Going to final destination: Las Majadas !!!

In my continuing quest to update my older posts in my blog with fresh text, some new photos and revise links I bring you August 2016 and my going to our final summer vacation destination Las Majadas.

This town has been a memorable town for us, and came back again again, friendly owners and the family really enjoyed it. We should be back when possible.

I finally made it to Spain over the Col du Portalet (see post) mountain peak to my final home base in the Serrania de Cuenca (mountain range) in the town of Las Majadas (elevation 1400 meters).

We left the tunnel under the Pyrénées and follow the road N330 towards Jaca and then Huesca on the A23 which here is the N330 passing the viaduc of Monrépos and mountain of same name; right into a smaller tunnel . We passed by the lake this is Monrépos lake reservoir on the other side of the tunnel.


We hit the road hard until the outskirst of Zaragoza where from the A23 we took the beltway Z40 direction the airport of Zaragoza and Madrid.  We continue on this A23  direction Teruel/Cariñena wine country.  This is already on the road A1512 off the A23, and you see the mountains of Albarracin.

Follow up on the road DE 9111 mountain route we pass by the mountain town of Calomarde which is at 1584 meters high.  We didn’t not have time to see as was not our destination but here there is a great canyon or Barranco de la Hoz webpage: http://esenciadepueblo.com/ruta-barranco-de-la-hoz-calomarde/


By here we pass by a statue in metal call the guia del coboSierra de Albarracin at the birth of the river Tajo on the CU901 road, until we finally saw the panel for Cuenca/Tragecete on the CU2119 heading our home base. Glorious mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca that can go to almost 1900 meters high, and the panel signaling Las Majadas 24 kms or about 12 miles!!

You will see from the road high up and the mountain then the town down under just arriving to final home base. More of the home base of Las Majadas on later posts. We arrive, we are at home base up 1400 meters and plenty of mountain animals here such as deers, goats, sheeps, wild pigs, and cows and bulls. Spain is ON!

The Province of Cuenca page on Las Majadashttps://www.descubrecuenca.com/es/enclaves-y-poblaciones/la-serrania/las-majadas-las-majadas-25

And the national park of serrania de Cuenca where the town of Las Majadas is located from the Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha autonomous region: http://www.turismocastillalamancha.es/naturaleza/parque-natural-serrania-de-cuenca-57472/descripcion/

There you go a magical place for us, always remembered and always wishing to be back. Hope you try this wonderful pure air wonderful views, countryback area of my beloved Spain.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. A great drive, I especially enjoyed the lunch stop.

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