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January 9, 2021

Toulouse: Church Notre Dame du Taur!!

I like to update links and revise this post for sentimental reasons. As said Toulouse is one of my dear towns of France. I walked by the Church Notre Dame du Taur many times in our trips but for some reason never came inside. Until one day with my boys decided to see it and as usual  is a gem not to be missed. Let me tell you a bit more on this church in my dear Toulouse. Hope you enjoy it as I do.

And why not come back inside to see a great monument of Toulouse. This is the case of the Church Notre Dame du Taur near the Capitole and Basilica St Sernin  exactly at 12bis rue du Taur.  I have written a piece on its history a while back so will concentrate on new pictures.  This is a wonderful historical church which was seen briefly before and more in depth on this trip.


The stone portal has 6 archivolts and columns decorated with capitals with foliage. The interior of the triangular top is decorated with an 18C statue of the virgin. On both sides, in the niches, two casts replaced the old statues of the 16C ;an apostle and Saint Francis of Assisi. The choir is made up of a small central chapel with a flat apse and two apses with cut sides on both sides.


Above the central altar, the martyrdom of Saint Saturnin, a 19C painting by Bénézet. The central chapel preserves the statue of Notre-Dame du Rempart or of the Deliverance or the Good Help, of the 16C, entered the church in 1783 after the demolition of the oratory of the gate of Villeneuve.


On the south wall of the nave are the remains of a 38-figure genealogy of Jacob, arranged in two registers, from the 14C. This very erased painting was discovered in 1872 when the woodwork that adorned the walls was removed. A bull, carved in the oldest part of the church, reminds us of the martyrdom of Saturnin.


The tourist office of Toulouse on the Church Notre Dame du Taur

There you go  a nice monument to see and close to it all in Toulouse; you must see the Church Notre Dame du Taur. Hope you enjoy the post as we did the visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 9, 2021

Marche Victor Hugo-Toulouse!

Oh yes need to revise this not so old post, a sentimental one as one took for the first in Toulouse without my dear late wife Martine. Her father’s side of the family is from nearby Lavaur (see posts) and we have come to the market and the city often. I have even had business meetings in restos on it! See my foodie posts on Toulouse.

And why not food in Toulouse, wonderful occitan cuisine rich and hearty for the soul of the mountains and the Garonne. This is a place I have been coming in for years for drinks with friends, and family and for lunch and dinners as well as market and nearby stores shopping galore, this is Toulouse.  I like to tell you more on the marché Victor Hugo at Place Victor Hugo in Toulouse.


The Marché Victor-Hugo market is a covered market located in the center of the Place Victor-Hugo, in the Saint-Georges district, in sector 1 of Toulouse. It is one of the main Toulouse food markets. it once stood under a metal hall, dismantled and replaced by a concrete parking market.


Before the opening of the rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, the current Place Victor-Hugo was called Place du Marché-au-Bois. There was a wood market, also known as an old-fashioned market. This market was a vast wooden hall, built in 1825 on the site of the old rampart Villeneuve destroyed. The square was completed in 1832. It received the name of Victor Hugo in 1885, on the occasion of a coronation of the poet by the Floral Games. The Victor-Hugo market was inaugurated on March 20, 1892 and opened on July 1, when the works were not completely finished. They were not completed until the following year.


The Victor Hugo market is in the form of a large rectangular building, it consists of a central nave. The building rests on a basement of vaulted cellars. Four entrances are located on the gables of the central nave. Two canopies run along the side elevations, the building rests on cast iron pillars and is covered with a metal frame. The old metal hall is destroyed and replaced by the current parking market, inaugurated on October 17, 1959. It was then the city’s first parking market. Between 2017 and 2019, new renovation and upgrading work was undertaken, while the Place Victor-Hugo was itself rehabilitated.


The beauty of it that each time we go by there is some renovations going on but the businesses remain the same for many years! The city of Toulouse show you this grand opening with a video here:

We did get some goodies for the apartment rental inside but also around the covered market and the great convenience of a Monop grocery store part of the Monoprix group. Location here:


There is an excellent bakery pastry store with branches in other parts of Toulouse. Of course, we got some pastries and baguette here. This is the Le Fournil de Victor Hugo! My reviews fav YELP has more on it here:


And last we grab our regional wines such as Fronton here at Busquet’s Maison Busquets, and we got some good Fronton local wines here! webpage:


You will be loaded with goodies of my belle France and lovely Toulouse all the very best. Aah if cheese is your way than see Xavier fromagerie right there, no buy this time but worth the stop anytime. Here is their webpage:

The Tourist office of Toulouse on the Marché Victor Hugo:

Official Marché Victor Hugo webpage:

As said, this is heaven territory and we stick to it for years, you will be delighted take it from me, diplomé in wines of France by SOPEXA food and wine from France. And the culinary delights of the Haute Garonne, Occitanie, and France!

