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November 7, 2020

The Rhuys peninsula,and the Ports Crouesty ,et Navalo!!!

Again coming back at you in my new version black and white updated old posts from my library in my blog. So many realise did a lousy job at the beginning lol! I need to do better now and will update, revise and change these posts to current events! Hope you are keeping up with me, thanks!

I , of course, have written plenty on them but like to keep the history with updated info, just me… Quickly places to see here are many but my favorites are the lighthouse tower at  Port-Navalo , and the tumulus cairns of Petit Mont in Port Crouesty.  The trio of towns to see at the very end of the peninsula are Arzon – Port Crouesty – Port Navalo; all wonderful. 

How to get here, well the car is king, and best always, in my opinion. You take the expressway N165 along the Nantes Brest axis direction Nantes, and get off at exit or sortie Sarzeau, Rhuys on the road D780. There is,also, a bus service Kiceo line 24 from the Place de la Liberation of Vannes. Schedule here for reference,never taken it.

You ,also, have taxi services such as  Rhuys Taxis  web:   Crouesty Taxis web:

The train station is at Vannes, and you connect either with a bus or taxi as above or a rental car. The closest airport is that of Nantes-Atlantique but the transportation to get to the area is with bus / train to Vannes. Best to get here is the rental car, Avis or Hertz have counters at the train station and airport

Its a boaters paradise, with wonderful beaches, great monument such as the petit mont megaliths stones, nice Abbis velo tandem bikes rides,which my boys really enjoyed pedaling from Crouesty to Navalo! More info here:

And the petit train or little train rides here is nice to ride amongst the boats and go into Arzon and into the hill where the stone Petit Mont is located, nice indeed. More info here:

The commercial center of Port Crouesty is full of shops and restos, including the wonderful ice cream place L’Iceberg which taken over by the other chain we love too elsewhere and now here L’Igloo right in the esplanade. Many family memories here making the line for our huge ice cream cones!

We did get boat rides especially nice and historical such as the Betelgeuse sail boat ride, the first sail boat to go around the world, and now no longer there but in my beloved Le Port marina area of Vannes! See the history, figures and photos of this magnificent boat here:

The Miramar Crouesty Thalasso and Spa (now its call the Miramar La Cigale) is a wonderful oasis of tranquility and well being, that we just went for information as we like them, and thanks to a special price from my job we tried well my wife did. More info here:

You should not leave the area without visiting the Cairns du Petit Mont, or the megaliths stones tumulus found here dating thousands of years, and it has free parking and a nice museum boutique before getting to the stones. More info here:

One of the nicest ride from Port Navalo to the outlaying islands in the gulf all over here is the NAVIX passenger boat company. More info here:

Then for breton goodies, come to my favorite store all over this area for that, La Trinitaine, it has an outlet at port du Crouesty :

The beaches are on the ocean side and named  KervertKerjouanno, du Fogeo ;and the Grande Plage de Port-Navalo ; which is ,also, the best. I have plenty of posts on all the above.

For the dept 56 Morbihan tourist office on the Rhuys Peninsula:

The city of Arzon on the port du Crouesty:

The port of Crouesty marina services:

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on the Rhuys peninsula in French:

There you go folks, this area has plenty of posts in my blog and photos, but what I tell you is not enough, this heaven and you should see for yourselves as soon as you can. Hope it helps your future visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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November 7, 2020

Fast lane with Vannes en tetê…!

Again, encore un fois, I come to you in black and white on my series of updating and revising and refreshing old post from the beginning of my blog. Things has change in many way we cannot believe, places gone, repurchase and only we kept the memories in these posts. Therefore ,here is my beloved Vannes again.

Walking around Vannes some went to the cinema and we went to eat! We walked by the St Patern district ,very old quaint nice and friendly, and had our lunch in already our favorite place Le Gavroche, 17 rue de la Fontaine.  We ate the dishes of beef with hot vegetables and potatoes, fish colin et lieu with hot vegetables and potatoes, flaky dish of goat cheese in a flaky crusty bread, a bottle of cider, expresso coffee,and of course started it all with aperitifs of kir mûre, pêche,porto. All for less than 27 euros per person. More here:

We still had time so we walked the streets of Vannes in the district or quartier St Patern, seeing how archeological artifacts were found when renovationg the church, and the history of it, with a nice shot of the belltower.

We decided to do the round of créperies and bar à nuits in town that we have been or would like to go, these include the night time bar A Tribord, 28 rue st Patern. Now closed here for the memories.

Créperie Dan Ewen, 3 Place du Général de Gaulle is one we had tried a while back,and  after so many crêperies here,this one becomes routine,nothing more.

We stop by the Irish pub Le Chat qui Grogne, 12 Place Cabello, right in a quaint area that I just like it a lot. This is for that old Guinness pint and having some real sports watch;  looking forward to drag myself around here ,and it is a primer in my blog check it out.

And ,the  ramparts of the old castle of Vannes, at night time that is awesome, as well ast the gardens of the Castle of the Hermine or Chateau de l’Hermine,and last the jardins or park of the Garenne high above from the ramparts after climbing the old castle walls along rue Francis Decker.

Another that my collegues at work recommended to go and after one try closed we came back to taste and it was sublime. The Créperie Le Métairie de Kérozer, is in the countryside at nearby town of St Avé. Sadly, there is a long message to close by Christelle manager/owner. “Good evening everyone, I regret to announce the closure of the Creperie, health concerns unfortunately do not allow me to resume work. And a creperie without a crepe maker … I would like to thank all those, customers, clients, suppliers etccc who followed me and supported me in this great adventure, I would have lived very beautiful and good times with all of you !!!!  Our other establishment, the Crêperie de Keroyal in Plougoumelen, remains open. My husband and my brother will be happy to welcome you there !!! ”

We went as well to see membership information at the Vannes municipal pool or Vanocéa, at about 88€ per year for 25 entries per person is not bad. The winter is coming and is nice to have a place to swim under a roof and heated pool lol!!! There is a smaller one at Auray.

