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August 3, 2020

Damgan oh yes Morbihan!

And here I am coming back to the coast, the littoral, the beaches of my Morbihan sublime fine sand beaches galore. And one that is not to be missed is the ones at Damgan. Let me tell you briefly on them as already a post on its heritage monument.

Damgan is located in the department 56 of Morbihan and the region of Bretagne. It is also one of the 12 towns of the Arc Sud Bretagne intermunicipal association and the Vannes district. It is a peninsula located between the Rhuys peninsula (see post) and the Vilaine estuary. To the west, the Pénerf river marks the limit of the town, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the town of Ambon to the north and east. A ria Pénerf stretches between the old salt marines of Ambon to the Pointe du Dibenn in Pénerf; the marshes of Saint-Guérin mark with the pointe du Bil the mouth between the tombolo of Pénerf and the mainland.

From the 15C to the 18C, the port of Pénerf became an important port in Bretagne/Brittany. The 16C was also the golden age for Pénerf, which was then the fourth Breton port. Its boats went to Bordeaux to Rouen, from Cadiz to Norway,etc.
The particular geology of the river or ria of Pénerf allows the establishment of a first oyster park in 1858. The oyster of Pénerf is one of the six crus of southern Brittany with the “Aven Belon”, the “Ria d’Etel”, “Quiberon”, “Gulf of Morbihan” and “Croisicaise”.

The 19C, however, was marked by a long decline in port activity at Pénerf since transport by rail proved to be more economical than cabotage. The first bathers were reported in 1860 and the first cabins appeared in 1877. A large number of tourists arrived in the second half of the 20C, allowing the town to resume economic growth with its development as a seaside resort. Even today, its economy is mainly oriented towards the tourism sector.

The Port of Pénerf  is located on the Pénerf river, at the western end of Damgan. Formerly a commercial and coastal shipping port, today it is a fishing port and increasingly a marina. Several berthing possibilities are available to mariners arriving at Damgan, in the port of Pénerf . The small port offers multiple navigation possibilities, well located, near the Gulf of Morbihan, the Vilaine estuary and the bay of Quiberon.

The Penerf river is a river that flows between Damgan and Sarzeau, in the bay of Penerf, at the northern limit of Mor Braz,the bay of the Atlantic Ocean in the Morbihan. The Penerf river, or ria de Penerf, stretches for 6 km to the pont de Billion bridge in Ambon, a place which more or less marks the end of the salinity of its waters. However, the salinity of the water varies depending on the tides and the time of year.  It is also at this place that two rivers form the Penerf river ; the Drayac stream, or Drague, measuring approximately 7 km, coming from Berric , and the Penbulzo stream. The estuary is composed of 38% of sea or inlets, 22% of salt marshes or salt meadows and 13% of rivers or estuaries subject to the tides.

There are more popular beaches here but for us peace and quiet are best at Plage Saint Guérin. Its located between Damgan and Pénerf in continuity with the promenade, the beach in the bay of St-Guérin will charm you with its natural shelter. Between the grande plage of Damgan and the pointe de Penerf, the beach of Saint-Guérin is located on an isthmus. It is an urbanized beach backed by polders. A large promenade facilitates smooth travel. The sand is generous there. Admittedly, there are fewer facilities and services than on the large nearby beach, but more tranquility.


At Pointe du Lenn , facing the ocean, stands the Tour des Anglais. At 15 meters, it has been welcoming boats at the entrance to the Pénerf river and has been doing so for some 5 centuries. It is also the only fire tower, ancestor of the lighthouse, preserved on the Atlantic coast!


There is a canon of the 18C coming from the vessel Le Juste sunk during the battle of the Cardinals in 1759 and of which we find in the region many cannons from ships sunk during this battle. When Le Juste sank, 130 crew members were rescued by a captain from Pénerf. In 1992, the Naval foundary of Indret offered this gun to the town of Damgan in memory of this episode.


The city of Damgan on tourisme in French: City of Damgan on tourisme

The area tourist office of Damgan-La Roche Bernard on Damgan in French: Tourist office of Damgan La Roche Bernard on Damgan

And there you go folks another dandy by the coast in my beautiful Morbihan, tops really you should take a look. And the beach is open with mask and social distancing please, we can all still enjoy it and better at Damgan! Hope you enjoy the post as I do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

August 3, 2020

The markets of Sarzeau!!!

And on a nice sunny day why not talk about our favorite visit, the markets or marchés! And the Rhuys peninsula of my lovely Morbihan has plenty. The one we like here is at Sarzeau! oh yeah in my beautiful Bretagne of course. Let me tell you a bit more on it

In Sarzeau, there are two weekly markets organized throughout the year.

On Thursday in the Place des Trinitaires. This market welcomes around a hundred traders in the low season and 170 summer traders from food to clothing, not to mention the tasters for new products. It is open to the public from: 8h. to 14h from April 1 to October 31 and from 8h30 to 13h30 from November 1 to March 31.

The one we like as convenient to us is the one on Saturdays,is a wonderful food market located on Place Richemont and spread over Place Marie Le Franc .The market is only dedicated to food traders (market gardeners, fishmongers, bakers, roasters, caterers, crepe makers, etc.) it is open to the public from: 8h to 14h.


You will also find a daily market on Place Richemont. The daily market takes place every day (except Thursday) from 8h to 13h. You will find there fishmonger, baker, market gardeners, greengrocers, crepe makers, etc.


In addition , there is the St Jacques market, that takes place from the last Monday in June to the first Monday in September. This market is a very nice stroll market, pleasant on the edge of the port and the sea. This market takes place all along the rue du port St Jacques and on the rue des Plaisanciers. You will find all kinds of food traders there (market gardeners, greengrocers, roasters, crepe makers, fishmongers, etc), but also clothing (clothing and shoes), trinkets and you name it. It is open to the public every Monday in summer from 8h to 13h30.

There is also, a monthly Fair taking place on the third Wednesday of each month on Place Richemont. It welcomes food traders but also products tasters and confectionery. It is open to the public from 8h to 13h30.


The city of Sarzeau on its markets in French: City of Sarzeau on its markets

We love to come to these anywhere we go , and on the Rhuys peninsula they are very good indeed. Hope you enjoy this passing of the markets of Sarzeau!

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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