpage:

Enjoy Barcelona Spain yes. And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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February 12, 2021

A visit to Belize!!

Oh this is a wonderful update I am doing, bringing back many nice memories and good friends still around. The post is from 2018 when I was able with some friends from Mexico to fly from DF to Chetumal and then rent a car to go into Belize!!! Love to tell about this nice little country, and hope you enjoy the tour!

Let me bring you back to a tiny country that is very nice to visit in Central America. Let me tell you ,there is a North America, a South America, and then a Central America and they are all the Americas ,ok.  Belize is in Central America, and main language amongst many is the English.  Let me tell you a bit more on the history and country on this post.


Belize, is an unitarian constitutional monarchy with a ministerial-tendency parliamentary regime, whose territory is located in Central America, southern Mexico and eastern Guatemala. It’s capital is Belmopan. Belize was once called British Honduras. The current denomination is from the name of the old capital and the river of the same name.  Northern Belize consists mainly of flat, swampy coastal plains at highly forested sites. To the south is a low mountain range of the Maya Mountains, whose highest point in Belize is the Victoria culminating at 1 160 meters. Belize is located between the Hondo and Sarstoon rivers, with the Belize River flowing in the center of the country. Along the coasts of the Caribbean Sea there is a coral reef forming cays.

A bit of history I like

16C BC. – 4C AD: Expansion of Maya civilization from the north of the peninsula of Yucatán. The Maya civilization spread across what is now Belize around 1500 BC, and flourished there until about 900 AD. In the 17C, there were among the haunts of corsairs, pirates and freebooters, Huguenots or Puritans, along the coast of Belize. In 1798: Battle of St George’s Caye: During the wars of the French Revolution, a naval expedition mounted by the Spaniards, allied with France, was repulse back. In 1862: The colony is called British Honduras. As part of the British Empire (1862 – 1981). In 1981 the Independence of Belize, as Commonwealth kingdom in the UK came to be.

Throughout Belize’s history, Guatemala has claimed ownership of all or part of Belizean territory. This claim is occasionally reflected in maps drawn by Guatemala’s government, showing Belize as Guatemala’s twenty-third department. As of today, the border dispute with Guatemala remains unresolved and quite contentious with all leading international groups participating in keeping the peace. Today Belize is divided into 6 districts such as Belize, Cayo, Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek, and Toledo.

As to beach activities abound, the most known and just awesome is the Barrier reef.  The Belize Barrier Reef is a series of coral reefs straddling the coast of Belize, roughly 300 meters (980 feet) offshore in the north and 40 km (25 mi) in the south within the country limits. The Belize Barrier Reef is a 300 km (190 mi) long and section of the 900 km (560 mi) along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which is continuous from Cancun on the northeast tip of the  Yucatan peninsula through the Riviera Maya and  up to Honduras making it one of the largest coral reef systems in the world. The Belize Barrier Reef was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1996.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and it is worth the trip.

The Belize tourist office

The Belize hotels association

A private webpage Ambergris caye on Belize

Another good private webpage on Belize

There you go enjoy the Caribbean beauty on the small country of Belize in Central America.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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