Sainte Anne d’Auray: Academy of Music and Sacred Arts!!!

Again coming back closer to home at about 5.5 miles or 9 km of my house; in the town of Sainte Anne d’Auray in my beautiful Morbihan, and my lovely Bretagne and of course my belle France. I have written before of the whole complex but this one always attracted my attention and would like to expand a bit on it. Thanks for reading it.

Here at Sainte Anne d’Auray is located the Basilica minor of Sainte Anne. She is the Patron Saint of Bretagne/Brittany. In the Basilica she is remembered dearly and very much by all Bretons.  As said, Sainte Anne is known here as the grand-mère or grandmother as she is in history the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus!

One of the spots inside the Basilica complex that I have always tried to get in but is only open on regular visits and mine have been all over at random always missing it. However, will mention here just as a reminder to me to come back in more details. You can search my other posts on Sainte Anne d’Auray as I do passed by here almost every day,  and yes many things to catch up seeing , so many to see !!!

One of these is the Academy of Music and Sacred Arts which is sort of a school and even over radio Sainte Anne as well as a museum of sacred arts. I believe was here way back when came to this area but did not bother to take pictures and then well… so much to see! Let me tell you briefly on it ok.

The Academy of Music and Sacred Arts in Sainte-Anne-d´Auray has become the largest cultural center in the pays d’Auray, (that is the agglomeration or metro area) with deep roots. Founded in 1999 under the name Center for Sacred Music, the Academy of Sacred Music and Arts (aka=Admas) ensures, through music and the arts, the enhancement of religious and cultural heritage, mainly in Brittany.  The academy is in charge of the liturgical music of the sanctuary. It also offers a season of concerts.

sainte anne d auray

Some of the things to see here other than the music are

Breizh ha feiz, life and faith of Bretons in county of Vannes with traditional costumes, reconstructed scenes and everyday objects of Breton folk art are presented and evoke aspects of the sacred in the daily life of populations around 1900.
The Treasury room, where pilgrims’ votive offerings are displayed, objects offered in thanks to Saint Anne, from the most precious to the most modest.
The upper gallery of the cloister: Sainte-Anne-d’Auray, history of a sanctuary in Breton country; where objects from the Sainte-Anne-d’Auray collections are presented to the public during temporary exhibitions.

The official page of the Academy of Music and Sacred Arts in French is here:  Official Academy of Music and Sacred Arts

The Basilica of Sainte Anne on its Academy of Music and Sacred Arts in French: Basilica Sainte Anne on the academy of music and sacred arts

The city of Sainte Anne d’Auray on the Academy of Music and Sacred Arts in French: City of Sainte Anne d’Auray on the Academy of Music and Sacred Arts

And there you go folks, you got all the info you need to make it here and maybe join me. I will need to be back, so close 9 km yet so far for pictures! Stay tune to your blog, thanks for reading .Hope you enjoy the briefer on the Academy of Music and Sacred Arts of Sainte Anne d’Auray.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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