Paris transport bits and pieces!!

Here I am again, updating and revising old posts which me think needs to be done!  I though about this post when the rest of the family was getting to move from the Yvelines dept 78 to the Morbihan dept 56 back in 2012 after my house closed! Hope you enjoy the Paris transports bits and pieces!

Lets go around about transports in Paris, we all know the sites, for metro ,bus, tram is the RATP. And for the region of Paris Ïle de France is the Transilien. And then you have an overall public transport site now for the region call Mobilités so will give you the webpage:

You have the airports at Roissy CDG, Orly as parisaéroport webpage: 

And they even have a name for the buses that runs at nights, the Noctilien! 

Well here are some tidbits of my eternal Paris!

Do you know Paris was flooded before? worse was back in 1910, but all the lands bordering the Seine river are floods areas even going back to gare du nord and gare de l’est!!!  You know Paris has 20 arrondissements or neighborhoods, but do you know these are further broken down into quartiers or districts that numbered 80! With for example my fav area of Muette is the neighborhood or quartier and the  district or arrondissement 16éme. The other quartiers or neighborhoods in it are Auteuil, Porte Dauphine, and Chaillot. See my posts on quartiers and arrondissements of Paris.

The pricier arrondissements are the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 16. The cheapest are the 13,19,and 20 in terms euros per square meter of real estate value. Paris has 37 bridges covering the river Seine, these are Grenelle, Rouelle, Bir-Hakeim, Iéna,Debilly,Alma, Invalides, Alexandre III, Concorde, Léopold Sédar Senghor, pont Royal, Carrousel, Pont des Arts, pont au Change,Notre Dame, Arcole, Louis-Philippe,Marie,Sully, Austerlitz,Viaduc d’Austerlitz ,National, Tolbiac,Bercy, Charles de Gaulle,Tournélle, Saint Louis,Archévéche,Pont au Double,petit Pont,St Michel, Pont Neuf,Mirabeau, pont Amont, Passarelle Simone Beauvoir,  Pont Aval,and Garigliano. See my post on the bridges of Paris.

Paris has 16 metro lines known to many, but there are some closed and some never open. These are, Arsenal (closed sept 1939),Croix Rouge (closed sept 1939), Saint-Martin (closed sept 1939 ,it was the biggest station,  but it was decided too close to other two stations) , Champ-de-Mars (closed sept 1939), Martin Nadaud ( cancelled in august 1969 and merge with Gambetta on line 3, and creation of line 3bis) , Haxo ( was done to do the connection between lines 3bis and 7bis but the linkage never done ,and access was never completed), Porte Molitor ( access was never finished, it was to connect lines 9 and 10 to access Parc des Princes), Porte des Lilas-Cinéma ( old station in the 19éme now serve as filming spot for Paris metro). See my posts on the Metro lines of Paris.

A site to mark your bicycle paths in Paris, (and elsewhere) plenty to do it, lovely in the parks and gardens but very good alone the Seine river, this is mapmyride. Even if me only done it in Parc Monceau! Webpage:

You have a great stadium in Stade de France, not just for football/soccer but other sports such as Rugby and for concerts , art shows etc. Even if not officially in Paris but Saint Denis dept 93. Webpage:

And of course, my favorite pasttime is driving in Paris, plenty of easy parking payable at Vinci parks, Effia, Q-Park, and Saemes  parking garages all over the city, I have found on street parking too, even surprising some visiting friends and folks from the now defunct VT travel forum!  You pay half if booking online sites of the above names. Along the Seine river is always plenty of opportunities to park, and always close on foot to where I am going.  Driving in the bd periphérique is at 70 km per hour and they have speed radars to catch you, inside the city maximum is about 50 km per hour but it depends on the day and time, sometimes I have gone 80 inside and sometimes 30. You make yourself aware of where the Seine river is ,and use the cardinal points, plus the many signs available for all the major sites and you will be cruising in the city! Lately, the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo who hails from Cadiz Spain, impose restriction on roads like closing them to vehicular traffic and lowering speeds to 30 kph, this was evidence by me back in November 2019 before the virus where the traffic has actually gone up and even more traffic jams all over. The idea was to persuade motorists but did not realise, many in Paris depends on the car and deliveries and buses and now tramways take space lol! To know as much as possible traffic in advance in the region but especially helpful for Paris, see Systadin, webpage:

Another private site I use often too is Infotrafic; which is good for Europe too.  webpage:

If you ever in Paris and need car repairs or help and do not have your auto insurance to bail you out then use ID Garages to find a reliable one. Webpage:

Its really easy, I will be driving again as usual always in my eternal Paris as well as my town and soon former town of Versailles. However, I WILL BE BACK!!! Hope you enjoy the thrill of the road, and traveling is one heck of an adventure!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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