Paris and my parking spot!!

So moving along with my eternal Paris and giving away some of the off the beaten paths spots or even recalling famous one on a personal basis; let me tell you about my favorite parking spot in Paris!  YES you can drive in Paris even today!

My old spot for parking in Paris when wanted to come to work by car or bring the family over was at the former New-York Garage, 38, rue du Mont-Thabor ,1éme Paris. This is very near where I used to work in my eternal Paris! Pic my family going in to pickup the car !


For info, I came on trains into Paris at Gare Saint Lazare station, which is officially at 108 rue Saint Lazare 8éme arrondissement or district, and is about 1.1 km from my place of work. Also, if heavy rains took the metro line 1 or 12 at stops Tuileries or Concorde. I, also, walked from the Gare Saint Lazare along the Grand Magasins into rue Tronchet and the Place de la Madeleine into rue Saint Honoré/Rue Cambron and into Rue du Mont Thabor! About 18 minutes marvellous!!!

These were the marvelous days before the virus, and that I still find sentimental as well as many Christmas parties at Vendôme with the family so chic so Paris! The New York garage now is private so the new alternative if coming by car is at the parking Saemes Louvre-Pyramides ,15, rue des Pyramides 1éme Arrondissement.  Info on this parking here:

As everything good comes to an end unfortunately, the garage was also victims of the new owners who wanted a private place. This was not a garage parking per se. They did mechanical work and service here too and had a space for parking to select clients who were recommended as I was. Now no longer the case no spaces for parking. oh well! As Paris is changing too….

The street where I work and already told you what was the firm, huh! Let me tell you about the street where the parking was and just corner with the entrance to work at rue Rouget-de-L’Isle . The rue du Mont Thabor starts at rue Mondovi all the way to rue d´Alger, the whole is parallel to rue de Rivoli next to the jardin des Tuileries and rue Saint Honoré. In all a very chic part of Paris.

A bit of history I like

The rue du Mont-Thabor is in the 1éme of Paris .This street was named in honor of the victory of General Bonaparte, at Mont-Thabor in Syria, on April 27, 1799 over the Turks. This street, generally oriented east-west and parallel to the rue Saint-Honoré was partly opened in 1802 on the site of the convent of the Assumption and the two gardens, the large and the small, of the Capuchin convent, where it ends up forming an elbow with rue Mondovi on one side and the rue de Castiglione on the other. The extension of this first part was traced in 1832 through the Feuillants garden and that of the Hôtel de Noailles to the rue Louis-Philippe-Ier, which received the same name in the same year; later rue d’Alger which it still wears.

At the corners of Rue du Mont-Thabor, rue Cambon and rue de Mondovi was the location of the hotel of the king’s bodyguards on foot. On the even side of the rue du Mont-Thabor was a secondary entrance to the Cirque-Olympique installed from 1807 to 1816 in the hippodrome b. 1801 of the rue Saint-Honoré by the squires family Franconi. At No 6 was the home and death place of the poet Alfred de Musset. A plaque in honor of Alfred de Musset is shown now.

Memorable places where ate many times on business and while working nearby were the No 36 Rue du Mont Thabor Le Soufflé restaurant on French cuisine, and soufflés …Also, at No 28 the L’Ardoise restaurant, French cuisine, and at No 26 Le Cozy  restaurant, French cuisine , of course!

Now I feel better again to have this nostalgic place in my eternal Paris in my blog. The idea is to have my life in it and it has proven to be very rewarding thanks to many of you who appreciate my writings and your comments. Thank you Merci beaucoup!

Paris has many books, magazines, newsletters, blogs on it, but all together would not be enough to tell you about it. Paris is eternal  or A moveable feast indeed!! Hope you enjoy this off the beaten path post!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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5 Comments to “Paris and my parking spot!!”

  1. A parking spot in Paris – now I know that you are kidding!

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  2. Wonderful piece well written ! I can hear your emotion !! Thanks for sharing. I can only read such pieces and dream I am there.

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