Quiberon, not bad even in the rain !!

Again, I need to update this one. Plenty written on Quiberon in my blog. However, if you put a gun in my head to chose the most we like in our area, then it has to be Quiberon. We simply love it. Therefore, here is an update from early on in my blog in black and white fashion. Hope you enjoy as I.

Well today went back to Quiberon is about 45 minutes by car from my house so it will be backyard heavens in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne for me. As usual we entered by the Castle of Turpault along the Côte Sauvage or wild coast!

The experiences here are always good, today was the only time it rain so far. Well its raining all over the region even chez moi.. That didn’t stop us from going over, a rendevous was missed but will hopefully catch up later.

You still have chance for the tire bouchon train from Auray to Quiberon to get there,and by car is easy off the N165 direction Quiberon all the way to city center, before you past by Plouhernel a nice town today it has a market or marché. A wonderful scenic drive is to get on the côte sauvage from Portivy , a panel will tell you to turn right for it.

Once in Quiberon , we had our usual walk around the quant streets we love to do even in rainy days, and along the beach, harbor, and fisherman coop front all the smell of the sea even on a rainy day was wonderful and good for the soul.  It was raining light and gusts of winds, but we still walk all over lol! You know the saying by the Bretons on rainy day, well is a strong words so will skip ::)

The Church of Notre-Dame-de-Locmaria is at the entrance to the old section towards the beaches in city center Quiberon, we were just in before a wedding was to take place, very nice. It was built in the 15C , and very imposing building as you enter the town just past the train station or gare de  Quiberon, where we usually park as today for free. Now there is a paying section and a free section.

In our walk we visited some of our favorites shops in town, such as:

La Trinitaine, 13 Rue de Verdun, has my favorite breton biscuits and cookies in the area, madeleines, fish canning etc.

Chocolatier et caramelier le  Roux, 18 Rue de Port Maria. Absolotely mouthful of flavor and quality in chocolates and caramel,the Breton way. A must in town. It has outlets in Paris too

Arc en Ciel, 22 Rue de  Port Maria, this is a flower shop but not your ordinary one, here you find quaint decorations friendly expert service in a gorgeous setting , for the flower pot in you.

Boulangerie patissérie Riguidel, 38 Rue de Port Maria , this is an institution here, and the especialty is the breton cakes especially the kouign amann done by fisherman that came from pays bigouden when Quiberon was one of the first port of sardines in France.

Another stop to see if something can be brough home is the fish market in front of the church in city center Quiberon before heading to the beach, this is the Les Viviers Quiberonnais, 3 place Eglise , great fishes and seafood as fresh as you can get them out of the water.

I like to keep this in my post for the memories of my boys. There was a nice night time entertainement that is to please young and old alike right in Port Maria area , quant, nice,and safe.  Le Suroît was at 29 rue de Port Maria. Unfortunately, now closed after over 50 yrs there and many international stars have supposely gone there.

You have many wonderful restaurants,but first the best macaroons as Thierry Hafnaoui,3 place de la Duchesse Anne , just voted one of the best macaroons in France, just wonderful.

For fish,seafood canning goods, a tradition in the area, head for the Belle Iloise 10, Rue de Kervozès, near the fishing coop.

There is plenty to eat, we were at l’Embarcadére resto last with mackerel fish and rice, complet galette noir ,chevre or goat cheese salad,moules curry, with leffe beers galore for 15€ per person. Then ,after the walk as per below we came back to the Grande Plage for desserts at Quai des Glaces  or ice cream wharf,  1 place Hoche . We had churros the Spanish crumb batter with sugar and caramel sauce that in France we call Chichis too, as well as ice cream cones of 3 scoops and flavors and a four scoops of flavors for 5€ per person.

After the above meal, we continue on foot to the end to see the Castle of Turpault, very nice out into the sea, and  still private but a symbol of entering the city by the côte sauvage or wild coast. Here at the end you will see a memorial to all the marines and fisherman that have perished at sea, a nice moving memorial.

And then we head back for dinner , and we stop in one of our favorites there Quai Ouest (funny its translates into Key West as in Florida USA);  here the service and the speed are tops, even under the rain we ate in the covered terrace with heating.  It is at 51 Rue de Port Maria , right at the point along the quai de Belle Ile.  Here we had our mackarel in mustard sauce fish, with a fish soup sublime, some of us had mussels in curry sauce, salads ,burgers, heineken beers, and we left with 17€ per person that is very good.

For reference, the tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on Quiberon: https://www.baiedequiberon.co.uk/quiberon

Again, another magical trip amongst many, we love it and of course will be back! Hope you enjoy the tour of the beach town that is at the end tip of a peninsula! Quiberon!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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