Lisieux: Halle Saint Jacques!

So let me tell you about a curiosity that we saw while touring awesome Lisieux, in the Calvados dept 14 of Normandie in my belle France! There is always something to see around here!!! See next posts!

This could a post for a monument pictures but is not. It sounds like a market as it is call a Halle but is not; well it actually was a former church Saint Jacques or St James! Let Me tell you a bit about it ok

The Church Saint Jacques was built from 1496 to 1540 in a flamboyant Gothic style. The choir was completed in 1501, while the last stone of the nave was laid in 1540 – the date of the dedication of the church.


The oriented church is built according to an elongated plan ending in a rectangular apse such as the end of the church at the back of the choir. It is flanked by a porch tower at the level of the western facade and has the particularity of not having a transept . It thus does not respond to the traditional plan of Latin cross churches. The construction being built on a slope, the choir is at ground level, while the facade is raised on a porch subdivided into several flights, which contributes to the embellishment of the large portal. The nave is made up of a central aisle flanked by side aisles.

Formerly, the interior decor consisted of stained glass windows and painted vaults. The ornaments of the columns or pillars were also loaded with inscriptions, medallions and painted statues. All the old stained-glass windows in the choir dated from 1501. The first window of the nave was adorned with a splendid Renaissance stained-glass window with a scene from the Apocalypse. The stained-glass window in the Chapel of Charity represented a miracle of Saint James.The six windows of the bedside were, in the 19C, adorned with stained glass windows. All this rich heritage was blown away during the 1944 bombings (WWII).

Badly damaged in WWII, the church has been restored as faithfully as possible. The church, which has not received worship since 1965, served as a storage location for the museum. The Victor-Hugo district ,wonder what will happen to the Saint-Jacques Church , closed to worship. Today it is a place of cultural events such as exhibitions, shows, etc; and it is now called Halle Saint-Jacques, located at 6 Rue Saint Jacques.

The city of Lisieux with its emblematic monuments including the Halle St JacquesCity of Lisieux on its emblematic monuments incl Halle St Jacques

So yes this impressive building once supposely a nice church, is now an exhibition hall  for events , arts festivals etc of the city of Lisieux. It is impressive indeed passing by. An anecdote for us passing by here maybe next time we can go inside for an event! Hope you enjoy the tip.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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