Lorient ,the sea and so close!

Again found me an oldie but goodie from the early posts in my blog. In my continuing black and white series to bring about the nostalgic history of my travels , I bring you Lorient. 

This is very close to me and been there several times but never enough pictures. As it is this is a book style of post but will not be the only ones. Enjoy Lorient and see the other posts with photos on it.

It is near me and go often but so much to see its hard to keep up.  It was with temps at 30C or about 90F and before the big party of the National Day or Bastille day as popularly known, the beaches were full, the sun is shiny and its just gorgeous out. We decided to visit again Lorient, in the Morbihan Breton.

Of course , we come by car on the N165 get off at Lorient and follow panels Lorient Centre. Then we park by the palais de Congres close to the pleasure marina more or less facing the shopping center Nayel.

Lorient is a city that came from the ashes of WWII due to the submarine base it had and the openness to the sea. It is a story of heroes that are mentioned in several posts in my blog.

We come here to shop too. We went to attack  La Trinitaine store and for a surprise we finally entered the Stockmani store just before reaching city center. This is a discontinue series store with brand name items, at discount prices. It was a great find, and glad we stop by. Unfortunately the store by city center we went is closed and it has moved to the nearby town of Lanester in a big commercial open air shopping center off the N165 expressway we know well too. For reference, this is the Stockmani Lanester store: https://www.stokomani.fr/magasins/lanester

We stop at my dear late wife Martine, favorite Damart store, where not only she purchase shoes but got a free small  cocotte or cooking pan in ceramics as a gift! Many nice souvenirs for us coming to shop here. More info here: https://www.damart.fr/magasins/lorient

Then, right around the above we came over the city center where we just walk around, so again the wonderful Church Saint Louis at place Alsace Lorraine, near the wonderful shopping of the Galeries Lafayette.

We went for a nice late lunch at brasserie Le Carré (taking over from La Rotonde) at rue du Port near the place Aristide Briand for a nice burgers, rumsteak steaks, connellonis, chicken curry salads, pear in rum ice creams, and grimbergen beers all  for 22 euros per person ,good. More info here: https://www.lorientbretagnesudtourisme.fr/fr/fiche/brasserie-le-carre-lorient_TFOTRESTLECARRE

We went right into the harbor, the passenger boat terminal, the pleasure marina, and the roads to the ile de Groix. The gare maritime to the île de Groix is nice and the island is gorgeous Groix island that is,see it with the compagnie Océanehttps://www.compagnie-oceane.fr/en/node/2

As we had left home for Lorient, we had workers doing our Garden, 1000 m2 of it! We got rid of the old trees, plants, flowers etc; now we took off the roots to level the terrain and finally in the spring we will redo the garden with Breton motifs, lots of gravel and stones. Some of the fruit trees like figs, pears and apples were initially left but taken off, as we wanted a semi tropical garden with Breton symbols. At the same time we are redoing our front open terrace (we have an enclosed one too), we took a hit this week as the man who is doing this work was just diagnose with cancer. We hope he will recover even if we need to find someone else to finish the work; he seems like a real nice guy and very helpful to us. Unfortunately, we needed to take someone else to finish as the nice guy could not finish, sadly.

And as we knew will be staying long in Lorient to give the above work to be done, and not cooking at home we simply had a simple sandwich menu for the dinner! I know many people come here looking for the French culinary richness, and we love it; however, been living in the USA for so long we yearns for that special American touch, such as eating out at Subway sandwich shops at Avenue du Faouédic ,next to place Aristide Briand  city center of Lorient. And we ate on the run lol! https://www.subway.com/fr-FR/FindAStore?zip=lorient

And we headed home as usual another nice quick ride visit to nice Lorient, in my Morbihan dept 56 of my Bretagne and in my belle France. Just nice and looking forward to a lot more. Hope you enjoy the new look posts.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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