Autrement Vannes!

Well this one is no surprise in my blog, many posts on our capital city of the Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, this is Vannes or otherwise told you is Vannes!

I like to update some of the earlier posts from when i started my blog, places still open for the most part but some gone and just for the memories in my blog. Photos are in the individual posts. Hope you enjoy the nostalgic tour and do come and see it for yourselves. Autrement Vannes or otherwise Vannes for you and me!

One of the secrets of the city, is the parc Kérino (see post). This is a walkers park, sitting on a butte or hill overlooking the last stretch before the canal opens up to the gulf passenger boat terminal. There is a bridge and tunnel to be built here to alliviate traffic of boats and people crossing the canal. Here you have great views over the bay,gulf and city, as well as a wonderful cross calvary of Kérino; you can go crossing the canal into the area of the naval builder Le Pennec or from the city at rue Kerviler.  On the cross, there is a Christ surrounded by Saint Vincent and Sain Patern, attached by a log where you see the arms of the city of Vannes (hermite stout,symbol of Brittany done with a crown of 3 towers, symbol of the fortified city of Vannes). Behind the cross, you see the Virgen with the Enfant Jesus. This monument was done by cisseling the stones by sculptor  Yves Hernot de Lannion , and was erected in 1913  in memory of the renewing missions of the eucharism of 1906, and  1910 to which that of 2004 was added.

Office workers have told me about an American couple who own a cafe in a small village not far from me, so we set out to check it out. We arrive by 14h30 and on slow season food was scarse but we managed a cold Lancelot breton beer chatting with owner Ellen (from Chicago IL) at theGorvello Cafe, a cafe, with arts and music events in season, and a B&B as well. It was refreshing to see a fellow American in this part of the woods, rare but not the only ones lol!!! unfortunately they have re -retired and no longer there, in its place the new owners have pretty much continue the same trend and are name le Petit Café dans la Prairie. At le Gorvello village part of the town of  Theix-Noyalo (just next to Vannes). Here just for the memories and the English!

Many of our eateries here as is our second home, Vannes that is. We had nice mussels on cream or moules à la créme and chorizo andalouse pizzas, with banana splits, coconuts ices,coffees,and grimbergen red and blonde beers at our favorite hangout by the Le Port area theCat Way Pub at pl Gambetta, overlooking the pleasure boat marina and canal. all for 20€ per person. This has been change to the Gambetta which I have in the blog already been to the new one several times. Here just for the memories of the Cat Way, one of my first night out in Vannes!

The area of Atlanville is very nice family spot; there are about 6 restaurants,bars to choose from, some local some national brands, so we chose the Tavern de Maitre Kanter, its an Alsacien seafood/beef national chain, that we always like to be sure of good stuff,and nice prices. The service was fantastic, very nice, fast, courteous, and greeters all over. The ambiance was well seafood,and mariners designs, and many families there. We had 3 Grimbergen 50cl beers, a choucroute kanter, moules creme,burger kanter, extra fries, banana splits, and coffees all for 27 euros per person.  They too unfortunanely are closed and as far as I know no replacement found yet.

The area where we were Atlanville is developed as a center of entertainment away from the center of the city, and it has a webpage:

Right around the above we have been many times for football/soccer games to the Irish pub Le Skellig. For lunch they are light but for nights is packed. The service was good , we had burgers,grimbergen beers red and blonde, plus coffees with small cakes and a share platter of goat cheese lardon bacons,and eggs, all for 25 euros per person; nice.

Always walking around the le Port marina area  while I drop off the boys at the Cinéville cinema for them to watch Chronicle movie. I am hard to go to the movies but do go andn with the boys even more.

At another day in the same month we went to see the Sherlock Holmes 2 movie at Cinéville Vannes , and before the movie we have lunch at  Brooklyn Cafe a cybercafe with free wifi and internet, large screen tv and wii games, cafe style brand new concept and nice at Atlanville ,see above.

One movie that I enjoyed at Cinéville cinema which by the way has great, huge spaces, great big screen, great sound, good friendly service, and the movie was good :;) Millenium, or the man who does not like woman, something like that. Daniel Craig was great, and damn the woman was fantastic, both on screen and very sexy off screen. A nice movie about a serial killer in Sweden who held an empire but use the power to rape his own family members;;;all living in an island, the main character a newspaperman who had come up with an earlier story that did not turn out too credible, was hire by the old man of the family to solve the riddle; the main character then hire as assistance the same woman who search out his false stories in his previous article.The two work out well, and I was hoping for them to stay together at the end, but I am a dreamer and today, the character stay with his old girlfriend bland bland….I take Lisbeth (Rooney Mara) anytime ::) Recommend to see it in any language!

Not far from there ,actually across the street but in another parc Lann section we had dinner at La Boucherie steakhouse , located at rue du Gay Lussac and is a chain of steakhouse (not bad for French steakhouse) and its right in the same area but outside the Atlanville area, walking distance of about 5 minutes: here we ate steaks of course with fries, red wine from Bordeaux, Chateau d’Agassac 2008, creme brulée,dame blanche desserts, and coffees, all for 28 euros per person.

Right by the Le Port marina area we love to walked a lot as it is the canal entrance to the old town , we have eaten several times afterward as well on the Capitanerie (harbormaster) building , on top there is a cafe resto, à l’Aise Breizh Café, lovely place, great enthusiastic service, nice to see the harbor and city from above,gorgeous terrace, the prices are good, and the food terrific, we had Breizh burgers ,huge ones, with fries, banana splits, and plougastel ice cream and strawberry sauce, a bottle of Provençal rosé wine, and table water for 21 euros per person.

And not to do just resto fooding we do enjoy bowling; there is a nice one in the Parc du Golfe at the entrance to the Conleau peninsula. The Le Master bowling. Very friendly place,and very beautiful girls lol!!  The welcome was very friendly jokingly,and the prices nice. We play and I won the overall title beating my twin boys, of course, they did beat me in one game, my excuse was I need more practice as they do play in school….excuses excuses but hey, life is tough ,you do what you must do ::) There is also pool table, games, sports cafe bar with large screen TV,and just a nice secure ambiance good to be back ,I am sure; and we have. The webpage :

Just rounds and rounds around lovely historical charming Vannes, a city untouch by wars all original wooden house going back to the 14C! And of course those hilly cobblestone streets that are always so romantic and so French. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia tour

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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