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August 17, 2020

Honfleur: Notre Dame de Grâce Chapel!!!

And voilà , all good things have a quick ending, my stay in my Honfleur special has ended. This again for those coming in new in dept 14 Calvados of the region of Normandie in my belle France.  We have come here since early days in France like 2003-2004, and always come back!

Let me tell you a bit more as again have already written posts on it, the wonderful Notre Dame de Grâce Chapel up hill in the town of Equemauville even if belongs to Honfleur.

Honfleur Notre Dame de Grâce Chapel front aug20

In a way  ,it is sad to say this the end of the trip as really I know it is not. I will be back every year until my end at sea here too as my Mom Gladys, and Wife Martine. My Dad Elio is on the waiting line as I.  Then ,hopefully my sons will follow us here. We lay at sea as we were born on an island and since traditions are strong we love it here. So let me tell you again a bit on the Notre Dame de Grâce Chapel.


On the Plateau de Grâce is one of the oldest shrines in the region surrounded by centuries-old trees. The Notre-Dame de Grâce Chapel built in 1600-1615 by the bourgeois and sailors of Honfleur replacing an old chapel that disappeared in a landslide of the cliff. This primitive chapel was founded before the year 1023 by Richard II Duke of Normandy, to fulfill a wish made during a storm in which he nearly perished. Since then, the cult of Our Lady of Grace has continued.


Marble plaques and paintings perpetuate the memory of illustrious figures who came to this chapel: Samuel De Champlain, Pierre Berthelot, Louis XIII, Bonaparte, Thérèse de Lisieux, etc. Notre-Dame de Grâce has exceptional ex-votos. All the faithful who come to meditate in the sanctuary are struck and surprised by the impressive number of plaques, models or inscriptions which testify to the general gratitude. All these ex-votos have a story. Their presence symbolizes the success of a wish, a recommendation, a prayer. Of course the protection of seafarers holds a privileged place. But it can also be a testimonial of gratitude following healings or the completion of a happy event.


Every year, in Pentecost is the traditional theater of the Fête des Marins during which it is possible to admire the picturesque and colorful procession of models of boats carried by the children from the Place Sainte-Catherine to the Chapel of Notre-Dame de Grâce. After a real procession out to sea blessed by the bishop of Honfleur when all the fishing and pleasure boats form a flotilla and in a small boat the ND is carried out.


Again, the Notre Dame de Grâce Chapel and the Plateau de Grâce, although located in the parish of Equemauville, have belonged to the city of Honfleur since the French revolution. The area is magical and already thinking of renting a gîte here for our next visit, already planned!

The tourist office of Honfleur on the côte de Grâce or plateau here: Tourist office of Honfleur on the plateau de Gràce and ND

The Catholic Parish of Notre Dame of the estuaire of HonfleurThe presbitary of Honfleur Notre Dame de Grace

This is a must visiting Honfleur. Folks from all over Europe comes here and many choose to do picnic around the chapel. You have a huge Cross of Christ with wonderful views of the estuaire of Honfleur all the way to Le Havre. One of my most cher moment in the city and we must come every year. Hope you enjoy it as we do. Notre Dame de Grâce!


And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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