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November 10, 2020

Again Paris, and Friends !

Again on my updating but this time with a nice story on my trips to Paris. And there are a couple of pictures to boot! So I guess this would be the color series lol! Over the years away from Paris I have not really been away as was able to visit every month especially on my business responsabilities.

I have taken my Dad to the US for his trips to his sister several times, and me gone once to Florida. This trip to Paris had the double effect of taking him and get together with some new found friends now in FB with me.

It was a strategic trip as there was the Normandy invasion anniversary going on as well and avoided all the traffic jams. I had the opportunity as was dropping off my Dad to go into Paris proper with my boys. My father was leaving for Miami , Florida USA to visit his sister. Took him to Roissy CDG and of course why not the opportunity to see Paris again, alway Paris physically or in mind always there for me.

We drove as its the best way to travel me think. I know many come here to visit and use the extensive public transport we have at a great taxpayer’s support. However , doing it too especially on business trips and it is chaotic on many times. So the car is always there and who said there is traffic in Paris? I went again rush hour Friday evening and easy. Things have change for the worse thanks to local government.

No need to tell you about links as posted many of them already in my blog. Paris is a movable feast, we should be there at least in mind every day ,and if physical well you are Lucky. Don’t get me wrong Bretagne is gorgeous but so is France ! According to UN-WTO (World Tourism Organisation, United Nations) ,it is the most visited country!

I do not like paying tolls either so got me around them nicely and you see more, even if takes longer. We took 6h30m stopping for my father and to have something to eat. The route started on the N24 from Bretagne across to Rennes, and then the N136 and N157 to Alençon, connecting with the N12 to South of Paris, the A12 connector to the A13 autoroute de Normandie bypassing tolls and heavy traffic on the Normandy invasion 70th anniversary.

We arrive at our Ibis in Orgeval, off the A13, very convenience to get on the road again, gas station next to it. The hotel was booked online for 35€ per room, for two and three persons great for a one nighter to the airport. Besides we know this area well too see my posts on Orgeval and Saint Germain en Laye/Chambourcy.  Webpage:

The next day after a relaxing night, we headed for the Roissy CDG airport. My Dad was going direct on Air France to Miami Florida. Terminal T2F is very familiar with me as go thru it every month. We had our lunch at Quais de la Seine next to the Brasserie Flo restaurant on area 1. Very nice simple food at a good price; we ,also, purchase water and sodas at Boulangerie Paul more expensive.  He finally went thru security as we bid farewell to his almost 2 months vacation with his sister in Miami Lakes. Leaving thru gate L53, I drew a map and a note to make sure he finds his way in there. We than took the opportunity to pass by Paris.

I drove as I normally do, why such a fuss about driving in Paris. if you drive in any major city Paris is no different, I learned to drive in the NJ/NY border in USA so Paris is a piece of cake. I took the A1 down the gutter to porte de la Chapelle, but took the direction to Rouen and the boulevard périphérique to exit at porte de St Ouen, going on avenue de Saint Ouen to place de Clichy, avenue de Clichy left, then rue d’Amsterdam right to pass gare St Lazare(my old entry point to Paris) on to rue de Havre pass the Haussmann into rue Tronchet around the Pl de la  Madeleine to Rue Royale, left at Rue Saint Honoré to Rue Cambon right and left on Rue du Mont Thabor to one of my favorite parking the old New York Garage at Parking Tuileries almost at the corner of Rue Rouget de Lisle. Which found out no longer allows parking there.

And as we had planned a get together with some friends coming from California USA, that have exchange quite a bit on the now defunct Virtual Tourist travel site, and we had lunch at Café l’Impériale. It was nice to finally meet people we exchange travel stories in forums all over and finally the opportunity to see them in person.  Well, this is an old favorite as used to worked across the street and had my coffee breaks here, some lunches and had brought my father as well. This time I was with my 3 boys as well so nice to go out with them. I must say the service had no menu du jour because it was weekend..but the service was fast and attentive, the food we opted for our regular steaks brasserie style and the Affligem beers. Nice time again in Paris. Webpage:

We had an extended conversation after the lunch and bid farewell to the couple as they were staying a few days there and elsewhere in France on their vacation. We therefore, did a little walk around this area of so many years of souvenirs with this time my boys. And then ,we headed back home on the road again, the road warrior arrived home by 21h or 9pm. And now Sunday is here relaxing at home as we are,also, having Monday off as the Ascension Holiday in France.

It was a fund trip of taking my Dad and meeting travel forum friends of many years, the virtual became reality and we have continue to stay in touch. My Dad had a good vacation in Miami Lakes Florida and came back loaded lol!!

