Some news from France, CCCXXIIII

And here I go again, bearing with the hard travel times. I can go to many places still as the EU has plenty of sightseeing, however, once on site, there are many places closed so why bothered to travel far now. I am staying in my lovely Bretagne which as we have it, rains every day now! Not bad better than snowing lol!! Let me tell you the latest from my belle France. Sit back and enjoy as I do!

Going through the toll booth on the highways will cost a little more. Tariffs must increase by 0.44% on average across all the operating companies of the French motorway network. Why ? This is because the very strict contracts between the highway/motorway companies and the State provide for an automatic increase in tariffs every year on February 1, depending in particular on inflation and the work undertaken on the network. The rate change cannot be less than 70% of inflation, according to a 1995 decree. So there you have ,take those A/E roads and pay more folks. I planned ahead and use the free roads like N/D label. Why pay more taxes!

And of course, taxis are going up too! Today! This is the rundown.

For this year, the minimum fare for a trip remains set at 7.30€ for all taxis, in Paris as in the rest of the country. Prices also remain capped at 4.18€ for pick-up, 1.12€ for the kilometer traveled and at 37.46€ for the hourly price for the waiting period in the event of a reservation by the customer. For Parisian taxis, the supplements for booking are also unchanged: 4€ to order a driver immediately, 7€ to order him at a given time and day. It should also be noted that for all Parisian taxi trips, only a “passenger” supplement of 4€ can be applied from a fifth person transported.

The flat rates established for direct trips by Parisian taxis between Paris and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports (in both directions) are identical to those applied in 2020:
53€ between Paris – Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris right bank;
58€ between Paris – Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris left bank;
37 between Paris-Orly airport and Paris right bank;
32 between Paris-Orly airport and Paris left bank.
There are also fixed prices for races in connection with our neighbors down under at Nice Côte d’Azur airport: 85€ between Nice Côte d’Azur airport and Cannes (compared to € 80 in 2020);
95 between Nice Côte d’Azur airport and Monaco (compared to € 90 in 2020); 32 between Nice Côte d’Azur airport and Nice-center; 72€ between Nice Côte d’Azur airport and Cap d’Antibes. Finally, for trips to Toulouse Blagnac airport, these flat rates vary between € 15 and € 45 (depending on the area of ​​the city).

Now finally, this is good me think. Riding a scooter or motorbike between two lines of cars is not permitted by the Highway Code. This practice had nevertheless been allowed on an experimental basis since February 2016 in Île-de-France and in three departments of Rhône, Bouches-du-Rhône and Gironde. One way to determine if it is relevant to legalize this possibility considered dangerous. The experiment ends on February 1. In the meantime, traffic between two lines will therefore again be punishable everywhere by the loss of three points on the license and a € 135 fine. Actually, the cutting between lanes was done all over France! Hopefully, the fines will be more strictly followed this time.

And as a cheap alternative but not the same and cries to open are heard all over in France! For the theaters cinemas etc that is. France Télévisions is launching an ephemeral channel from this month of February, to support culture particularly penalized by the Covid-19 crisis. It will be broadcast until the cultural venues reopen. Called Culturebox, in reference to the name of the site bringing together the cultural content of France Télévisions, this free channel will be accessible on “all screens, in particular on the TNT package”. It is recovering channel 19, left vacant since the shutdown of France Ô last September. Will see it

And it goes to show Paris has everything, even Danish! Will the Danes of Paris be able to return to rue Lord-Byron (8éme arrondissement), a stone’s throw from Place de l’Étoile and the Champs-Élysées? Behind the discreet white facade of the Frederikskirken Church and the adjoining cultural and social center, at 17 Rue Lord Byron, the pandemic has frozen, as everywhere, the main gathering place of a small community of more than 5,000 people. Hence the idea of appealing to donors, more broadly than the Danes of Paris, through a pot open on the dedicated GoFundMe platform, specializing in the financing of solidarity projects. Ok so help is coming, only 5K huh, met some in Paris but not realised they were this much lol!