And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 9, 2021

The museum’s of Toulouse!!!

I need to revise and update this one with new text and links as Toulouse is one of my dearest cities in France. The region of my dear late wife Martine family on father’s side. We, of course, have been there several times and we need to be back again when possible. The museums are gorgeous and should be seen by all visitors; I like to tell you a bit more on the museums of  Toulouse! Hope you enjoy it as I did

This time will be recap several museums in the city some of which I have written before in my blog. Never a minute away from them will give you more on them here. Toulouse is the pink city and it also reflects on the architecture of these museums.  Toulouse has some nice museums that are often overlook but should not in my opinion.

I start with the musée Saint Raymond, just across from the Basilica of St Sernin.  The musée Saint-Raymond, former museum of antiquities , is the archeological museum of Toulouse  opened since 1892.  It is located in the walls of the former university college of Saint-Raymond dating from the 16C.


The Saint-Raymond Museum is quite simply the second largest collection of Roman sculptures in France after that of the Louvre. In the basement of the museum, the visitor can also visit one of the necropolises of Toulouse with in particular the presence of the remains of a large limekiln and an extraordinary collection of sarcophagi from the end of the Antiquity.


The official St Raylmond museum webpage:

The tourist office of Toulouse on the museum:

Then , you can move on to the musée des Saint-Augustins .  The musée des Augustins is the fine arts museum of Toulouse.  It was created in 1793 and opened in 1795. As it was during the French revolution period , it was house in the former convent of Augustins housing the important collections of painting and sculptures.


The Musée des Augustins is one of the oldest museums in France (after Louvre). It brings together in a prestigious setting important collections of painting and sculpture from the early Middle Ages to the early years of the 20C, including a collection of Romanesque capitals and Gothic sculptures. During your visit, do not miss the colony of gargoyles which has taken up residence in the cloister! Various salons are upstairs where sculptures and European schools of painting from the 17C to the 19C are represented, with some great signatures such as Vigée-Lebrun, Murillo or even Delacroix. In addition, many tours and workshops are offered to visitors, children and families.


It is now closed undergoing a major renovation.  The new museum will have a stone wall several meters high that will rise between the current entrance on rue de Metz and the building which adjoins rue d’Alsace-Lorraine. It will replace the current brick wall. Since last November 16, archaeological excavations have started in front of the museum. Once these excavations are completed at the end of January 2021, the renovation will be able to file the building permit. The work will then start in September 2021 for a period of one year. The goal is to open the new pavilion in October 2022.

First, there is the construction site of the two glass roofs built at the end of the 19C according to plans by the architect Eugène Viollet-Le-Duc. This project should make it possible to increase the luminosity of the Salon Rouge, where the most beautiful works of the museum are exhibited. This work will be completed in February 2021. Major work has also been carried out to improve the accessibility of the site to all audiences and in particular to people with reduced mobility. When the museum reopens, an elevator will take you to the upstairs painting rooms. New fire safety has been put in place to protect the reserves on the top floor. Finally, the cloister is now subject to increased surveillance: The cloister does not manage rainwater and it damages the walls. Arbitrations are underway to find solutions.

The official Saint Augustins museum webpage:

The tourist office of Toulouse on the museum : http://Tourist office of Toulouse on the St Augustins museum

The Museum of Toulouse located at 35 Allée Jules Guesdes and near the gardens. We need to come back to see more of this one. The Toulouse Museum, bordered by the Jardin des Plantes, (see post) is a museum at the crossroads of the world of science, culture, education, social issues and questions. It invites the visitor to wonder about his relationship to the living world around him.


In 1796, Philippe Picot, holder of the first chair in natural history in Toulouse and director of the Jardin des Plantes, transferred his cabinet and his collections to an old monastery. It is the birth of the Museum. 200 years later, millions have passed the walls to discover the relationship that man maintains with the nature that surrounds him, through his history and the major challenges he encounters.

It offers visitors the opportunity to discover and deepen their knowledge of the interactions between man, nature and the environment: a journey through the heart of living things (permanent exhibition on the Earth, the history of life, living and biodiversity), understanding contemporary natural heritage through temporary exhibitions, conferences, screenings … Do not miss strolling in the gardens of the Maourine and the Museum, discovering the Ketzal boutique or taking a look on the books of the library.


The Official museum of Toulouse webpage:

The tourist office of Toulouse on the museum :

The City of Toulouse on its museums in French:

You should plan half a day for each to see it well, or come back as we do… they are really worth it and need to be known more other than those in Paris. Hope you enjoy the museums of Toulouse!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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