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October 14, 2020

Mexico DF, magico!!!

So looking over my older posts since started my blog I notice not enough coverage of beautiful Mexico city. This is a pity , as is a country where i have visited several times over the years and have family there which I have visited too. Therefore, this is a compendium of older posts  put together with updated text using the old photos, some of them not in the blog yet. Hope you enjoy it and do visit Mexico.

It is always gratifying to be able to meet old friends, and make new ones, and walk and drive all over the main points of the city. The due diligence is eminent with common sense, but I walk and drove into industrial warehouses and Polanco and all with ease,nice. The weather was very nice, sunny fresh, nice very nice indeed. I try to walk and drive to areas of nostalgic presence for me as once I came to the city since 2001-2002 when i was visiting every month! Many friends kept that I try to meet every time I am in town, and lucky to find them again today.

For most of my stays there and already can call it my hangout of many years in Zona Rosa, the Best Western Royal Hotel, Amberes 78; a great place to stay with wonderful restaurants including the gourmet Tezka basque cuisine,and a plethora of choices outside all around you from stores, bars, restos, clubs etc. Very central between paseo de la reforma and ave chapultepec,right in the in spot. The hotel new webpage as Hotel Royal Reforma new name is here:

Mex Royal hotel ent feb13

There was a wonderful Tezka basque restaurant that you can communicate from the above hotel,no longer there.  From 1994 it grew to when I first met them in 2002 and then 2013 it was rank 75 of the 100 best restaurants of the event  World’s 50 Best Restaurants.  Here again just for the memories.

mex tezka resto medallion dining room feb13

I ate again on my culinary search at Konditori, at Calle Genova, in the Zona Rosa, the food was ok and great prices, with even greater company. I had filete tampeño and the food was well done. I finally grabbed my Negra Modelo beer here lol!!! The resto founded in 1953 by Danish immigrants was great but unfortunately it closed. Another wonderful memory for my blog ok.

mex konditori resto zona rosa jul14

From here you are walking distance to the Bosque de Chapultepec,and its wonderful museums. The official site of the magical forest is in Spanish, you go to and click on Bosque de Chapultepec, I have it in the servicios or practical information page in English:

I came back same year and continue my delights in Mexico city, toppled it all with a very nice evening with good old friends in Zona Rosa,near the Royal hotel, at the corner of Hamburgo and Niza streets, there is El Lugar del Mariachi, its a restaurant with live music pop and mariachis alternatively, and a dance floor !!! This is right smack in tourist central so a bit high price but very good food, secure,and a very good group of musicians playing from pop to bolero to cha cha cha and then a group of mariachi singers playing their songs as well; a very good ambiance with romantic overtones or in family. More here:

mex el lugar del mariachi feb13

My best shopping reminds me of my eternal Paris was at the wonderful Liverpool dept store in the Polanco neighborhood at Mariano Escobedo # 425. Col. Chapultepec Morales. Delegación Miguel Hidalgo. I got my boys gifts and dear wife here for many years of visiting Mexico City! More info here:

Ahh right by the above in the Polanco neighborhood, I have stayed at a wonderful property too! The hotel Camino Real Polanco is unique, and a most for comfort, service, amenities,location and loaded with 7 restos/bars plus pool at 28°C and exercise room. It is just off gal Mariano Escobendo and Liebnitz behind it, across from bosque de Chapultepec and all its wonderful museums. More of this hotel here:

At the above hotel  I ate at the wonderful Centro Castellano restaurant that was inside the Camino Real hotel, for a real Castilian Spain food and Spanish wines.  Wonderful time indeed: their webpage is here:

For a local twist went for real tacos pastor at Taqueria Senele, great tacos alambre as well at Calle Leibnitz, 51  just at the corner coming out of hotel Camino Real Polanco back door.  More real food here:

And during this interlude, went out bit further to have lunch at Cambalache, an Argentine jewel small but all kinds of cuts beef that is, at Insurgentes Sur 1384, in Col. Del Valle.  More info here:

mex cambalache arg resto feb13

In another memorable visit tried the hotel Segovia Regency in ave Chapultepec 328 across from Amberes. Actually, the anecdote here is that came with my boss who for some reason did not like the Royal and since he was paying, told him the hotel across the street basically we found the Segovia! This hotel at the time (need to check if still do) closed the front doors for security between midnight and 6h or 6am. So we needed clearance each time to get back in lol! More info here:

