A quick trip into Lyon!!!

Ok so it is fun to relive good memories and this is what the update on my older posts has brought me, love it! I will continue here with my black and white posts of lately and tell you a bit about Lyon, the city! I have been all over France, but sometimes just touch base like in this case. Behold, found me some pictures in my vault and rather than a new post will include in this one my shot at Lyon.  Hope you enjoy the introduction.

I am not going into the history because it is long and one post or even one blog is not enough. I just tell you of my passing thru Lyon. During my trip to Italy , I had time to come out a bit and explore Lyon thanks to the great public transport system;however, the city was all in fog with under 3°C!!! hardly the time to be out,and the photos were not good unfortunately.

Let me introduce here to the new pictures found in my vault of my only visit to Lyon several years back.

The Pont Wilson bridge spans the Rhone river. A first bridge, the Hôtel-Dieu or Hôpital bridge was built in 1837-1839 suspension bridge, 210 meters long, In 1887, the condition of the bridge was considered alarming and it was finally demolished in 1912. It was replaced by a temporary wooden bridge, then by the Wilson bridge, inaugurated on July 14, 1918. The bridge was damaged in September 1944 and reopened definitively in 1948.  The Hôtel-Dieu is one of the largest buildings on the Presqu’île Lyon peninsula. It is built on the western edge of the Rhône, in the district of Bellecour. In 1532, François Rabelais was appointed doctor of the hospital, he had at his disposal about twenty nuns The Hôtel-Dieu was partially converted into a luxury hotel with 140 rooms whose entrance is through the central dome. On June 4, 2019, the Intercontinental Hotel opened in the center of the building, under the dome of Soufflot. The Grand Hôtel Dieu Intercontinental Hotels : https://www.grand-hotel-dieu.com/en/

Lyon pont Wilson et hotel dieu c2006

The Hôtel de Ville of Lyon is one of the city’s most imposing historic buildings (from the 17C of Louis XIV), is located in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, between Place des Terreaux and Place de la Comédie, where it faces the Opera, formerly the Grand Théâtre, from the “century of the Enlightenment”. The building was built from 1646 to 1672 Place des Terreaux then became the administrative center of Lyon. The building is organized around two courtyards, one of which is raised, and four corner pavilions with a belfry enclosing the main courtyard.

Lyon hotel de ville parvis c2006

The City of Lyon Heritage sites such as the Hôtel de Ville : https://www.patrimoine-lyon.org/secteur_unesco/presqu_ile/terreaux-cordeliers-2/l-hotel-de-ville

The Place Bellecour is the largest square in the city of Lyon (62,000 m2), the fifth largest square in France and the largest pedestrian square in Europe. It has a trapezoidal shape with a size of 300 meters by 220 meters on one side and 190 meters on the other. At its center is an equestrian statue of Louis XIV. Another statue, depicting The Little Prince and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is located at the end of the square. There are also two pavilions housing the services of the tourist office, a small children’s park, a fountain and two brasseries.You see back the Basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière which did not see.

Lyon pl bellecour and Basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière c2006

The Lyon tourist office on the Place Bellecour : https://en.lyon-france.com/discover-lyon/heritage-unesco/Remarkable-sites-and-monuments/Place-Bellecour

It was an opportunity to come back to the city visited years before, it has change for the better. Some of my observation and that of my hosts. One of the great one born 300 years ago in Geneva but made this city his for long periods, is Jean-Jacques Rousseau, He lived here or around here from 1722-1724, and again from 1768-1770.  The city of Lyon  is known for its gastronomic marvels second only to Paris, so the food is sublime here. There is an exposition that is worth seeing if time allowed at the musée Gadagne, call “Gourmandises! Histoire de la Gastronomie” works ,films,and videos showing the culinary art of Lyon.

Some work of art in gourmand madmen I am , from this occassion were the Docks 40, 40 quai Rambaud, in the 2éme arrondissement , welcome back to memories with bagels, burgers, club sandwiches, milkshakes, and home made French fries! , and other occassions i have been to the brothers bouchons of Lyon, Au Trois Cochons ,9 rue des Marronniers 2éme arrondissement is great,but take your pick tastes they are all good, recommended.  Then grab a honey nectar at Divins Nectars,(now call Secrets d’Apiculteur), 54 rue Saint-Jean, 5é, my miel d’acacia is great here. How about a great bar of chocolate,  Barres d’Or Noir, at chocolatier Bouiller ,one main store at 15 rue de la Croix-Rousse. Finish it off with some great oils, olive oils that is, at A l’Olivier, 33 Cours F Roosevelt, 6éme.

Of course, I came in at the new Terminal 3 in the Lyon St Exupéry airport, my first taste of it, and it was good. Lots of low cost airlines are now base here. It has two levels connected by a walkaway, retails stores, and a food court. webpage: https://www.lyonaeroports.com/en

You , also, have easy TGV connections, for the train lover in you. Now with connections to Marseille in the 30 cities cover by this hub, the above airport site has more information, but you can go also to Brussels, Torino, or Milan, Avignon,Nicez, Grenoble,, Chambery,Arles, Aix-en-Provence, to name a few. It is an international airport so connections to many cities in Europe,Africa,and rest of France.

Now that we are in the ski season , and my boys leave sunday for the Alps, passing by here, they already have more experience here than I lol!!! There are many bus or navette service from the airport/gares to the ski resorts. You have direct connection from airport to Trois Vallées,Pardiski,Espace Kelly, Alpe d’Huez, Deux Alpes and Val d’Isére. They do five round trips per day, on Fridays Saturdays,and Sundays. You can find schedules and pricing at Altibus the company that service it. webpage from Lyon in English: https://www.altibus.com/en/arriving-by-plane/lyon-saint-exupery-airport/

To move from the airport to center of Lyon as I did this time, you take the public service rhoneexpress, very good indeed even on say foggy day ! In about 30 minutes you are there. It leaves from the TGV station in the airport, every 15 minutes frequency, from 6h to 21h and every 30 minutes from 5h-6h and 21h-00h,you can buy ticket on the bus or at the automatic machines in the stations as I did. webpage: https://www.rhonexpress.fr/en/access-and-schedules/23

Lyon is a great city, but as so many things to see you need at least two days in the city. I was ,also, looking forward to work here but this too was put on hold. Unfortunately, our plans were on hold due to the virus but it is in our list to come back with the boys for an in depth look. For now, hope you enjoy the introduction.

The city of Lyon info for tourists in French: https://www.lyon.fr/touriste

The Lyon tourist office in English: https://en.lyon-france.com/

The Rhône dept 69 tourist board on Lyon: https://www.rhonetourisme.com/decouvrir-le-rhone/le-rhone-et-ses-territoires/le-lyonnais-monts-et-coteaux/

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes tourist board on the Lyon area: https://www.auvergnerhonealpes-tourisme.com/retrouver-le-gout-des-belles-choses/lyon/

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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