And more scare on the crisis, as yesterday Sunday, calm returned to the slab of the business district, the first signs of the closure of the Cnit and Quatre-Temps shopping centers. A shopping center, whose closure as for all shopping centers of more than 20,000 m2 was announced Friday evening by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, after a defense council. At the Cnit, only the Monoprix store and the Nespresso store remain open, while at the Quatre Temps, the authorization to raise the iron curtain concerns the Auchan, Paul, Leonidas, Jeff de Bruges brands as well as the pharmacy. The National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) explains, in a press release, that it does not understand these closures of major centers. They recalls that of the 835 shopping centers in France, half have an area greater than 20,000 m2 and notes that “none has been recognized as having formed a cluster since the start of the health crisis”. Of course, again the government does not know what is doing!

Great success for the morning illuminations of Thoiry as I mentioned in previous some news from France post. Forced by the health crisis to innovate, the zoological park provides an excellent assessment of the mornings organized over the last two weekends. The 7h30 illuminations has worked. More here!

Thiverval-Grignon, the 310 hectare estate on which the castle is located is for sale. Among these projects: that of an agronomic research site combining tourism and innovation. Nice piece to preserve in my dear Yvelines dept 78. The city of Thiversal-Grignon on pictures includes the castle:

The last station of the extension of Métro line 14 between Saint-Lazare and Mairie de Saint-Ouen opened to the public this past Thursday morning. The Porte de Clichy station marks the last stage of the northern extension of line 14. In correspondence with Line 13, this new station, located in the 17éme arrondissement of Paris, serves the new Tribunal de Paris with direct access to its forecourt.

And if your time in Paris is limited and wants to go deeper into seeing my eternal Paris, then take a look at these tours. Paris a Dream offers real gourmet walks through the city, in three districts and as many atmospheres: Saint Germain des Prés (Paris 6éme), Belleville (Paris 20éme) and finally SoPI (for South Pigalle). It’ll make you want to devour the road. Alos, My Urban Experience offers unusual tours with local guides. Original anecdotes, great historical tale, little secrets etched in stone forever… Paris is a giant escape game open to all! Their webpages to follow

And if as I did not told you in my posts , the Le Routard guides are telling you for my dear Morbihan breton!

You can hit the road and be guided by Le Routard. Discovering the megaliths of Morbihan
From the bay of Quiberon to the country of Brocéliande via the Gulf of Morbihan, is the kingdom of megaliths, menhirs and dolmens. A unique concentration that encourages taking the road for a few days, starting with Carnac, the largest site of this type in the world, with 3,000 menhirs erected 4,500 years before our era. We then take the direction of Locmariaquer, the site of the Grand Menhir broken and the cairn of the Table des Marchand. Many stops are obviously possible before reaching Le Crouesty, to discover the Petit Mont cairn, which is 41 m high. After a double hook through Rochefort-en-Terre then Malestroit, two “small towns of character”, the route ends in Monteneuf, where 440 stones raised in purple schist are spread over more than 10 hectares. During the flowering heather period, the evening light on the menhirs is magical. Awesome indeed, need to come and see it ok

And here down to my fav Gironde and Bordeaux area with a visit to Pessac . From the garden city of Le Corbusier to the Belle Epoque villas via the very experimental university campus. Taste great Bordeaux wines while admiring architectural masterpieces … Behind the promise of this little paradise, a town, Pessac, the domaine of Pape Clément is the most famous of this local stroll considered one of the oldest local properties with harvest since 1252, the vineyard bears the name of one of its most illustrious owners, Bertrand de Got, who became the Pope Clement V in 1305! City of Pessac and its tourist trails:

The Center Pompidou Paris will close for four years from 2023 to 2027. The pipes must be renovated, the “caterpillar” escalators restored, the building removed asbestos and modernized, the ventilation systems must be completely redone. So hopefull, you can see it before the changes virus permitted cross our fingers!

Originally scheduled for May 11 to 22, 2021, the organizers of the 74th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival have already announced its postponement; it will be held now from Tuesday July 6 to Saturday July 17, 2021 due to the health crisis. There you go again in 2021 our lives have to adjust oh well.