Mex hotel segovia regency at chapultepec oct12

Driving around Mexico City was glorious again, its heavy traffic lends to expert driving manouvers and expert drivers that I was lucky to have. The street level and the bustle and hussle of a city is wonderful to my soul! I continue my swing in a couple of trips same year and ate at Los Panchos in Condesa, Calle Tolstoi 9, Col. Anzures, real local food and very popular, the place was packed.  I tried all different dishes from tacos de carnitas, chicharrones, stuffed peppers , etc etc so much food down with agua de jamaica and agua de leche delicious. Los Panchos since 1945! more in foodie site Chilango:

Mex Los panchos menu condesa oct12

Another culinary delight was at Puerto Lapice, here it was the filete tampiqueño real beef that was the plate with Mexican wine chateau Domecq. Located at Poniente 128 647 , corner of Norte 45 ,Azcapotzalco, Col Industrial Vallejo, more at Chilango here:

Mex puerto Lapice resto ent oct12

I was lucky to be invited for a drink and dinner at the Torre Mayor, private club that has wonderful views of the city and an impeccable service.  More on the choices there on official webpage:

I did my usual trips around the place eating and enjoying the company of friends. We first tried El Bajio, another typical local foodie from the Veracruz cuisine. The food was great with panoches,chicharones, and the pork dish with black mole and sauce. More see the Patio Universidad location here:

mex el bajio resto ent feb13

We ,also, visited El Paisa, a more rustic restaurant in a working class area with a nice second floor terrace, a very nice welcome with lots of Mexicans families there; nice ambiance and great conversation with many. The area is nice around a corner, and serve in the terrace in the back upper level. It is best reach here by car; one of the places to go when you know the area and want to get away from it all. Here we had more goodies of the Mexican cuisine such as the alambre with meat and cheese melted sort like a pizza but chewy and yummy, pacifico beers and coffee expresso, first we had some chicharones and all good. I visited the Calle Claveria 199, , Centro, Azcapotzalco district property. More in their Facebook page with link to private site of resto but long link here:

This allows me just before go over the Plaza Universidad shopping center. Plenty of shops and good restos for a meetup with friends anytime/ more here:

Later I hook up with another group of friends of older days and went over for some snacks and drinks at Sanborns Universidad. Very familiar as in my other life in US once supplied with electronics, and knew the founding family. More here:

And following my culinary taste of Mexico DF on another night went for TGIFridays hahaha yes very original , I remember this resto from back in USA and love them. Found them here with a nice big burger and try Victoria and Pacifico beers !! This was in the Patio Universidad more of the shopping center in their Facebook page:

The TGIFridays resto official page for the above location is here:

mex tgif entrance resto sep18

And, I had time with another friend to see the Mexico vs El Salvador match CONCACAF World Cup qualifying won easily by Mexico 3X0 at Hooters Universidad ,another of my old favorites ::) Great Indio beer and nachos snacks with cheese and the action was good with friendly crowd. More here:

mex hooters inside tv mex vs el salvador game nov15

Next day, after doing some walking around safe in DF! lol! I met some old friends at the Olive Garden in the Patio Universidad shopping;  here with ravioli stuff champignon and a great Trapiche malbec Argentinian wine, coffee nice, great memories! Again another memorable resto from my Fl US time and catch up with them in Mexico DF! More here:

mex olive garden terrace patio univ nov15

And I enjoy going with friends outside Mexico city into the State of Mexico at Ecatepec de Morelos. Driving around in Ecatepec , I stop for lunch at Los Bisquets de Obregon avenue 1ro de Mayo , Jardines de Morelos,  local cuisine restaurant with a great cecina steak (salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke) with mashed potatoes, mexican rice, and mango/papaya juices.  More info here:

mex los bisquets resto ecotepec state of mex nov15

For more tourist info see the official webpage for the city of Mexico DF. See in Spanish the link mapas tematicos por zona or themes map per zone that helps you guide you even on foot!

