Exotic vibrant Indonesia!

And here continue with my saga of updating and revising old posts, best thing to do now and it has brought many nice memories back and some finds! Let me tell you a bit about a country visited like 8-9 times in the last 9 years and was a pleasant surprise, Indonesia!

It was another trip to Asia in my book and this time again Indonesia. Its becoming routine and love it. The only thing the flight is very long and tiring on economy class….. I visited Ngoro, Surabaya and then flew to Jakarta. More and pictures in my blog, these are not yet in so here they go! Hope you enjoy the tour!!

I went on my usual often repeated long journey from Nantes Atlantique airport to Roissy CDG T2F on Air France, and then took the CDGVal train to terminal 1 to catch the fly with Singapore Airlines; reaching Chiangi airport in Singapore  after about 13 hrs!!  From the Jakarta airport continue on SQ to Surabaya in Indonesia. The return was the same but coming out from Jakarta to Singapore on SQ and continue to Roissy CDG T1 where the unusual was not to take the cdgval train but two buses one from T1 to T2 and another from T2 to T2CD; weird. Here to catch the AF flight to Nantes Atlantique airport. Long journey indeed!


The Roissy CDG (Paris airport) shuttle buses and CDGVal connections in English: https://www.parisaeroport.fr/en/passengers/access/paris-charles-de-gaulle/inter-terminal-shuttles

I had a driver to pick me up which improves tremendously the logistics, and take me to my hotel and office and eatings etc; the traffic on both areas is bad, and in Jakarta the worse ranking amongst the most congested cities in the world. Upon arriving in Surabaya Juanda airport I was taken to the office and then in the evening to my usual hotel the Somerset (see post now Verwood).

Driving by car took me to see a gas station (glamorous::)) petrafirma and the old stores like K Circle and A&W, and eat at Ngoro at the Me Joyo restaurant of local cuisine (one of the advantages of keeping with the locals you know the country well). Very hard to find webpages on it and will just take my word for it, it is good.

This was a short visit here and I move on to bigger Jakarta, where driver was waiting again, thanks God!!! I love to drive but this is too much, can really undertand how they can sustain driving like this every day.  What it says is a 45 minute car drive from hotel to airport is really 1h30 unless you go at midnight ::)

Here, again I stayed at my now usual Grand Kemang hotel right in the entertainment ceter of Jakarta. You really don’t need a car staying here as all shopping, restos, bars to boot are walking distances. It has a great Sperta restaurant. Webpage: https://grandkemang.com/

Stepping out  into Serpong, Tangerang , had a great lunch at the Lembur Kuring restaurant .Very good restaurant of local regional cuisine.  webpage: http://www.lemburkuringjkt.com/facilities-detail.php?venue=bsd

Another day  I was taken for lunch at Sambara another west Sumatran regional cuisine resto that was exotic and authentic . Here you pick the food and then they cook it for you, superb ! Unfortunately I heard the resto has closed yet have a picture for the memories!


Lastly, for lunch again on the road was taken to another authentic restaurant Sederhana, a typical padang region cuisine, here they stack the dishes according to how many people to eat and you choose which ones to eat if you try them all they will charge you for all;so be picky but all good stuff ::) They have several branches in the city too. webpage: https://www.restoransederhana.id/

In all the trip back was easy with a driver, and the connection at Chiangi Singapore just barely but since on the same airline, they took me by people mover cars to the gate and I was waited for by Singapore Airlines. At Roissy CDG had to take twice buses to reach my terminal T2F for the first time ever, but you always learn something new traveling lol!

The tourist office of Indonesiahttps://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/destinations

The tourist office of Surabayahttp://www.surabayatourism.com/

The tourist office of Jakartahttp://jakarta-tourism.go.id/visit/

Now very tired resting on a Sunday nice weather at home, and ready for another trip abroad! Hope you enjoy the post and tell me about your travel connections! Exotic Indonesia once again did the trick.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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