Ploumanac’h in Côtes d’Armor!!

Moving right along with the updates on my older posts some since I began blogging, and staying on the Côtes d’Armor in the north of my lovely Bretagne I bring you to Ploumanac’h!

Well the intended trip was to reach this town of Ploumanac’h as we have seen on TV it was named the favorite town of the French , this was a survey contest on France FR2 television voted by the French. So , in addition , one of my colleagues at work is a native of the area , so more power for us to check it out.

We came following the D768  to the N12 then hooking up to Lannion again on the D767 ,and once pass it taking the D788 into the Ploumanac’h borough. Plenty of parking, we did it by the plage St Guirec

This borough or village is only about 3 km from Perros Guirec,(see post) and you can use the bus 15 coming from Lannion into Perros Guirec and Ploumanac’h. Coming to the village you see the parc des sculptures, and the port harbor , one of the most protected in all of Brittany.  You have the windmill or Moulin of Traouiero. There is a small beach call Bastille between the beach of Saint Guirec and the harbor of Ploumanac’h.

Another thing to see is the Chapelle Saint-Guirec from the 16C and restored in the 18C.  The lighthouse or phare de Ploumanac’h or better  phare de Mean Ruz originally from 1860 ,destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt in 1945! From this lighthouse you can see nicely the castle of Costaérés , and islands or île Renote as well as the Sept-îles.


The best part and the one we walked all over is on the pointe du Skewell that follows on the Sentier des Douaniers. Lastly ,on to the Oratory of Saint Guirec, done on a rock in the bottom of the Anse Saint Guirec.


The Sentier des Douaniers is wonderful beautiful sites along the coast and the rose granite rocks coming out of the water. The effect of having a huge swimming pool right in the ocean! A must to see and no wonders once called one of the most beautiful towns of France! Ploumanac’h that is.


This is the tourist office of Perros Guirec with a webcam on the Sentier des  Douaniers in Ploumanac’h

And the tourist office of Perros Guirec on the rocks of Ploumanac’h

The tourist office of dept 22 Côtes d’Armor on Ploumanac’h

The tourist office of Brittany on Ploumanac’h

There you go a small spot in the area but packing a huge colorful environment of pure air and blue seas as well as sculpture stones! Hope you can make it one day to Ploumanac’h!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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