The Mexico tourist board on Mexico City

For reference a private site on tourist info in Mexico city in English:

There you go folks, loaded Mexico city is a must as one of the great cities of our world. Bear in mind especially to my regular readers, this information has been updated but already written elsewhere in my blog with the old info. Hope you like it as I do and do visit Mexico city (no I have nothing related to tourism org or agencies or govt disclamer for my enthusiasm!). Just fun traveling and Mexico is one of them.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 14, 2020

Jalisco and me!

This is an updated post with new text and mix of old and new photos in my blog. I have been to Mexico several times north and south but this was my first visit to the State of Jalisco and some off the beaten path areas. Let me bring them to light in my blog now.

The airport I landed for this trip again , first visit was the Guadalajara Miguel Hidalgo International named in honor of the hero of the Independence of Mexico. Only 23 km from city center of Guadalajara by the Federal highway 23. It is the third busiest airport in Mexico, after Mexico DF and Cancun. The airport is part of the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico operator group, which also operates the airports of Tijuana, Hermosillo , León, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, La Paz, Los Mochis, Morelia, Mexicali, Aguascalientes and Manzanillo. It has 12 aircraft access gateways and 27 remote positions. I was then picked up by car for the rest of the trip. The airport site is here:

guada manute remus bridge to guada tepa nov15

First, the main town visited, Tepatitlan de Morelos of which name comes from the náhuatl language , Tecpatl, that means stone and titlán, that means a place or in between of which most can tell you means a place between stones  medio de pedernales.

tepatitlan de morelos city center bus depot apr15

A bit of history I like

The Otomi people, a society of hunter-gatherers, lived in the region. Then settle the Tecuexe or stone terrace people, who are Chichimeques. In 1530, the Spaniards Captain Pedro Almíndez Chirinos arrived to explore the region. Around the same time, a group of Franciscan friars moved in, baptized the area, built the first San Francisco de Asís Church, and evangelized the locals. The town receives the name of San Francisco de Tecpatitlán. In 1883, the agglomeration received the title of city, and the name of Tepatitlán de Morelos, in honor of the revolutionary insurgent José María Morelos y Pavó.  During the Cristeros War (1926-1929), the city was the site of one of the great battles with the death of 3,000 soldiers of the federal army.

tepatitlan de morelos view front from hotel apr15

More from the Jalisco government tourist site in Spanish:

The local government of Jalisco encyclopedia on the history of Tepatitlàn de Morelos in Spanish:

The tourist office of Tepatitlan de Morelos on things to see in Spanish:

The Mexico tourist board on Tepatitlàn de Morelos in English:

Here I stayed at a wonderful hotel Grand Hotel, in French motifs, but already did a post with plenty on the hotel.

I , also ate as previously told at the Bistro 77, just for reminder put their webpage here:

Also, at the Don Kmaron ,again for reminder the Grupo Donk for Don K here:

The other off the beaten path town I visited on my first trip to the State of Jalisco was  Tlajomulco de Zuñiga.  Its name is interpreted as land in the corner, this is where the Guadalajara International Airport is located.   Being part of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, it has the best shopping malls, Galerias Santa Anita, Plaza Punto Sur Gdl, La Rioja, Las Plazas Outlet.

Zapoten arriv town nov15

A bit of history I like

The area was conquered in 1530 by Nuño de Guzmán at the same time that he conquered the Indians of Tonalá. On March 27, 1939 it obtained the name of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, in honor of General Eugenio Zúñiga (a native of Tlajomulco), and it became the municipal seat.

Here we drove out of town and had lunch at Birreria Chololo . Again written on this part before in previous post. They are at Carretera  Chapala Km 17.5.  More on their Facebook page:

The Jalisco government tourist info on Tlajomulco de Zùñiga in Spanish:

The Jalisco encyclopedia on the history and sites of Tlajomulco de Zùñiga

The local tourist office of Tlajomulco de Zùñiga in Spanish:

And there you go a bit update on a wonderful off the beaten path of Mexico, in the State of Jalisco and darn near the city of Guadalajara! Hope you enjoy the post and do seek them out.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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