Always an excuse to visit Paris!

What a fitting title I used for this post, always an excuse to visit Paris! Indeed, never tired of it and looking forward to be back soon. This post again was from 2016 and need update really with new links and text. Hope you enjoy Paris and the post!

Paris is worth the hassle of round trip train ride anytime. Used to worked here for those new to my blog and always find the excuse to be back.  I need to tell you about this trip to Paris. Maybe folks coming here had it worse but this is my first time ever had a traffic jam on the TGV trains lol! Yes it can happened on trains too!

I was to take an easy as usual trip from Vannes to Paris-Montparnasse on the TGV. Just as  we were arriving Rennes , the loudspeaker of the train informed us that there was an accident on the tunnel by Massy and the train will have to be re directed towards Chartres !, arriving at Montparnasse 1h30 later than expected. This was catastrophic as we had to be there by 12h15 and the rerouting will make us reach there by 13h or 1pm!! Oh well trains can have lousy timing too.

We knew that there are trains from Le Mans to Massy, so we took the chance on this TGV without any extra charge. The ride was good and we still hope to beat the clock as previously announced.  We arrived at Massy ,mind you I have been by here before, but not in these circumstances. Here at Massy, we went over from the TGV terminal to the RER B terminal and took that at our cost to Luxembourg garden stop in Paris. We were ahead a bit and continue on.


Here at Luxembourg, we took bus 82 to Champs de Mars-Suffren stop which was near our restaurant meeting with friends. Once we got there, we have save about 25 minutes from the SNCF suggestion! Ok not much but on public transport here that is a world of savings. And the bus came out on top again!!

We were for lunch at the wonderful Le CasseNoix restaurant at 56 rue de la Fédération. Where we had a nice entrée on tuna and main dish for me of Merlu fish in sauce. So this was the highlight of the trip as had eaten here before and always a gem, recommended for real Parisien experience. webpage:



Then, the return trip was just the same. I left the restaurant on bus 82 a nice way to see Paris above ground . Do not understand why folks visiting here take the metro/subway/tube underground do not see nothing and I believe you come to Paris to see the most beautiful city in the world above ground!



The ride on the bus 82 as always was wonderful seeing above ground the wonderful architecture of Paris buildings, and passing by the Church St François-Xavier. Saw passing the wonderful statue of  Marshal Lyautey in the place Cochin facing the Ecole Militaire, the view walking by theLuxembourg garden; passing by old favorites like theLa Terrace resto at place de l’école militaire; the beautiful slender view of the tour Montparnasse. And not to least the great Gare Montparnasse  and the havoc crowds of a unique day to be remembered.





We took the bus 82 from the Champs de Mars-Suffren stop to the Pl 18 Juin 1940 in Montparnasse right into the TGV train station for my return to Vannes. Wow! it was a mess!  As I have posted before, today was to be the first day of installing bornes or automatic opening walls in the platform of the train at Montparnasse, and apparently someone push the red button and the electricity on the train went bust! ho ho ho no electricity no trains!

So all trains were delay as much as 1h30 as well lol!!!  We got reunited at the station in Montparnasse and tried to take the earlier train but it was packed ,even taking folks out overloaded practically trying to squeeze two trains into one! We just took a deep breath and waited for our schedule train that arrived 45 minutes late….  We finally took our train at almost 18h or 6pm! and took a ride on this TGV as we made exceptional stops along the way picking up and discharging folks in more towns that I could count!!! We finally arrived at Vannes at 21h30 or 9:30pm, and not to forget my wonderful train station at Vannes.

Luckily, my car was there in free parking and was able to hit the road home for another 35 minutes ride. The ending could have been worse as I hit the hind legs of a huge deer crossing the road by 22h!!! Luckily the deer was ok and so was my car !!! Memories of always what a trip!!

Like I said, a horrendous ride ,the worse I ever had here in 13 years living in France as of 2016. After all ,enjoy Paris is a movable feast, always something happening ,and always beautiful no matter what happened!  Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. You’re right, it’s always a pleasure to visit Paris.

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