And I have been saying this for years , away from the official propaganda and now more and more publications are showing my way; this is the latest found. The prestigious Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series deduced that the key to a happy marriage may lie … in its drinking ! For the trouble, 2,767 couples married for an average of 33 years were interviewed and for researchers the answer is clear and flawless: “couples who drink have a less negative marriage life over time.” Both can drink with it, moderation to be happy but conversely, tensions or problems can appear if only one of the two drinks. So glad to read this as when met my dear late wife Martine she did not drank and later did with me and had a wonderful marriage life cut short by the lousy cancer at 28 years! So therefore, drink together share and be happy!!

And again something closer to me with aunt and cousin-sister in Mérida, Mexico! Coyo Taco, shock tacos ; the taco chain has arrived in France. The Parisian branch keeps its Mexican promises. This chain of tacos, imported from Miami, FL USA is known to have made Barack Obama, Serena Williams and Michael Jordan salivate. The first received a standing ovation in 2018 at the Wynwood (Miami) neighborhood restaurant. The second sang Cardi B during a memorable karaoke session in Palm Beach, while the third just had a good night out with friends in one place, immortalized by the tabloids. Opened in 2020, at rue Réaumur, the Parisian branch has not been able to raise the temperature among French celebrities. But the tacos, quesadillas and burritos are there. The taco called “camaron” (shrimp) is devoured without delay. The flexibility of the wheat pancake shelters the freshness of marinated Yucatán-style shrimp!!, that is, with lime and chopped herbs. Coyo Taco, 128, rue Réaumur, Paris 2éme. Open every day. Webpage LeFooding on Coyo Taco:

Their official webpage not yet with the Paris address is here:

And some directions in Paris my dear readers, many tells me going out of the Paris is metro can be confusing c’mon,nothing of the sort, just ask me. In the meantime, here are a couple of popular metro stops as examples.

You take metro line 1 to Charles de Gaulle – Étoile stop. Here you have connections to RER A St-Germain or Cergy or Poissy / Boissy or MLV Chessy. Then metro line 1 La Défense / Château de Vincennes, metro line 2 Porte Dauphine / Nation and metro line 6 Charles de Gaulle Étoile / Nation. However, where you go up to seek your destination well, follow the sortie or exit numbers! At No 1 Champs-Élysées Arc de Triomphe, no 2 Avenue de Friedland, no 3 Avenue Hoche, No 4 Avenue de Wagram no 5 Avenue Carnot, no 6 Avenue de la Grande Armée, No 7 Rue de Presbourg, no 8 Avenue Foch, and no 9 Rue Beaujon.

And more for you, the other popular Concorde stop on Metro line 1. This was my station for several years if wanted to take it…Even thus I walked from Gare Saint Lazare most of the time! Metro line 1 La Défense / Château de Vincennes ; connections to metro line 8 Balard / Créteil – Pointe du Lac, and metro line 12 Aubervilliers Front Populaire / Mairie d’Issy. When you wanted to go up street levels you have the sorties or exits as such No 1 Jeu de Paume Jardin des Tuileries, No 2 Rue de Rivolin (mine), no 3 Rue Saint-Florentin, No 4 Musée de l’Orangerie Jardin des Tuileries, No 5 Rue Cambon, no 6 Rue Royale, and no 7 Avenue Gabriel
Any other ? let me know ok.

And last but not least as the saying goes, how to read on France in English!

If you want to be inform in France in English or want to compare sources and news these two English language newspapers can help

The Local has version in several countries they are base in Sweden, this is their page in France:

The older English language newspaper started by British expats in the Dordogne which I follow since in Paris talking with British expats there is the Connexion France, and they are base here but registered in Monaco, webpage:

And even older base in Paris since 1998 (first read by me in 2000) is FUSAC, webpage;

Of course ,there are others but these you can get in paper form, the others are online web base. Hope it helps

And that is all for now, in these times of  limited travel and lots of hassle put out more by incompentent governments. Patience is a virtue! Even that is running out in some parts of our world.

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