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October 20, 2020

At Hamm, the American braves RIP!

So let me tell you about a spot that I visited on my road warrior way to see the whole of Luxembourg. I have heard about it but on this trip decided to stop by ,just to pay my respects. I will tell you a bit about the American Cemetery of Hamm, just a district of Luxembourg city.

This is an area I have passed by and always left out, so now took the family in and it was great, glad it was done.  By taking the A3 into Luxembourg and then going around the beltway on the A1 ,and get off at N2 you come into signs on Reimech that also tell you of the cemetery. The actual town on which the cemetery is call Hamm.

First, a bit of history that I like.  Hamm is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg-city. It was a town of the canton of Luxembourg from December 20, 1873, when it was separated from the town of Sandweiler, to March 26, 1920 when it was integrated into the city of Luxembourg with Hollerich and Rollingergrund The origin of Hamm dates back to the monastery Sainte Catherine founded in the 14C, around which a village developed.

The area is served by Cents-Hamm train station. More info here:

In addition, a bus connection guarantees access to the city center with bus 15. Also, bus lines 25 and 29 serves Hamm. More info here:

The city of Luxembourg on the district of Hamm in English:

Since 1944 the district has been home to the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, a cemetery of American soldiers who fought in WWII and the Battle of the Bulge, including General Patton. This cemetery has 5,076 graves of American soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Bulge during the winter of 1944-1945. General George S. Patton , who died after the war in a car accident, also rests there. The commander of the 3rd US division had expressly expressed the wish to be buried near his men. Next to the chapel, the names, ranks and units of 371 missing American soldiers are inscribed on two rectangular pylons.



The entrance is nice and has a wrough iron arch door, with a welcoming house on the left. As you go in, sheer adreline pumps up with so many beautiful crosses. The stone plaque on the floor tells of the debt of gratitude we owe these men. There is a tower with a female angel, and the inscription “Here is enshrined the memory of valor and sacrifice”. There are huge stone walls depicting the battle movement and on the back the names of the fallen. Inside the tower, there is a nice chapel with flanks US flags and the inscription ” I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish”.






IT should be more than a tourist trip, very educational and moving place which all should see. Hamm remember them.

The American Battle Monument Association keeps it clean managed the cemetery. More info in their webpage here:

The Luxembourg tourist board on the cemetery memorial at Hamm here:

And for the most famous name buried there , General George Patton, US 3rd army , thank you Sir. More info from official webpage here:

And now I feel better to show this post in my blog, well deserve by all freedom loving persons in the world. Hamm is special indeed and glad I was there. Hope you enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 20, 2020

Koblenz , a revisit!!

I like to update this post with new text and different photos than originally done back in 2015. Things change and like to have it with fresh text and better choice of photos. Bear with me folks!

We were on our road warrior trips with the family base near Trier and we decided to go away into the center and we pick Koblenz, a nice city on the rivers Moselle and Rhine or the German corner or Deutsche Eck (see post). The city is very nice and great for walking.


We arrive by car from Trier on the 602 ,then 1, B48 and finally the 9 roads or about 3 hrs. We entered the city and park at the Schängel Center underground, nice and all around you to walk. More on the center parking here:


As always recommended when in town for the first time, we immediately headed for the tourist office in the Forum Confluentes  building across the street. There is a boutique and several shops as well rather nice airy clean we like it. City of Koblenz in English here:



After some shopping there, we move on on foot. And we went into Forum Mittelrhein because my boys saw a Saturn electronic store they know from the Paris region so again another nice shopping mall. More on them here: CAMERA PICTURES

By Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 41 street we came across an imposing belltower Church of Christ (see post).   We did walk a lot as the city is marvelous with great architectures and figurines on the streets with fountains sometimes; we reach another Chapel of John the Baptist (see photo) who was mentioned for the first time in 1321 with the Jesuists ;located at An Der Liebfraunkirche street. We continue by Florinsmarkt , we reach the Church of St Florin or Florinskirche. (see post).  And we reach the German corner or deutchen eck with the huge statue of emperor William I (see post) of Germany and overlooking the river Moselle and Rhine with the great cable car to the fortress above and the quaint restaurants along the riverbank . Here we had a nice German meal with sausages and a good Kronenbacher beer! at the  Eiscafe am deutchen eck ; they have a Facebook page but their original page cannot go in so maybe gone, again here just for the family memories: Facebook page here:

We continue on the Basilica of St Castor , a huge wonderful Church that is in itself a must to see. (See post). Right around it you see the Ludwig museum , (see photo)  there is a wonderful fountain such as the Historiensaeule in Josef-Görres-Platz (square).(see photo) Passing by the Rathaus or city hall (see photo) . A wonderful town and good idea we decided to visit it. Certainly worth coming back here.

