Have you heard? Paris is eternal!!!

Indeed it is at least in my book and is a long book by now folks. My entire life has evolved around travel and even if I have several dear beloved places on Earth, Paris is tops. My eternal Paris, glad enough to have met it and worked in it for almost 10 years!

In my black and white world of lately, I have comb my very old posts in my blog to give them a new life with corrected updated text. The pictures are in their individual place post mind you. Hope you enjoy the tour of my eternal Paris.

Paris is eternal, each time it brings you closer in, until it suffocates you inhaling a wonderful drug that makes you come back again and again and love it with each try. Paris is eternal, Paris Je t’aime, t’aimer, t’aimerai!!!

I took my car and use one of my favorite parking at théatre Eduard VII facing  15, Rue Edouard VII a Vinci park. I arrived at my Hôtel le Colisée 6 rue de Colisée,just off the Champs-Elysées!!! Next day was my walks up to Porte Maillot. webpage: https://www.hotelcolisee.paris/fr/

I had enough time to wander around my beautiful city. All along the Champs-Elysées, and Grand Palais, the Théatre du Rond Point with its panorama architectural building, just great, and the wonderful Church St Joseph, the center of American Catholics in France since 1847 mind you at 50, Avenue Hoche, then the beautiful magnificent parc Monceau.

We then did our usual drive and walk scenes of Paris, by Pl de la Concorde, Grand Palais,Champs-Elysées,George V, and the American Cathedral since 1886  at 23 Avenue George V, going renovation there, the place de l’Alma, of course the Eiffel tower area cruising by it, and a shot from under Port de Suffren as well as the Palais Chaillot compound of wonderful museums.  I saw the wonderful Bateaux Mouches going by on the Seine, just for the memories: Bir-Hakeim bridge over the Seine, and from port de Suffren the pont d’iena. I went on my day to the voie George Pompidou thru the porte de Passy into Trocadero ,pont de l’Alma, ave George V, Champs-Elyssées, but this time I found me again free parking by the cours de la Reine along the Seine, and just behind the Grand Palais!

We walk past beautifully architecturally stunning rue Bayard into Place François I whre we saw the headquarters of YSL, and walk ave de Montaigne along to rue George V, just glorious. The statue monument to the Belgians and Reine Margot for the efforts of WW’s off cours Albert 1er and ave Montaigne.

We had our coffee and croissants at the famously nice Fouquet’s! before moving on to the event we love going for several years now. This is the event at the Maxim’s peniche by port de Suffren. Métro Bir-hakeim -private free parking by the quais. Almost every year the dates are the same maybe a day or two difference. All was a wonderful day ,and plenty of money spent on goodies like Bessant chocolates and Touraine Amboise white and red wines of Domaine Dutertre (since visit them near Amboise),as well as foie gras, terrines, and duck ham from the SW or sud ouest of France near Auch. If you like gourmet, good wines, and be with the producers themselves this is the event in Paris, hear it here first, its a small event, better to come in the mornings early afternoon, the evenings is full, parking and boat lol!!! More info here: https://saveursetvins.fr/

On the third day , I went to my old entry to Paris at gare Saint Lazare that on previous posts had mentioned it was totally renovated, with over 80 stores, and it has. Looks marvelous, you think you are in a shopping center and not a train station. You then go out into cour de Rome and walk into rue St Lazare and to my second hotel of the trip! (is this glorious Paris) the magnificent Concorde Opera Hotel (now is a Hilton). The impression is real, wonderful; a great bar,the Golden Black bar and a wonderful French cuisine resto Terminus Cafe. The very essence of class, Paris class is here. So convenient to the Madeleine, Opera,department stores, nice goodies from Paris,and my favorite shopping street rue Tronchot leading to the Madeleine and around it.I took my family to an old acquitance from business trips , the Moulin à Caffé ,  22 rue de Caumartin across the street. the gang love and it was very nice service ,great food, funny actics of the owner server, and the fun for everyone nice prices too, tournedos de boeuf avec cepes, haricot verts en pommes sautées, with coffee, big 50 ml beer  1664  ,and all for 26 euros per person. webpage here: http://www.restaurant-lemoulinacaffe.fr/

We had for dinner the Au Petit Riche, 23 rue Le Peletier, 9éme walking from the grand dept stores on Haussmann to rue Le Peletier left , and it was a great choice. We were seated on second floor or 1er étage in France, nice view over the window on the street below, and away from the more noisy street level area. We had duck, califlower, coffee, and pastry peach mousse, all with plenty of red wine from Bourgueil,Chinon, and Saumur in the Loire area.  The resto was recommended by the hotel staff and it was as usual when done by experts a great recommendation. https://www.restaurant-aupetitriche.com/

And there you folks another dandy escapade to my eternal Paris. As said the text has been updated as this trip was from 2013. Most if not all the sights have individual entries in my post with photos by now. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia of my eternal Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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