Merlin says go to Plélan le Grand in Brocéliande!!!

And why not stayed in this magical land of Brocéliande of the Merlin fame you know… We spent more time here really in quant Plélan-le-Grand. This was a combine post and I split to give more sense to the text. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

And while in Bretagne who needs more lol! Truly enjoying the region and one of the places we finally went as a family and after seeing reading hearing the stories of king Arthur and Merlin was here in the forest of Brocéliande.  The other major town for it is Plelan le Grand. I like to tell you a bit more on it. Close your eyes see magic, done!

Of course would not do justice without mentioning Plélan le Grand a nice country town on the edge of the forest of BrocéliandePlélan-le-Grand, Pilelan in Gallo/Plelann-Veur in Breton is a town in Dept 35 Ille et Vilaine . The name comes from the Breton Ple (parish) and Ian (Hermitage) or the parish of the Hermitage or monastery. It is at the border of the Forest of Paimpont aka Brocéliande on the N24 road between Rennes and Lorient. The town is at equal distance from the Atlantic ocean and the Canal of the Manche or about 80 km.

A bit of history on the town

The monks of the Abbaye Saint-Melaine de Rennes built religious buildings at the Gué or forjd near the oratory given to them by Solomon, King of Porhoët County. The name of the parish thus appears from 843 in the Cartulary de Redon; The village of the Forjd is the place of the primitive parish formed around La Motte-Salomon, where the castle of Judicaël, occupied also by King Solomon, was erected in the Middle Ages. We can always discover the remains of the feudal castle, a circular platform of 2.2 meters in height, of 58 meters in diameter at its base, surrounded by a moat of 10 meters wide and partially filled.

The iron forges are more on the side of Plélan le Grand then Paimpont (see post) and can be on both.  The blacksmith’s forges, part of which is located in the territory of Plélan (former canteen of the workers became Gourmet restaurant, Maison de l’évéche).

The Château de Pont-Muzard (or Château de Pontmuzard) is a historic building, attested since the 15C.  However ,other than the sites continuos to Paimpont and the legend the best to see here is the Church.

The parish Church of Saint Pierre was mentioned in the 12C. Only the Chapel of Sainte-Anne remains original. It was destroyed in the three quarters, was rebuilt between 1850 and 1853. At the site of the old building still remains the North chapel, remarkable for its frame with sculpted pits that can go back to the 16C. While in the south there is always a tower, built in 1620 and whose ringing of bells calls the daily life of the Plélanais today. On entering the Church, one can admire the altar with its bas-relief representing the tomb by the Angels done in 1858-1859, as well as the choir stalls from 1852. It is built In neo-Gothic style, this red schist building has marked the revival of religious architecture in Ille-et-Vilaine and is a major heritage element for the inhabitants of the town as well as a curiosity for visitors/tourists alike.





Of course , after a round of two towns we needed to eat so we chose this town and the wonderful  Les Boucaniers or the Buccaneers restaurant not far from the Church St Pierre on the main street or ave de la libération, and rue Nationale ,same road. Here we got the big table by the bar,as the back dining room was full. We were behind a door with a picture of Marilyn Monroe, figure it was the toilet or restroom but it was the stock room so all the good stuff was right behind us! The lady owner server was laughting with us all the way. They serve several servings of bread and butter, plenty of water, and good Grimbergen blonde beers. You have entrée buffet with cold cuts, terrines of paté campagne and mousse de  salmon, hard boiled eggs, pasta with shurimi shrimps, potato salad, just to start, then the main dish was hashi parmentier with pork and sausage meats, and bottom cut of steaks, with fries and salads greens, and for desserts, fondant de chocolat, and sorbet framboise and various fruits chunks; the beers we double it, so the total bill came to 16€ per person, a great bargain and sure to remember this place. Facebook page:



The city of Plélan le Grand on its history/heritage webpage:

Enjoy the ride into magical Brittany, or Bretagne, or Breizh! And indulge yourselves into Plélan le Grand in around the wonderful Brocéliande forest. Hope you enjoy it as I do

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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