The tourist office of Koblenz in English here:

And there you go an overview of Koblenz as already plenty of posts on its sights in my blog. Feel better with updated text and new photos. Hope you enjoy the post as I do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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October 20, 2020

Dusseldorf for the memories!

So here I am on a cold sunny day in my neck of the woods and remembering trips passed, trying to bring them to life again. Of course, I have written before on Dusseldorf, Germany but this is new text and new photos. Hope you enjoy it.

I  admit, Germany always is a gravity pull, and been there on business and family trîps, and cousin married to one.. This time went for a short spell on business to a new city on my map, Dusseldorf, wonderful! I like to tell you briefly and remind myself of the souvenirs of the visit.

It was during the Christmas season ,so plenty of Christmas markets in the zentrum or center, and we did walk the nights away. The Konigsallee area is gorgeous, and the hotel I stayed is the best, know it well because worked on them in management years ago in France. The best way is by taxi only 21 euros at the time, the train is about 6 euros at the time, but need to have changes, and no need to start your trip stress out with these taxpayer supported schemes.

The airport was great too, very clean, and friendly even without speaking German. I try the restaurant on the travel gallery on the E3 level , Das Gasthaus , more chow, this time flaky meaty fish, mashed potatoes, and the same nutty walnut cake type with a large Becks beer lol! A different way to arrive at a city lol! then went out to my hotel! Always goood to revise the posts as again another that bites the dust the resto is no longer there!! So again ,just for the memories.

The Dusseldorf airport webpage is here in English:

dusseldorf airport departure level stores nov11

The airport has connection by train, bus, taxi, etc very well connected to city center. The site above will tell you only the S-Bahn S11 train stops at the Düsseldorf Airport Terminal station in the basement of the terminal building. There are several buses too to different locations. Eventually did not tried any of these. I use the taxi , even recommended by the local Germans! However, I saw the rate already up I paid 21 euros and now it says 28!!

The walks in the zentrum old city center was great, full of life nothing left unseen, the people were in their best moods. The bars were full, we had a great time at the Intercontinental Hotel lobby bar, and then went on to check out the two next ones that are a must for everyone visiting the city. The hotel webpage in English:

I like the fact that just out of hotel the Konigsallee street and district is very nice to walk even at nights. The Düssel river passing was perfect with good friends and good cheers and a bit of Paris! Too bad this time not enough time to see much other than the culinary delights which are always welcome by yours truly.

The tourist office of Dusseldorf in English is here:

And the city of Dusseldorf page on Konigsallee district is here in English!

However, the highlight of the visit was going with friends to eat at a wonderful steakhouse with great wines selection. For the best steaks western style and wines galore head for the The Classic Western Steakhouse, Tubmannstrr 12 with top US beef with sound of country music and old western photos all over the walls,huge and delicious. I had the regular cut of juicy steak, mashed potatoes, nutty cake for dessert which I even forgot its German name, and share a bottle of 2008 Errazuriz Chilean red wine. More info here in German:

Dusseldorf The Classic western steakhouse resto nov11

The next evening we went for old German chow, of beef and potatoes and green beens at a place where the beer never stop coming, I had ten glasses!!, and it was delicious, we walk home lol! This was at Brauerie Schumacher, Oststr 123. The brewery been there since 1838, pub with beautiful wood carvings, we went to the back a special room for us lol!!. More info here in German:

And it was time the next morning to say goodbye. Always tough to leave a place you had such a good time. I am very attaching and probably will find it well to even live there already!! nahh just kidding….

I started my return to Nantes airport direct flight , easy quick in and out place, and then my car home in about 1h30, on the N165 expressway. In all a very nice trip, and a discovery is made to come back to Dusseldorf. Hope you share with this post ,for the memories of old and travel thrills!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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