Paris, here I come again !!!

I am running out of titles for Paris !! This is my continuation of the black and white old posts been rejuvenated, updated, revised. And me having fun going over them again, hope you too ,thanks for reading along. This is Paris, here I come again!!!

Yes, Paris is a place to come back again and again, And ,if you are lucky enough to have worked there and lived nearby in Versailles you have the best in the world. Now that I am away starting a new chapter in my life in Bretagne , especifically the Morbihan dept 56, every chance to come over is for excitement and nostalgia.

I was there by Montparnasse then Porte Maillot,and walk on the Champs-Elysées to the ave de la Grande Armée,grand indeed. Let me catch up with some of the latest from Paris. Little things to do in the most beautiful city in the world!!!!!!!!!

Electric cars will be available in the gare de Lyon to do your trip in the city, just go to the Avis counter there. This will begin November 21th 2011,  and you can rent for half a day or full day. Marseille will have it too. You should know due to heavy work to improve the railroad lines in France, (a never ending process lol!) schedules will change as of December 11th for 85% of the train network in France. The work will continue in 2012.

The Grand Palais there was an event on the story of video games at the galerie sud-est. Great it is stronger now these video games lol! A wonderful retrospective on Spanish paintings from Zuloaga to Velazquez was held at the Musée de l’Orangerie in the jardin des tuileries. There was a great showing of Chinese history at the Louvre to January 9 2012, every day from 9h to 18h except tuesdays, with night admission to 22h on wednesdays and fridays. You go in by the pyramide du louvre  cour napoleon .The program is call “La Cité Interdite”  or the forbidden city.

At the Musée du Luxembourg, you saw the “3Cézanne et Paris” expo to February 26 2012; from 9h to 22h on fridays to mondays,and 10h to 20h on tuesdays to thursdays. The museum is by the French senat and famous garden at 19 rue de Vaurigard, metro lines 4 and 10 Odéon as well as RER B Luxembourg. Also, buses 58, 82, 84,and 89 takes you there too.

The BHV store at rue de Rivoli ,near the Hôtel de Ville is opening from December 5 to the 18 a new resto bar at the top with great views of Paris, entrance on 55 rue de la Verrerie , the charge will be 10€ admission plus one cocktail included, from 17h to 20h.  Blue lights, lounge music,white tents for a polar and romantic ambiance !

More and more Parisien and France restos are using board, black tables, and chalk boards to announce the menu; the traditional cartes will slowly disappears. Wait now for the electronic tablettes and sms text menus too. One of my sons broke his D&G glasses but luckily wont cost to replace as we had insurance, done by next saturday lol!! He is happy now ,and dad too ::)

Versace will be sold at H&M stores all over, it will be under SA Collection name. Check it out in Paris too; at this moment Christmas is in the air in Paris, therefore, Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis open the windows at Au Printemps, and Charles Winston after a concert at the rooftop did it for Galeries Lafayette. Tony Parker, the French basketball player did it at Disneyland, and Audrey Tautou, the French actress will do for the illuminations at the Champs-Elysées.

There is a new fragrance of Lolita Lempicka call Si Lolita now out.  Now the new thingy is that this Christmas will be a British Christmas in Paris. That means lots of British motifs and clothes, and fragrances, etc etc. My boys will love it. Just read Sylvia Fendi of the famous name just love South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida USA lol! And one of her favorites is to go by Little Havana, and eat at Garcia’s Seafood Grill and Fish market!

New areas chic to discover in Paris, around Bastille, go to Rue de Charonne, rue Keller, for a feast of colors, with plenty of mangas, tattoos, and bars until very late…. by the Rue Roquette, plenty of Latin bars awaits you. Getting near pl de la Republique (one of my best areas) check out Rue Oberkampf, rue Saint-Maur, at the crossing with rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud with the best bistros full of people with the world. Dont forget to stop by the new cultural info center at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal ,metro Sully-Morland, and Bastille.

Just in France will have again a luxury cruise liner call FRANCE in 2015. Alain Ducasse the great chef is designing the 8 restaurants the boat will have!!! A boat of 17 bridges, 260 meters long, and 640 passenger capacity. It will come of the shipyard of St Nazaire not far from Nantes and me. It will a vitrine or window shop for all that is luxury and good of France.  This of course to relieve the first boat call France, I am sure those cruisers will know what I am talking about, and those new should get on this one, it is the ultimate. However, the project was never completed and the story ended. For reference, the first France cruise liner became the Norway, and by the end of its life the Blue Lady. Finally, the cruise liner was completely dismantled in India in 2008.

As for us it was time to head back home to my new Morbihan in Bretagne near the coast ,another heaven in France. Hope you enjoy the updated version trying to keep some of the old info for nostalgia’s sake. Thanks for reading it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I would like to say the same right now, ‘Paris, here I come again’ 🙂

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