Hope you enjoy the post and maybe one day we can do the same from virtual friends in the wordpress blog and meet someplace someday; it would be interesting indeed. And thanks for reading these sort of updated posts of mine.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

November 10, 2020

Again Paris, enough said!!!!

So I must go on talking about my eternal Paris. Again, this is an older post that I am revising, updating with fresh text on my black and white series. The pictures are in the individual monument post in my blog; hope you enjoy it.

And another road warrior trip from our current home in the Morbihan Breton dept 56. We rode free of tolls, the best way to go, right thru small towns and nice scenaries than the autoroutes pavements.  First taking the N24 towards Rennes, than hookup there on the rocade nord to the A84 free autoroute at exit No 16, porte de normandie. We got off at exit 29 of the A84 at Fougéres to hook up with the N12 all the way  passing just outside Fougéres, Beaucé, Mayenne, Alençon,Flers, Le Ribay,Fontenay, Saint-Cyr-en-Pail,Pré-en-Pail, Lalacelle,Verneuil-sur-Avre,Nonancourt, Bâlines, Dreux, to taking the A12 near Montigny-le-Bretonneux to link up with the A13 autoroute de normandie for free the last leg to Paris ,porte Dauphine , to ave Foch, the always thrilling and wonderful Arc de Triomphe, then, ave Friedland to the Gare Saint lazare parking on 29 rue de Londres.Sublime and the views to cry for!!

And voilà,  please , don’t hit me but for most readers will be shocked, but I have boys born in Florida USA, and as such their tastes are younger, wilder, and traditionally hamburgers lol!!! Yep, we tried the new Burger King at the train station Gare Saint Lazare. It was opening week and the first open in France so of course it was pack, never had to do a line for hamburgers, but I was drag into it!!! Luckily with good manners and security, we moved fast and in about 20 minutes were in the counter, and was able to find a table as well with a great view over the rue du Havre. The place continue to be packed and the lines did not stop at all, this is big. Burger King is back in France after a 15 years absent. And of course, they are from Florida!!!!!!!!! Webpage:

From there, of course, the boys again dragged me into the obvious Micromania store (their favorite store in France!) in the galerie commerciale Klepierre-Saint Lazare, (which sadly learned it has closed) , and then went over across to the passage du havre for the FNAC store where I lost some euros again for been weak and soft lol!!! The FNAC still open!

For reference, the shopping center part of the Saint Lazare train station is very good;many coffee breaks at Starbucks!! webpage:

Then , the time came over to me at last. I was able to walk them in the Parc Monceau, one of my favorite areas, used to run,and biked (first and only time in Paris), there with friends while working in Paris. I have taken my kids when younger many times,and now when young adults. So we just traded stories on the things they did and how they fell on bikes trying to learn, and of course the chasers they did on me and could not catch me, now they do lol! On the bikes we ran so who will get first to the first step in the rotunda baths and they beat me yikes!!! I have a post but for info parc Monceau

I tried to hit the Jardin du Luxembourg but it was late and of course closed. So I had already planned dinner around the area at Chez Clement, 9 Pl Saint André des Arts, just around the corner from the place Saint Michel.(the resto is closed as the chain sadly). This was our favorite chain of restaurant if you can call it a chain, only a handful of them. We have tried over the years the one at Bd des Capucines (near Opéra)  near my old place of work, and done my kids birthday near our home at Bougival (Yvelines dept 78). This time we tried another and we had a great time with the server,an older man very funny and very capable. WE had a big laugh when folks from elsewhere arrive asking for a quick table and quick serving, he told them we don’t serve fast here….musing came to us and say well there is a McDonald’s nearby lol!!! WE come to eat the French way, one serving at a time ,and slowly to enjoy the meal with the proper apéro and a nice ending coffee. That’s my France!!! We took the menu at 35 Euros, included all from Lillet glacé apéros, for the entrée, terrine de foie gras for me, the main dish was rôti de bouef avec purée de pomme de terre, and dessert, créme brulée, ending with a expresso coffee. We had Evian or Badoit water bottles for each,and a half bottle or 37,5 Cl of white rieslings Alsace, Alfred Klipfel, and a full bottle 75CL red wine of Château Le Moulin la Tonnelle,  Blaye côte de Bordeaux. Sublime with nice ambiance, belle epoque deco, and well serve, all perfect. Again sadly they are closed, just for the memories ok

The next morning we got up early than usual and headed  with my car and the gang, this time to hit up the Jardin du Luxembourg. It was a gorgeous day, and we came in grand on rue Auguste Comte on the side of rue de l’observatoire. There was not too many people at first and by noon the park was full. The little boat in the fountain with lots of families and kiddies around, the gorgeous Senat building of France,and the park ,the fountain of Médicis, and the Orangerie all gorgeous.

