Visiting the Côte Sauvage of Quiberon!

So need to update this one from 2017, my favorite spot in my Morbihan other than my capital city Vannes is the Presqu’île de Quiberon or  peninsula of Quiberon. What better way to see its natural beauty is to see the wild coast or Côte Sauvage! Hope you enjoy the updated post. And thanks for reading me over the years!!!

This wonderful peninsula of Quiberon and its wild coast or côte sauvage is just about 40 minutes by car south from my house; and we love it. Even if with so much to see, we should come here more often. The end town is ,also name Quiberon; wonderful! I have plenty of posts on it in my blog ok.

As said, it’s very easy from my house about 40 minutes by car, you take the road D768 down off the expressway National N165 off exit for Auray, Carnac, Quiberon, La Trinité-sur-Mer (see posts all wonderful). You get to see the bay and the water the moment you reach the town of Plouharnel, then it becomes a peninsula with water on both sides.  Passing the Baie de Plouharnel you come to the first great beach, Le Sablé d’Or on your left hand side, you will have the Fôret Domaniale de Quiberon on the left side too, a forest with nice benches for picnics.  Next is the town of Penthièvre (part of Saint-Pierre de Quiberon) and the great fortress now a military installation but on the back open to the public showing the cave where resistance fighters from Locminé were executed by the Nazis, and a cross rises up in their memory.  There is a nice beach on the bay and ocean side! You arrive at the village of Kerhostin, and immediately on the right is the port town of Portivy. Here begins the wonderful sublime inmense côte sauvage for real!



The Côte Sauvage or wild coast is a cliffs hanging zigzagging road with beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean below you and passing by what was the famous WWII Atlantic Wall that the Nazis tried to hold on the possible invasions which as you know was not enough thanks God. At Portivy, at the Port Blanc is a      picturesque and nice quant old fashion. The road here is number D186A and changes with names but no matter you just keep going slowly, of course in Summer is a bit crowded but plenty of parking for free along the road to enjoy the sights. The D186A is also, call the Route Cotiére or coastal road.

Around it, you get to see the Château de Turpault just before entering Quiberon. You come in on the quai de Houat, and the fisherman coopératives and fisherman harbor is the first you see on your right hand side. Next comes the Gare maritime with great cruises to the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, you go up on rue du phare and see the lighthouse of Quiberon, continue back on the boardwalk to Place Hoche and the wonderful Grande Plage or Big beach.


The views here of the ocean and the force of the waves hitting the rock is impressive and the fresh sea air wonderful. It started out as a bit rainy and cloudy and finish very warm and sunny with all kinds of ocean activities going on from kites to surfing ,boating and rock climbing.

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the wild coast

The Presqu’île de Quiberon peninsula extends from the west part of the peninsula after the village of Portivy to Saint Pierre Quiberon to Port Maria in Quiberon. The coastal conservatory or Conservatoire du Littoral has more on this wonderful Côte Sauvage in French here:

As said we go here a lot all year even winter. This time we had our apéro or apéritif or before meal drinks at the Café de l’Esplanade Hoche, and Remy the owner, always pleasant helpful talkative and the drinks and snacks just great for a wonderful afternoon. Later on in the evening they stay open until 2-3 AM and the crowds gets more lively. We go with the family so we stay more quiet and more time to talk. We had our usual pâté in Mousse de Canard à l’orange (duck in orange ) and Pâté de Lapin aux pruneaux (rabbit in prunes) ,and Terrine de Canard au miel (duck with honey), saucisson comte, (comte cheese sausage) ,and of course our local beer 8,5% Belzebuth  (a meaning from the New Testament of the head of demons) , here is just a wonderful Celtic/Breton beer blonde. Wonderful mild houblon taste just melts in your mouth, more on it here, beware of the Devil!

We had a full meal later stopping for lunch at Le Tourbillon at pl Hoche, (sadly now closed) where we had the menu du jour, mont d’or melted cheese with potatoes and marteaux sausages, with Leffe blonde beer, expresso coffee all for 22€ per person. The service was very prompt and nice, locals only now, they all knew each other. Here just for the memories.

All along the peninsula you will find beaches on both sides bay and ocean, wonderful beaches nice sizes to small creeks very private romantic and wild. The cliffs along the wild coast are impressive and nice, beautiful natural front holding on to the master sea of the Atlantic ocean. Hotels, vacation homes, restos;bars are here to please and choose, tourism of course is big and many have seasonal opening times. We just ride and stop in every creek , every turn of the wild coast and marvel of our ocean majestic wild and powerful in front of us, it is heavens on earth and we are lucky to be very close to it.

On the way back,we had our dinner meal at Le Vivier right amongst the cliffs in the  Côte Sauvage. This is a full seafood restaurant open from February to November right off the cliffs of the wild coast. Terrace is gorgeous natural and we love it. We had what the ocean has best oysters and mussels with chips and plenty of brut cider Brocéliandetwo bottles to boot !!! delicious.  The ciders were 8,50€ each and the mussels for 8,90, fries for 2,50, and oysters dozen for 17€, all reasonable and good. The views of course are tops and well recommended to all. This is their Facebook page:

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office has a page on Le Vivier restaurant:




The Brittany tourist board on Quiberon:

The city of Quiberon on things to do and see in French:

And now home, cruising to start another week of work and reports lol!!! Enjoy it while you can, life is beautiful or la vie est belle! but it can be short… Enjoy life at its best at the Presqu”île de Quiberon! Thanks for reading me!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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