Cergy Saint Christophe!!!

Oh yes just a name , going thru my vault of old photos and getting them shot again to use in  my blog. I have found some gems that I need to have it documented in my blog and hope all enjoy it as well. Let me tell you a bit of a story.

Now it seems an eternity when I first came to France but it was in August 2003, coming in from Miramar, FL USA. My first job was base at Cergy Saint Christophe with a CAC 40 French company in the Finance department in charge of 9 regions of the world, world management duties. It was a very nice job and plenty of nice experiences ,like visiting San Francisco CA USA on a week long business trip! And others in Europe.

The town of Cergy Saint Christophe is in the Val d’Oise dept 95 of the Ïle de France region along the A15 highway taking you to Rouen too which we took often. I have written before on its main monument the Axe Majeur. However, there is more to tell and this is the right moment on recalling memories and old photos.

Even thus I use sparingly   ,I did use it and need it here for the old times’ sake. The Cergy-Saint-Christophe train station on the line of the bifurcation from Neuville to Cergy-Préfecture or  Cergy line, located in the territory of the town of Cergy. It was put into service in 1985 by the French National Railways Company (SNCF). It is an SNCF station served by trains of line RER A , and those of line L of Transilien to Paris-Saint-Lazare.

Here is the Transilien train line I used: https://www.transilien.com/fr/gare/cergy-saint-christophe-8738249

The station building has the largest clock in Europe!. The tourist office of Cergy-Pontoise has these lines

This double clock, 10 meters in diameter, is an integral part of the contemporary heritage of the new town of Cergy. A landmark in the district, the RER Saint Christophe station is framed by two twin clocks linked together by a tubular structure housing the hall and the covered passage of the station. The double clock, the work of architects Martine and Philippe Deslandes and watchmaker Huchez, is the largest in Europe at 10 meters in diameter. It is located in the axis of the pedestrian street which leads to the tour Belvédère tower, the first station of the Axe Majeur.

The tourist office of Cergy-Pontoise on the clock: https://www.ot-cergypontoise.fr/fr/fiche/4897540/horloge/

And a bit more from my brochures on the technical aspect.

The course of the Horloge or Clock leads to the bus station, then on the RER station. Its large needle measures 5.76 meters for a weight of 145kg, its small needle measures 3,80 meters for a weight of 75 kg. His second hand 6 meters long weighs 130 kg and moves at the speed of 3.52m / second, travelling thus 45 km per day! The mechanism of the whole clock weighs 400 kg, and the hand movement can resist  winds up to 160 km / h. The two dials, in hammered glass, are regulated by a quartz mechanism. During daylight saving time and Winter time, a watchmaker from Neuchâtel (Switzerland) performs its synchronization and reset. The two dials are linked together by a tubular structure which supports the glass roof housing the hall and the covered passage from the train station.


And there you go folks, I always wanted to come here for lunch at the Place du Marché as on market day it has one of the biggest one in the area too. And of course the clock was always impressive. Glad still is! Hope you enjoy the anecdote and the clock at Cergy Saint Christophe.


And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I was more familiar with the name Cergy-Pontoise, but I had never heard of the amazing clock. Thanks for the post.

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