My travels in the Morbihan, LXXXI!

And here I am back on my miscellaneus tipbits of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France.  Well, you know we are in Winter finally. This means here more rains but no snow and mild cold weather. I am lucky to say have had no snow in my 9 years in the Morbihan and a lot less colder than other areas I have lived. So far so nice! Now it was a bit cloudy with some fog and temps of 13C or about 55F.

In all this reunification savings or political games we are in a greater area that looks after many things such as roads, environment, social activities, garbage collection, etc. This is call Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique agglomeration. I like to tell you a bit about it and then more from the newsletter they send all citizen of this area received just today.

The agglomeration or metropolitan area in question covers 980 km of waterways 360 km of littoral coasts, 24 towns, it is the  1er captive sector of oysters in France ! 4 basins of Conchylicoles Ria Etel, Bay of Quiberon, bay of Plouharnel, Riviera of Crac’h-Saint Philibert , and Riviera of Auray. Love it!!!

The Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique webpage:

The oyster is all natural! It is grown in a estran or the oyster pockets place on tables or bottom of the ocean like in the Bay of Quiberon. Creuse oyster were implanted here from Japan principally. The flat oyster is only the one known in France and now rare it is grown only in the Bay of Quiberon. The measurements are done on a scale of 0 to 5 for the creuses and 000 to 6 for the flats. The lesser the number the bigger the oyster.

They are better eaten raw croquer but they can be slightly cook as not to kill its tonic flavours. They have iron, copper, selenium, calcium, phosphore, zinc, and iodine as well as vitamins A B1 B2 B6 C and PP also the B12 in large quantities.  The oysters are not salted but only 1 gram of salt for 100 grams of oysters. They are preserve in a fresh space between 5 and 10 degrees celcious for a good week. Better to keep them flat and next to each other covered with weight object like a wet towel.

What started as my local train station for my trips to Paris and al.,  the Auray train station in way to be totally renovated only leaving the old main welcome passenger house. It will have a passarelle connecting Brec’h and Auray. I used to take a lot initially from here to Paris-Montparnasse. I wrote a bit on this before, let me expand a bit more.

The project consists of a new glazed passenger building, with modern and functional architecture that will blend harmoniously into the landscape. Two large ventilated squares will be created to the north of the railway line and to the south, opening onto Place Raoul Dautry and the station area. This footbridge is 100 meters long and its construction principle is based on metal beams (which will also serve as a guardrail) and a wooden interior cladding.  The current building will be preserved because of its historical and heritage value. Rehabilitated to accommodate catering for travelers and residents, it will contribute to the attractiveness of life in the neighborhood.

The project includes the construction of an interurban bus station with 8 platforms for BreizhGo (ex TIM) and TER coaches in the south, close to the passenger building and connections to the AurayBus network. The northern access will also be equipped with spaces dedicated to public transport. A car-pooling area is planned, as well as sites with recharging stations for electric vehicles in the north as well as in the south. I will see about the parking that was plentyful before and free but all this, it will have to be reduce or built upper floors building…

After a while now, I have been using the Vannes train station, bigger, better and free parking in the back five minutes walk. The main renovations at Auray will be done by October 2021

For my biker readers, you can have a very nice bicycle ride of about 12 km starting from my fav parking Wilson in Locmariaquer taking the rue de la plage to the route de megaliths around the traffic circle of Kerlud direction Auray. You will pass by many megaliths or menhirs or stone site like the Tumulus d’Er Grah and the Dolmen de la Table. You follow by the parking du Stade direction Kerlognan and turn left after the housing project direction Kerlud then turn right at the intersection in direction Kerhelle; here you take left direction Saint Pierre Lopérec and again later taken left to get on the dunes of the plage de Saint Pierre.

Come back to the traffic circle of the Kerlognan-Kerlud take right go thru Kerlud and continue to Kerhéré. Continue here to the beach of plage de la Falaise. To your right you see something only on foot if you wish but beautiful views taken by yours truly not the bike ride…allée couverte des Pierres Plates. There is a neolithic tomb here of 24 meters long with 12 columns holding the stones covering it. Along the beach or plage de la Falaise back in your bike, take left on rue Henri Ezan to the pointe de kerpenhir (sublime) where you have wonderful views of Port-Navalo and the Bay of Quiberon. Continue and to your left you see the stones or menhirs de Men Letionnec. On high tides here you can see the traces of stones or menhirs facing the Dolmen de Bilgroix on the other side of the Riviera in Arzon which today is hidden by houses. At the end of the rue Henri Ezan take left to the chemin du Bereu, take quickly right into rue Philippe Vannier before re taking the route of the route de la plage to the site/village of Lehui. Now turn right to re join the parking Wilson.

In March 2021 will be the month of the Breton language in the countryside of Auray or county of Auray. There will be cinema, spectacles, concerts, conferences, singing dinners, etc. The Ti Douar Alre network will have a diverse program around the Breton language. Webpage:

Spi Ouest France destination Morbihan. One of the most important sailing regattas in Europe ! It will be held on the Easter weekend with monotypes and serie RC. Webpage:

Festival of clams, or coquille Saint-Jacques at Port Maria, Quiberon. All about the clams and tastings with animations and boat visits. see this Webpage for updates:

The exposition of the Academy of Music and Sacred Arts at the Basilica of Sainte Anne d’Auray  with over 80 figures faiences from May 2021. webpage:

The very famous Semaine du Golfe or the Gulf week of Morbihan in May 10-16 2021. 20 years anniversary with more than one thousand boats! And classical boats and traditionals as well. At the end the great parade of boats; wonderful. Webpage:

And hear all about it ,the 3rd stage of the Tour de France will be by here!! The cyclists will leave from Lorient and criss cross the towns of the Auray-Quiberon Terre Atlantique such as Pontivy, Etel, Belz, Erdeven, Plouharnel, Carnac, La Trinité sur Mer, Saint Philibert, Crac’h, Auray, Pluneret, Sainte Anne d’Auray, and Plumergat. This should be on 28 june 2021. By the way, maybe have more later if I am up to but this famous race will start in 2021 from Bretagne in Brest Landerneau stage 1 then Perros Guirec to Mur de Bretagne to Guerledan stage 2. The beforemention stage 3 and Redon to Fougéres in stage 4. webpage:

And this is it for now folks. Hope you enjoy the tour and seek out these wonderful events; I know I will. My Morbihan dept 56. Mor=sea bihan=small in French petite mer but we are in Bretagne (fr) or Breizh (breton)  and we say Morbihan!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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