My aller retour à Paris!!

And again more from my vault of old posts going back to 2014 this time on my eternal Paris. I like to update revise fresh text on these old posts in my blog in an black and white mode. Hope you are enjoying them as I do.

I usually do not put business trips in my blog at least most of the time. However, this is one of them . I needed to go to Paris for a couple of days on a business meeting , something I do almost every week but hardly ever tell. I love my car always a road warrior and on these business trips they sent me by train yikes!!! I used them but never get used to them at all. Even the metro do not like, prefer to walk or the bus in town. However, business obliges and as all is reimburse by the company have really no choice.

The company books the train or plane, and the hotel in advance direct billing , I do not need to advance anything. If a car rental is needed once in a blue moon, it is also direct billing. Therefore, I have to go on public transport when on business. Even if I have tried to negotiate going by car  not understood for the tax breaks business gets on this!

I have my TGV 1er Class electronic ticket loaded into my SNCF Grand Voyageur frequent traveler card , which due to business trips I am now a frequent traveler on trains with perks lol!This is paperless so it has its advantages. My nearest station from home is out of Auray, it is small but nice size station train and bus, and counters and restaurant, relay store, avis car rentals, and hotel and resto across the street. I love to come early and see the train, TGV and TER Bretagne come and go. Even if at Vannes there is more and more frequencies. Sometimes, If I go with collègues than we go out of Vannes, a bigger station.  Parking is free so far at both stations.

The train station  SNCF at Auray:

For the TER Bretagne trains:

Killing time is at the bar resto Le Tire Bouchon (corkscrew) where a nice Grimbergen blonde will always do wonders to the waiting time. And some nice chats with fellow travelers.

The time is usually around 3h20 to 3h40 to Paris Montparnasse. The stops are always Vannes and Rennes, and sometimes we do stop at Redon, Vitré, Le Mans ,and Laval. We arrive in Paris by the berth 1 thru 7 always, this time it was berth 3. Due to faster tracks as the LGV the time has been cut down to 3h. I have times especially going back for a cold beer at the Brasserie de l’Océane.

The Paris Montparnasse train station:

Sometimes these trips are same day and they are tiring; however, sometimes too we are allowed a night stay and these are great; lately I am going this way.  On this particular trip I was put at the Hôtel Terminus Montparnasse at 59 blvd du Montparnasse ;webpage:

As one of the bad points of business travel is that you do not choose your hotel, so this one was convenient and full of restos/bar around, some of them my favorites when used to have an office nearby in rue de Départ. However, this one was very noisy ,even the water flushes were heard and showers, the breakfast limited in a small room, and of course the room small with a window given to a tree full courtyard that you could see the kitchen from your window! Not the type of hotel I would recommend personally or with families. Like i said, the only good point is that it was across from the Montparnasse transport hub and right between resto Café Montparnasse and La Marine, institutions in the area.

I need it to be by the tour Eiffel side,as my business office for meetings is nearby and its always a good opportunity to see the steel lady. Great views on the window of it and the Invalides dome as well. Getting there I take the metro line 6 to Bir Hakeim as it is an above ground train ride most of the way. RATP webpage:

The return is always sad , au revoir Paris encore un fois. Saying goodbye to Paris again…. TGV Montparnasse thru Rennes, and Vannes this time to Auray where my car is waiting for the trip home of 20 minutes.  The lunches on business are done in the top floor of our building club house with views of the roofstops of Paris with grand style and wines so can’t complaint here is done French class style. Even if missed going out to the wonderful restos of Paris.

There , I wanted to have at least this business trip in my blog on what I am always saying go to Paris every month in better times.  Time goes nicer when you are having fun of living in la belle France. Enjoy Paris a mouvable feast indeed!

And remember,happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

ps. While doing this post I was contacted by a guide in Paris and turn out to be very good with great references so for those seeking info about Paris and someone to help you along there, I will put the webpage here, for info only as me never use it but recommended by many.

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