We continue to be by the Panthéon. And the Church of St Etienne du Mont, service going on so we would not go inside but still lovely area. In time to get back to our car parked for free on street at rue Guynemer,and then, out onto bd St MIchel over the pont saint Michel and the pont au Change into rue Rivoli and out to pl de la Concorde into the ave des Champs elysées , and a tour around the Arc de Triomphe!!

We were on a quick trip but needed at least one night for rest on the road. So ,therefore, on the way back we stop at a familiar territory but first time on them as a family, we chose the Campanile Saint Germain en Laye hotel. In my business trips here I have stayed in a few including this one! It was a quick in and out from the N13 and the A13  from Paris. The place is clean, friendly nice service as usual, and the breakfast continental light but plenty we took the offered basket of cookies, madeleines, hot choco, coffees, teas, and out we went all for 49 Euros the room with double beds and 59 the one with 3 beds, all charges included. Large family we needed two rooms. For info the hotel webpage here:

I must add it was surrounded by great Centre commercial Carrefour Chambourcy with a hyper Carrefour to Micromania/ FNAC stores, gas station Total access by shopping center of Art de Vivre down the line in Orgeval, (this one sadly has closed the gas station still open) great on your passing to Normandy on the A13 exit 7 this is a great stop/rest option. The Chambourcy shopping center for reference we did shop there once when living in the area, and the place had just opened; later it was expanded and modernized:

There you go folks another dandy run to my eternal Paris even far yet so close to us. Hope you enjoy this another black and white post on rejuvanated posts in my blog. Paris is anyway you can imagine.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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November 10, 2020

Paris, its eternal, the more you visit ,the more you like it !!!

So bear with me, going over my very old posts and updating, revising, new text with webpages just a great pastime nowdays to do. And speaking of Paris of course is worth it all the time. Hope you enjoy my new black and white posts as the pictures are in the individual monument post.

And of course, from the title if you happenned to have lived in Versailles and worked there in Paris for almost 10 years, now coming back is sublime. For now I will be a tourist and as I always said, the best way to see a city is from the eyes of those who had visited and lived in it 1-2!.

For the first time in many years, many that I don’t remember, I took the train to Paris on a personal trip!. In the past it has been my car or a rental. I took the TGV from Auray to Montparnasse ,very nice fast and on time; then metro to our hotel behind the Galeries Lafayette. As this trip was beginning to be like a tourist trip, well it continues once arriving at the hotel. It was under renovation no problem, breakfast was not available ,no problem, then ,they switch the key first night and while we were asleep , another couple was just going into our room !! ,panic, we yell, and they step out laughing , call reception, oh yes we notice, sorry, and that was it. Well, its invasion of privacy and we file with the tourist office and the police. There you go our tourist hotel experience in Paris. The hotel was the Antin-Trinite at 74 ave de Provence.  I did notice from the webpage it has been renovated nicely with Max Jacobs input!

Once that was taken care of , we set out to enjoy Paris, and what a joy it always is!! Paris is eternal!!

We step on our sneakers and went out walking and bus/metro rides as needed. Of course, we did walked around the tour Eiffel walking that is, no need to climb ,been there done that last climb was in 2005!.  We visited the marvelous jardin des Tuileries, yes this is worth it, and went into my old churches such as Madeleine, Trinité, Notre Dame des Champs, Augustin, and Saint Roch.

We went by the Opéra Garnier, and the Louvre, and of course the deparment stores Au Printemps and Galeries Lafayette; we shop at rue Tronchet, my old walking plank. and visit my old working places,to say Hi to old collegues! great! now call the Westin  Paris Vendôme.  And the Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel ,both as many were under my accounting supervision. It was nice to still be recognised by collegues still there after 7 years ;it was nice, yes!!.  Oh dear, I had the Café de la Paix under as well! Sublime Paris!!

We saw the Seine and the batobus, great ride , and the many stores we used to go and shop as locals like Salavin, on Tronchet (this since closed). And the restos we went by just to see ,have  a coffee like at Cafe Montparnasse and drink/ snacks at Indiana Cafe .

And of course eat at my fav La Gare in the 16éme ; delicious porto rouge apero, and kir blanc, 2 menus plaisirs at 21€ with fish and potatoes,a glass of Jurançon moelloux and Chablis with coffee for 35 euros per person.

Then of course , there is the endless street walks by quaint neighborhood, we took sometimes the metro, line 12 and 6 , and once the bus no 95 from gare Saint Lazare to gare Montparnasse, great ride, and the walk I insist the walks are sublime.  Oh see the wonderful village outside the gare St Lazare just wonderful we got some macarons there oops! and of course my wonderful passage du havre out from the station into the famous Haussmann and the stores, lol  FNAC is was a must, ,,,, and many more now, just lovely so is the station completely renovated with lots of stores inside, too. This was my entry into Paris from Versailles so lots of memories here and my daily fire on train rides!

