The other Carnac!

Well hard to come up with titles in my minimum creative writings, but I have said on several posts that the town is famous for its megaliths stones, Unesco World Heritage Site; and the wonderful beaches etc. However, there is another Carnac, for visitors and locals alike we seldom see. As was out and about my coastal area near my house took a trip to town or bourg and plages or beaches,and would like to tell you about the other Carnac! Hope you enjoy as I.

First, there is a big exhibition/expo center in the city center or bourg right behind the pre history museum and city hall of Carnac. It is a rather futuristic building which contrast with the old buildings around it. Right around Place St-Fiacre where the two weekly Wednesday and Sunday markets take place, equipped with picture rails and hooks, it regularly hosts artists’ exhibitions over a period of 10 to 15 days minimum. It benefits from the frequentation of the market. Normally , there are artsy events here to look out for them when possible.

The city of Carnac on the exhibits/expo center:

carnac expo center behind arch mus jan21

There is of course a wonderful independant casino here facing the old salt marshes. It is right at the entrance to the town or bourg and the megaliths lines. At the Circus Casino of Carnac , you can enjoy it with 96 Slot machines, 2 electronic English roulettes, 13 stations from 0.50 €, 3 table games including Ultimate Poker and Black Jack from 2 €. Also discover the restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Saltworks. The Circus Casino of Carnac enjoys a breathtaking view of the ancient salt marshes. Open from 10h to 02h. from Sunday to Thursday, until 03h. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The official Circus Casino of Carnac webpage:

The city of Carnac on the Circus Casino

The Carnac tourist office on the Circus Casino:

carnac circus casino jan21

And a must stop on Carnac plage or beach area and we love to walked by it and great picture taking even if not use their facilities is the Yacht Club de Carnac.

A wonderful set up in a great beach spot on the bd de l’océan of Carnac. You have the Yacht Club de Carnac. A bit of history tells us that already in the summer of 1960, on the main beach, a few families, more grouped together in the center of the beach , had beyond a dinghy Rascal especially, little guy, boy. The boats were pulled over the sand, past the tents or access passages. In the spring of 1961 it was rumored that a group of users “in all kinds of gear” was going to be formed on the eastern part of the Grande Plage or large beach under the name “Club n ° 1” at the initiative of Mr. Chupot. The rest is history as the saying goes. The Carnac Yacht Club invites you to come and sail on the magnificent lake of the Baie de Quiberon. Protected from the winds and the ocean swell, a wide choice of activities awaits you such as sailing course, rental, private lessons, discovery outing, activity for children, coastal license training, kayaking, paddle and rowing, year-round activity. The Sailing at the Yacht Club of Carnac was elected French Sailing School of the year 2018.

The official webpage of the Yacht Club of Carnac

The anecdote and story of the Thalasso Azur of Carnac  is that I had discount from work to come here and asked my wife ; she been a traditional woman decline and the story ended there. Each time we passed by I reminded her but never took the initiative again to come here to stay, just browse the inside and it is terrific. Carnac is the only thalassotherapy center in France to offer all its 100% organic treatment programs thanks to a range of Ecocert certified treatments, anchored in the marine world. Whether it is about recharging your batteries, resting or refocusing, relieving your pain, refining your figure or even opening up to new technologies to meditate and get to know you better, your stays are adapted to your desires and their experts are at your disposal to respond in a personalized way to your needs. Translated from their site.

The official Thalasso Azur of Carnac webpage:

The Carnac tourist office on the Thalasso Azur

carnac thalassa hotel near beach jan21

Finally, a nice historical monument, right in the middle of residential area. You need to walk a bit from the Church of Saint Cornély (see post) to see this wonderful fountain. Here is my take on it

The fountain or La fontaine St Cornely  at Rue de la fontaine, just closed of the Church of Saint Cornély . The fountain was built in 1661.  The story of it tells us that peasants came there to bless the herds after Mass. Remember that St Cornély is the protector of horned animals. The animals were then taken to the Ménec meadow (next to where the rows of menhirs are:see post) to be sold at auction. For being blessed, these animals were more valuable because they protected the flock. The week before the service, the peasants came with their flocks in the evening to make their way between the church and the fountain, reciting the rosary.

The fountain of St Cornély is presented as a square aedicule, open on its four sides by a Doric arcade. Its roof is surmounted by an arrow reminiscent of an obelisk. Inside, a niche shelters the statue of Saint Cornély, which takes place in the center of a square, about 11 meters on each side, located in the lower elevation of the square. Access is via four staircases in the middle of each side. No webpage.

carnac fountain by menec area jan21

Hope you enjoy the tour which can be done on foot as far as being in Carnac bourg or plage (beared in mind both are 2 km apart) I am concerned. A real eye opener for a beach town which we have come to love and visit often even for a road warrior, walker’s delight ride like yesterday in Carnac.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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