Auray , my new region of France!!

Well I guess the title is a pretty good one! I needed to update this post, well revise the text a bit and in black and white style, but a sentimental post. This goes back to 2011 the year I came to live and stay in the Morbihan dept 56 of my now lovely Bretagne. I have several posts on where we settle for an apartment in Brec”h that was very close to Auray about 6 km and made Auray our official city for all errands, and adminstrative needs. Therefore, I just want to update it. Hope you enjoy it. See my many posts on Auray too!

I am back to share the wonderful world of Auray, Morbihan, Bretagne,  France. Today, I will talk a bit about my new area the Pays ‘Auray. Its a agglomaration of several towns into a metropolitan system of cities. The capital and main city is Auray or An Alre in Breton language. Then you have St Anne d’Auray the most important religious site in Brittany as it is the site of the patron saint of Bretagne, Sainte Anne. 

Auray is to start very historical, one Benjamin Franklin landed by sea here at age 70! to tried to convince king Louis XVI the support for recognition and credits to the new nation of the United States of America; he got it!!! You can know all about by walking the quai Franklin in the old port district of St Goustan, an extention of the city center medieval look.

Here at the port, St Goustan ,you will find all good old world accommodation, great boating, and cruise ships to the outer islands, and plenty of cheers and bar,bistros,and restos which especially at dinner time makes you go back in time, romantic, nice, quiet, educated; great for the whole family. Its still one of our favorite areas to go out locally, and friends brought here love it too!

Maindering its cobblestone streets , you will see a plethora of shops typical of the area. You will love to climb the old Chateau d’Auray now in ruins ,thanks to the war of succession of Bretagne, but the climbing gives you a look over the town, the port area and beyond with magnificent views and at night very romantic! I have posts with these wonderful newer photos.

Over to the city center area crossing the old bridge or pont vieux you will come to the Halles, a covered market selling all the goodies of the land and sea. Plenty of  wandering old world streets, and beautiful shops,restos,bars etc.

See the Chapelle Eternel ,given to Franciscan friars in the 17C to established a school for girls today its richly preserved. Chapelle Ste Helene, one of the oldest in town chapels. Chapelle du Saint Esprit anothter old chapel of great architectural significance, today hold events like the Christmas celebrations.

Wonderful place de la Republique takes you in center stage to all the above areas;its where the halles or market is located. Going over to walking the street you will see plenty of maisons en bois or woodend houses of old, very nice. Another area is the Church of St Gildas,and Church of Charles-le-Blois (near train station) of historical significance, and the memorial to Cadoudal, a peasant chief who fought against the French revolution, his tomb is at Kerleano on his native land , a field of martyrs, and house of descendants today. The thousands of chouans or peasants Bretons who died are today at Chartreause of Brec’h.

The train station here was/is my public transport contact with the world as it has direct Roissy CDG TGV service as well as thru Montparnasse in Paris. There is an Auraybus service for free from the gare train station to the city center area in summer months, but walking is about 15 mins. The station today is about 15 minutes from current home in Pluvigner.

The Relais Franklin was a natural to have some crepes,cider ,and great views at St Goustan,and be right in American history too nearby plaque attesting to the landing of Benjamin Franklin and night over. The location was at 21 Place St Sauveur. Today, there is a new business there but the plaque stayed.

And to recap, my small town of Brec’h has about 2000 strong and part of the Auray agglo area, just 6 km from the train station! and direct access to the N165 main route linking Nantes to Brest and connection to everywhere on the road warrior, the place is name Brech or Brec’h in Breton.  The valley whre the Loc’h river runs toward the port de Saint-Goustan, connects with the Auray river before ending into the Gulf of  Morbihan, and the UNESCO world heritage site. Many chapels of old are here and the Ecomusée de Saint-Dégan , with all the natural beauty of the area and its agricultural past and present. See ,also, the Moulin de Treuroux or windmill.

One of the most beautiful chapels in all of the Morbihan dept is the Chapelle de Saint Quirin in the hamlet of St Guerin near me in Brech. The 16C Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce is another jewel near me. A new chapel in the traditon of old is the one of Chapelle Notre Dame de la Route, near me in the village of Mané Salut.And the Chartreuse, the historical one as it was built after the battle of Auray in 1364 that face Jean de Montfort to his cousin and rival Charles de Blois, for the duchy of Brittany.

And if you want to learn the Breton traditional danse then come over for the  festoù-noz (night parties in breton) where the traditional dance puts together all the generations around music and dance bretons. Danses of two or three such as Laridés, Gavottes, Plinn, Fisel, An dro…and even in circles ! You come to the feast of « Les mardis de la Dañs » The tuesdays of the dance at  Brech (Brec’h) every tuesday in july and august at 20h at Park Kreisker and its free. Of course, with today’s virus the dates and times of these events needs to be verify in advance. You can get an idea but in French at this webpage Maison de la Culture et de la Langue Bretonnes or House of the Culture and Breton languages:

Of course, on the above monuments/sights i have individula posts all over my blog on Auray, Ste Anne d’Auray, Brec’h towns. This was an introduction to my new area and one i still move about on them. Really a nice area, we cannot say this is it as by history I moved every 5-6 years average but I have already 7 at current location! so so, nice area indeed. Hope you enjoy the post and Degemer mat or bienvenue or welcome!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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