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August 4, 2020

Erdeven: Chapelle de la Vraie Croix!

Moving right along in my road warrior tendencies and using my local area for input to expand on previous posts where credit was not done me think. I have come again to Erdeven, a beach resort with many nice monuments, of which, one is the Chapelle de la Vrai Croix or Chapel of the True Cross.

Erdeven is in my dept 56 Morbihan just south of me on the coast. The name of Erdeven comes from the Breton “ar en tewen” or on the dune.

Just across the Church St Pierre et St Paul (see post) is the Chapelle of Lann Groez or the True Cross, Vrai Croix in French. There are other 7 chapels in the area !!! The Chapelle de la Vraie Croix (or True Cross) in Breton Langroës. It is also called the chapel of the True Cross, Notre-Dame de Pitié or Chapel of the Congregation. The south door is built in basket handle. It is adorned with a cabbage brace topped with a floret. Two pilasters decorated with circles and diamonds surround it. Above: a shield and a phylactery carried by two angels.


The Chapel of the True Cross dates from the middle of the 16C such as the south door. Its founders are not identified so the chapel stays pretty much undocumented. As the cadastral plan of 1811 indicates, its corner almost touched the apse of the parish Church St Pierre et St Paul, while an alley allowed to bypass it. In 1826, the city council decided to abandon the chapel of the Virgin located at the bottom of the town and to restore that of the True Cross which is now dedicated to Notre Dame de Pitié or Our Lady of Pity and is used for Congregation meetings. It was probably at this time that the chapel was first shortened on the side gable for traffic reasons. However, in 1957, the western facade was further set back 5 meters. Currently disused, the chapel has lost a large part of its furniture.


Today, the Chapel of the True Cross has a short rectangular plan, with a polygonal apse. The chapel is constructed of medium-sized freestone, with slate wedges. It is covered with a long pan roof, with a gable and croups on the cut sides . It has a small sacristy hidden in the northeast corner. Trace of a door and a rectangular bay with a large interior opening now permanently closed. The south facade has a door, in place, adorned with Renaissance decor. The western facade with its steeple supported by a slightly protruding massif, is a reassembly of that built in the 19C. An exterior bench is partially preserved on the south side. Inside, there is a vestige of a holy water baptismal font, the decoration of which is broken, of a columned credenza, the upper part of which is also truncated by the boring of a window. A recent paneled cradle hides the old roofing devices.

A bit of info from the Bay of Quiberon tourist office not really worth it than for the directions; I have my information from brochures in the Chapel as text above. Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the Chapel

The city of Erdeven with tourist office practical information: City of Erdeven with tourism practical information

And there you go a brief note in my blog for another nice monument in my lovely Morbihan of my beautiful Bretagne and my belle France. A never ending travelogue of exquisite things to see.Hope you have enjoy the brief tour of Erdeven and the chapel and do see my other posts on Erdeven, on the dune!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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August 4, 2020

The Church of Saint Alban of Elven !!

Let me bring back some memories of my work. A while back, hard to remember dates, a collegue working in my dept told me he was from Elven? huh? He show me the map and told me there was nice things to see and a very good restaurant. Needless to say we as a family went and true to local knowledge it was nice. Let me tell you a bit more on little Elven, big heritage!!!

You have a beautiful simple Church of  Saint-Alban, rebuilt in the 17C and again in the 19C, it still hold the roman choir of the original Church, see the mechanical clock and replica in wood of the Church. The Church of Saint-Alban, is dedicated to Alban de Verulamium, patron of Elven, referring to the martyrdom suffered by him in England in 303 while the founders of the city come from the other side of the channel, the patron Saint of the city. The Normans destroyed by fire the first wooden church. In 1121, a Romanesque church was rebuilt, again destroyed by a fire in 1525. A church of Gothic style was elevated, of which only today the Romanesque Choir remains. In 1536 is built a neo-Gothic nave and then, in 1642, a bell tower. In the 19C, the work suffering from the time was renovated, the nave and the transept were rebuilt. The bell tower is completed in 1877 and the Church will be consecrated in 1879.


Elven ch St Alban side ent apr16



The new modern Church of Saint Alban having kept the apse of the old building. Inside, very ornate sandpits with leaves and figures. Two floors of sculptures in high reliefs separated by a moulding. On the lower floor, chimeras supporting ecus; foliage with human heads; garlands of foliage and fruit; birds. On the upper floor, and advancing like on a balcony, curly hair Angels seen from the front and half-body, holding unarmoured ecus; various characters, half-body, in Renaissance costumes, in various attitudes, forming as a gallery of French Renaissance portraits. The Church of St. Alban, rebuilt in the 17C and 19C.



The city of Elven on its heritage with the above church:

And voilà, wanted to update this one as carries memorable moments for me that just wanted to keep those memories. Hope you enjoy it. Oh by the way Elven is on the road N166 coming from Rennes so if heading for the beaches of Morbihan, direction Vannes or Lorient ,this should be an excellent rest stop. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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