There you go folks, now I feel better with the updated links and text on another wonderful post about my beloved Vannes and surrounding areas. Hope you enjoy the anecdotes and do come when possible to discover a wonderful beautiful world of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

November 7, 2020

The gardens of the Ïle de France region!!!

Again, this is my black and white approach lately. I came into my blog very early and was really putting stuff in at random . I realise by now the posts should have been better. I am reviewing, updating and revising some of these old posts and bring them to life in a very light. Hope you enjoy the writings.

I know many , millions, come to France to see its wonderful gardens, from the time of Le Nôtre and beyond,the gardens had pull a powerful magnet for visitors.  As usual, we tend to focus in Paris bien sûr mais il faut réve et chercher autres quasi belles or même plus beaux que dans Paris.

My dear late wife Martine was a garden lover she would spend days every day on them. We try the best to keep up with the garden and planted roses in her name, just for the memories I wrote this post and now bringing it fresh back to you. Hope you enjoy reading it as I writing it.

Just a bit more sites as beautiful or even more so than Paris. I  try to tell you some of my favorites over the years in this very special post.

Seine et Marne ,dept 77

Jardin du Domaine National de Champs-sur-Marne, French and English style gardens with a castle of course :

Jardin Médiéval de la Commanderie des Templiers, at Couloummiers, medieval gardens and the Templars story:

Domaine National du chateau de Fontainebleu, of course at famous Fontainebleau:

La Fontaine aux Pigeons on medieval, La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, English gardens of 6 hectares:

Jardin de Vaux-le-Vicomte, of course the other beautiful castle of the Paris region, French style gardens: http://,

One near to me as my wife was born here, and we first talk dated walking this garden, Jardin Bossuet, in Meaux (as in brie cheese) ;French garden next to Cathedral,where the Bossuet rose was created, see it better in French:

La Roseraie, see the rose of Provins; gorgeous!

Moving to the Yvelines, dept 78. Our old home

Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, private gardens in an abbey see on weekend or with appointment in weekdays:

Jardins du Chateau de Breteuil, French gardens:

Musée Promenade de Marly-le-Roi, where kings used to walk, wonderful, many of the statues now at the Louvre:

Musée National de Port-Royal des Champs,historical gardens ,protected, see it,

Domaine National de Rambouillet-Bergerie nationale, English gardens and regular,historical, and animals :

Arboretum de Chévreloup, English gardens and trees, plants, near Versailles:

Domaine National de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, by the castle, gardens 18C, traces of renaissance:

Jardin du Musée Experimental Maurice Denis, in town, garden of the artist:

Chateau et Parc de Vaux-sur-Seine, landscape garden from the 19C:

Versailles, of course, my old town, the one and only in the world, French and English style gardens:

and veggie and fruit potager du roi

The Essonne dept 91, we have 

Conservatoire National des Plantes Médicinales, at nice Milly-la-Fôret:

Potager Fleuri du Domaine de Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard, flower veggy plots from the 17C! and castle:

We move now to Hauts-de-Seine, dept 92

Musée et Jardins Albert Kahn, parc and scenes with oriental motifs:

Parc de Boulogne, Edmond de Rothschild, landscape garden and japonese dating from 19C:

Parc de la Maison de Chateaubriand et Arboretum, La Vallée aux Loups, romantic gardens:

Parc des impressionists, modern with rosaries; Hommage à Claude Monet; Ruel-Malmaison:

and on same town of Rueil-Malmaison, the castle of the lady of Napoleon, Josephine. Parc du Chateau de Malmaison, nice gardens:

Domaine de Saint-Cloud, landscape huge nice, many events here like rock on the seine:

Domaine de Sceaux, parc et musée d’ile de France, a museum of the region, and garden design by the great Le Notre. Wonderfully nice and big:

And I finish at dept Val d’Oise or no 95

Parc et Jardins de l’Abbaye Royale de Royaumont:

Jardin de l’Atelier de Daubigny:

also same town as above, Jardins du Musée de l’Absinthé:

jardins du Chateau d’Auvers:

Maison du Docteur Gachet, garden from 19C:

Domaine de Villarceaux, a gem, go there for shopping farm goodies too, and a gourmet event every year:

Parc du Chateau D’Ecouen, also a museum of the renaissance:

Chateau de Stors, English style terrace gardens, town of L’isle-Adam:,l%27isle-adam,ile-de-france

Chateau de la Roche-Guyon, English garden, fruits gardens and views of the Seine, nice tunnel with history of WWII:

Parc et Chateau de Méry-sur-Oise, with great water fountain, lakes:

Jardin du Musée Jean-Jacques Rousseau:

Parc de l’Abbaye de Maubuisson, old abbatial park, nice:

These is a long list indeed, but all very nice, and some spectacular, you will have a good guide to get you started while in the Ile de France region, where Versailles and Paris are for example….

Some further webpages on gardens in France to deepen the knowledge on them in my belle France!

A get together from the ministry of culture of France, June 2021 :

A site on the gardens of France:

The jardinez garden site on specific the Ïle de France region:

A site on the most beautiful gardens of France:

And my all time favorite site parcs et jardins of France ,you can find any here:

There you go folks, wonderful gardens interwined with beautiful properties and museums, and castles, the very best of my belle France. Hope you enjoy the tour and do visit them when possible.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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