You won’t even feel tired at the end , we didn’t;  all worth it.  I would do it again, tomorrow lol! Paris is for good reason, the most beautiful city in the world!!! A mouvable feast of greater proportions, hope the politicians keep it that way.

Hope you like these black and white entries, anyway I think the ride, the trip, the presence is important too. Again for pictures see my many posts on Paris and their individual entries with pics! Enjoy reading about sublime Paris!

And remember, happy travels,good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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November 10, 2020

Paris ,yes Paris is always in my mind!!!

Again in my black and white world lately and due to new conditions due to the wuhan virus ,I am updating revising, new text in very old posts that have been left dormant in my blog. Hope you enjoy these new updated posts.

Back in January 2013 we had a brief spell with snow or rather icing. This was snow time in most of France,and we were not spare. Brittany is under snow of just one inch wow!!!, and already causing problems; by nightime the snow was mostly gone but still some icy spots. In the Paris area it was worse, school transport was stopped and the Paris airports had some delays and cancellations.

In the Paris region was snowing , for quite some time and in my Bretagne it quickly stopped!.  In other regions came to -4 C like in Normandy.  Rennes had 3-5 cm of snow (1-2 inches), really nothing as from my previous residences but here it is a mess. It is big news but really no big deal when you are used to 30 and more cm (12 inches) of snow from living in New Jersey USA for 13 years lol!!!

Paris will have -1C or about 30F so be careful with the ice.  Sunday in January will continue to snow in Paris.  The RER A is having  delays; as well as RER B the one connecting to the CDG airport. RER C to Versailles is normal.

As the rest of living we go on in my eternal Paris. Some info on parking away from CDG airport so less congestion and they have navette bus to take you to the airport from the parking. Check Aeroparc Roissy parking !

This was new back in 2013, now very much in use and very handy me think. OpenStreetMap help you find many things, Just put Paris or major city and voilà you have lock. Here is the webpage:

You have been thinking what electricity outlet or pins are use in the coutnry you are going to visit so this site let you know the electricity plugs and power in the world and handy anywhere Worldstandards:

I used it quite a bit and here is another handy site for that power plugs sockets world:

Finallyn of course, I was in Paris at this time surving the bit of cold weather. Specifically, I was around  the 9éme arrondissement of Paris for it was my walking neighborhood when was working in Paris for several years. You have nearby the wonderful wide screen presentation film on Paris at Paristoric, 11 rue Scribe. You will have a different look of Paris and is wonderful.

The historically wonderful Olympia at 28 Blvd des Capucines, you have the grands magasins or dept stores like Au Printemps at 64 blvd Haussmann, and Galeries Lafayette at 40 blvd Haussmann.  The église de la Trinité at 3 rue de la Trinité just around from blvd haussmann and galeries lafayette, built in 1867, Casino de Paris, 16 rue de Clichy, Musée de la vie Romantique at 16 rue Chaptal anecdote that on 66 rue de la Rochefoucault,  Victor Hugo lived here! at place Gustave Toudouze you will find a Wallace fountain and a Morris column. See the place St George where the lorette girls were the incarnation of a church and statue now in the plaza; and off of it is the rue St George with the théatre Saint George.

Moving on for the wonderful 9éme or 75009, you see the Musée Gustave Moreau at 14 rue La Rochefoucauld , the painter died here in 1898. By here you are in the area known by locals as the new Athens or Nouvelles Athénes. Rue Saint Lazare communicating at the no 58 with the 56 , and rue Taitbout, at no 80 gives access to Square Orléans of Napoleon III architecture where on the street at No 9 Chopin lived and at No 5 Georges Sand lived. You move into church or église Notre Dame de Lorette, 18bis rue de Châteaudun, built in 1823 . And don’t forget to walk the Grands Boulevards of  des Italiens, Montmartre, Poissonnière, Saint Denis, and Saint-Martin going into adjacent arrondissements. Especially the passage des Panoramas (first gas lights in 1817) at 14 blvd Montmartre ,done in 1800 and passage Jouffroy at 12 blvd montmartre, that links with passage Verdeau. Follow up at no 10 blvd Montmartre with Musée Grévin.

At No 32 rue Richer, you see the Folies Bergére nightclub .Continue at 16 rue Cadet you see the Musée de la Franc-Maçonnerie, or Masons museum at no 5 rue Drouot  ,you find the Hôtel de Ville of the 9éme arrondissement de Paris.

A magical walk in sublime eternal Paris. And walks we can do even in today’s environment. Do really go out in Paris and enjoy the city of lights. The most beautiful city in the world!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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