My travels in the Morbihan, LXXIX.

Ok so today started out cloudy then turn out sunny and now back to cloudy so much for the weather in my Morbihan dept 56 and time for another episode of My Travels in the Morbihan.

I am in my 79th episode of this post and really like it to tell miscellaneus events at or near me. Oh for the newbies Morbihan is dept 56 of the region of Bretagne, in my belle France. It is the department, province or state where I live.

The temperature right now is 15C and by the time I go to bed will be 7C.  OR 57F and should be around 45F when I go to bed tonight. We did some road warrior today , hoping for better weather to cut the grass and spray some grass weeder, so should be ok for tomorrow.

We started out by stopping at our local supermarket Super U to get some household items, not all available. So we continue to the hypermarket Carrefour in Vannes, and the rest.

We stopped along the way in several places looking for prices on GPS attachement for my son Yamaha scooter, first was Norauto a car parts store chain in Vannes, then Morbihan Moto where purchase his bike, then Feu Vert in Auray , another car parts store chain. As well as the above ,so now he has a good idea of the prices! Shopping around is a must….

We did stop by E Leclerc  in Vannes, as today is the start of their wine faire or foire aux vins ,held in a special tent in the parking lot, and we load up again…. about two cases worth of red, rose and whites. The folks were out and it was great as usual. See my previous post on the wine fairs going on now in my belle France.

vannes leclerc foire aux vins et XF 26sep20

On the way back home, we stopped by V&B in Auray for our beers as soon will be Octoberfest, celebrated here not as big as USA or Germany for that matter but plenty to go around with Paulaners and Krombachers!!! We got about 40 bottles lol!!!

auray V and B beers octoberfest sep20

And , already do not recall if was going out or coming back, but we passed by Sainte Anne d’Auray where the basilica of Sainte Anne is, to get around the town.

Finally, home, got us some rabbit in mustard sauce with rice , tomatoes, and the wonderful wines we purchase at great prices from Bordeaux! and some peaches from the market, chocolates, and water to finish off. And ,sitting in my computer writing this post!

In all another mundane day in the Morbihan. More important and sad for us as it is my dear late wife Martine , birthday!!! Happy Bday my mamie blue we will never forget you!!! RIP

And we are waiting for the night programming with the boys. Hope you have a great day and thanks for reading my posts, really thank you.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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