Saint Malo: Eating out!!!

And here I am in Saint Malo still, and figuring all the posts done and so much info lost, decided to put all my eating out experiences in one post and leave the travel description on the other posts. So therefore, here is Saint Malo ,eating out!!

No need for stories or history here just plain eating out and photos. Hope you enjoy it, and I am now in the new era of wordpress with this new editor that I find very hard to use.

The first eating out we landed was for lunch on arrival day and before checking into the hotel. We have come before and eating out here with my dear late wife Martine and our local friend , a native of England.  This was and is the Créperie des Bés. The Créperie des Bés is a find that I did the first invitation to the local friend to meet here. It is tops, and well recommended by all. It was initially recommended to me by collegues at work to come here.  No reservations taken we waited a bit but nice friendly service as always.


For lovers of galettes and crêpes, the Créperie des Bés located in the heart of intra muros, is the ideal place. Prepared in the Breton tradition, the galettes are cooked only with fresh products.We always try different ones but this time i had the La Kiot galette of 3 cheeses ementhale, goat and aubert with green salad, the crêpre was the Ty Boun of coconut and chocolate, all with first with the galette a bottle of cider cidre prie brut and with the crêpes the cidre les Bretons Sorre Doux! All for 20.40€ per person including water for our dog Rex!  Your taste buds will ask for more! With a warm welcome, this creperie is a little nugget!

We follow up with the usual beer and burger joint never to be overlook by yours truly. We hit a new spot in Café Burgers Knop right by the intramuros ramparts.

st malo cafe burgers Knop counters aug20

st malo cafe burgers Knop upstairs aug20

What a pleasant surprise this Knop! This is a local chain and it is very good. We just walked along the line up of places to eat just by the ramparts intra muros meaning inside the closed city and hit this spot. Very friendly and nice welcome to our dog Rex too , he had his fries and water! A very nice decoration , with beautiful monkey lamps!.  Come and feast on gourmet burgers , and great beers. Th products are fresh and homemade, the meat is cooked perfectly and the fries are crisp! I try the Knop! with a nice Duchesse Anne triplet local beer from the Morbihan! there was the Chat from Saint Malo as well. Quality at a very reasonable price. Charming welcome from the friendly and smiling team. We will be back! Knop rocks!All for 13.25 per person.

We hit another usual here and a must the Le Sanchez Glacier ice cream extraordinaire! I had the humble 3 scoops and my boys had as much as 5! different flavors mine was the usual coconut and chocolate, all nicely done and good size to be eaten on the streets! 4.50€ the 2 scoops nice for Saint Malo.


We hit a new spot here but already used to it from Vannes, this is the Columbus Café, and my boys love it. At lovely quant rue de la Vieille Boucherie walking after the above establishment on a out terrase not seem from the street at first but very nice romantic place I would say. Here missing my pastrami bagel had to settle for a club sandwich that was big and good, wash down with peach ice tea, a bowl of mix fruits and finish with a chocolate praline cold drink! All for  13 euros per person!



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnd the night before leaving we had our bash at Bistrot de Cartier for a nice round of beers with the boys. I tried the SAS 5% Belgian beer that was very delicious, and my sons had different ones as well Belgians,  (hommel beer, and Kriek cherry) origins. The welcome was nice and a bowl of water for our dog Rex! And of course, the best looking girl in all Saint Malo!! the owner. We will be back for the beer….




And of course, we had a blast and our dog held on so strong m boy Rex! And glad everybody told us he is a good looking dog! Enjoy Saint Malo for the foodies and ambiance is the place to be other than Rennes in Ille et Vilaine dept 35 of my lovely Bretagne! Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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