My vibrant Pluvigner!!!

Well , I have written before on the town, and several me think. We all love to tell about our escapades elsewhere from where we live. I found that weird, there is always something to see around you/us! I have found out already by stepping into my town and surrounding areas with so much architecture and history to do a blog on its own!

However, in addition to things to see and do and eat etc. ; I like to tell about the everyday life in my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne, and my belle France. Oh yes of course, my vibrant pretty Pluvigner where I live for the last 7 yrs of my life. A town of now only 7K folks…but

The town of Pluvigner aims to reach 10,000 inhabitants by 2030. And to do so, it is giving itself the means to meet its ambitions by launching significant new investments. Like, for example, the creation of a new cultural hub. Right in city center to boot!!  A complete rezoning and improvement that will be welcome by all and now with a new Mayor’s team to boot.

The webpage of the Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique agglomeration of towns of which Pluvigner is part of ,and we are 24 communities so far. Auray Quiberon agglomeration on the 24 towns

The mastermind will be a new Cultural Center! called “Espace Eugène Le Couviour“, this new complex will provide a roof for the media library and the music school. A 300-seat performance hall will be added to this, which will complement the Le Borgne hall (use as well for voting!) , which has a larger capacity (900 people). New equipment with a floor area of ​​2,000 m2 which will be ideally located in the heart of the town, close to the city/town hall.



The town of Pluvigner bought the old Le bar du Stade, as well as the old garage Lavoquer with his dwelling house. And are going to review the layout of the parc St-Michel park by displaying it more and creating a central space, a sort of green theater so that the town can organize activities there and so that school children can better enjoy it. This is a great idea and the park is very nice walking distance from my house….

Now all the above was put on hold because of the virus, and in the meantime the roads have been improve with new underground water sewer system. The activities on the Cultural Center should continue soon. Bear in mind too August is coming and that is vacation time in France , all stop even the doctors!

For now the Culture section of the town of Pluvigner contacts: City of Pluvigner on cultural contacts

Another future development which is not so good for us as it will make it farther from our house is the Bodéveno site . This is call the cornerstone of the development that will reconfigure the town of Pluvigner. This is a private project, by the current owner of the supermarket Super U  who wants to move his brand there and has purchased an area of ​​14 ha. 9.7 ha will be devoted to Zacom, including 4.7 ha of green spaces , and the rest for housing. The supermarket would be accompanied by a gallery type mall, with shops and a brasserie-style restaurant. The Lidl supermarket (which is even closer to us now) and Mr. Bricolage (a hardware gardening brand now closer to us too) , currently located near the Goh Lanno area (where the middle school or collége is located), would accompany this move.  As well as Feu Vert auto service store ,etc. It seems to be a huge complex like a one stop shopping. The problem is concentration kills and the rest of the areas will be hard to replace the location of this stores. Time will tell!

Another building I go often and do not recall if have a picture is the post office as with families everywhere in different continents , the la Poste is a must. Luckily is also walking distance from my house too!

And this is our post office from official La Poste site in French: La Poste in Pluvigner


And of course, right there just in the back of our mairie or city/town hall we have the municipal police hq and the tourist office annex of the Auray terre de Quiberon agglomeration.  I believe given you shots of the front of the building but not these back sides.



And finally, but not least, the memorial we have of the down B17 bombardier crew of the Beats Me who felled in our town borders (Kéronic,where there is a nice castle too see post) , the a stone or stele was done in the presence of the survivor’s  Charles Roth and Mel Schulstad in 1994 to do in commemoration and thank you of this American crew flying out of England on the 360 bomb group to bomb nazi submarine bases in Lorient.



More on this story on the aerosteles webpage on the Kéronic crash site: Aerosteles on the B17 site crash at Kéronic Pluvigner

And the stele memorial in Pluvigner from the aerosteles webpage as well. Aerosteles on the Memorial B17 in Pluvigner

The American Air Museum at Duxford in Great Britain has more of the story and great pictures: American Air Museum Great Britain on the B17 crew

And that is a bit more on my vibrant small nice quant Pluvigner and we love it here. Nice town to walk around and do it all while having most of what you need in city center! And course right in the wonderful lovely Morbihan 56! Hope you enjoy the personal tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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