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July 21, 2020

Quimperlé: Les Halles!!!

And I take you further to me in neighboring dept 29 Finistére and the town of Quimperlé. Again to show you the nice covered market here or Les Halles. One of the highlights of any visit to France me think. And indeed we love it.

We were there for a side walk and not thinking about the covered market but needing to walk by it we must have newer photos even if close. The covered market or Les Halles of Quimperlé is very nice indeed.


First, the story goes and we have plenty of stories here.

Between the 13C and the 19C, four halles were successively built in Quimperlé, three in the basse ville or lower town and one in the haute ville or upper town. A first crowd placed in the middle of the main artery of the lower town had existed at least since 1238 and appeared in 1306 in the ducal expenditure accounts. Restored in 1473 and then in 1585, the elongated building constructed of frame and cob housed an open passage for use as a halle(market) on the ground floor, and, served by a wooden staircase, a court or auditorium upstairs . Obstructing traffic, its demolition took place in 1682.


A new building was built in 1683 on neighboring land. It occupies a narrow and long plot of about forty meters where only the ground floor served as a halle , in function until the French revolution, while the upper floor was reserved for the court or audiences and the seat of the municipality. In the 19C, the presence of two urban centers and the increase in economic activities required the establishment of new halles. That of the upper town was built in 1851 on a large space intended for fairs and markets; large, it is built with traditional materials. More modest in size, the covered market hall, integrated into a dense old fabric, was built in 1886 ; this covered market uses the technical innovations of the time, notably the wrought iron framework. Today, only the halle located in Place Hervo, rebuilt identically in 2002, remains among the various commercial buildings that existed in Quimperlé. And this is Les Halles you see today.


They are open Friday mornings in Pl St Michel and Sunday mornings in Pl Hervo. Sunday they are open from 8h to 13h all year at Pl Hervo and Fridays 8h to 13h all year at Pl St Michel.


Hope you enjoy the story and do come to shop, we did and always looking forward to it. In addition, around the covered market there are nice quant stores groceries, gifts and resto/bars to make it a lively district. Inside we had and love it the Halles de fromages with about 70 varieties of cheeses so they say we can’t count so delicious all of them!

More info on the walks in Quimperlé from the tourist office in English: Tourist office of Quimperlé on walks in the city and sights

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

July 21, 2020

My Dad big day and our Morbihan!

So once in a while I indulge myself on a personal note in my blog. It has been lots of trips and countries,(so far 81) , living in 5, citizen of 4, and languages to spread around say 4 and a couple others natives insist I speak but I am humble. It has been a long journey of ups and downs and sadness losing the women of the house, first my mother and then my wife. Life goes on with the living, they tell me but how sad the road it is.

Once in a while we have a good moment such as this one my Dad’s 85 yrs old! and lives with me of course. He is on a medical cabinet care who comes home every day. He enjoys going out as we all do and I take him out on special days and for shopping. This day was special been his 85. We started from home with a walk out of our nice beautiful boy dog Rex , a borador! (mix border collier/Labrador)!


And shopping we did, parquet flooring for his bedroom and a new WC or toilet for his bathroom at Castorama Vannes. As we were close to the shopping center Leclerc we stopped by, and started with lunch. There in the food court there is a wonderful Bistrot St Edouard and we had our first meal of the day.


Lots of Pelforth beers, he had oriental pizza because it has chorizos! of course! We had fish and chips and burgers and plenty of beers and then the cafe gourmand (coffee and small sweets cakes). It was fairly full and we had a nice lunch overlooking the shopping center. All nice for under 19€ per person.


For reference the Bistrot St Edouard site: Bistrot St Edouard at Leclerc shopping center Vannes

We headed home to unload thet truck we had rented with the goodies at Castorama after the lunch. And prepared for dinner!

This we know he likes steaks ,forget the fancy French food, he is an old traditional guy lol! So we headed for a steakhouse that we had before and was not bad call La Bucherie. This is at the Zone Artisanal Porte Océane in Auray right next to the N165 expressway on your way below on the D768 road to the beaches of Carnac and Quiberon etc.


Here is a complex of municipal pool, cinema Ti-Hanok, and hotels/restos in the back of the zone artisanal; before there are lots of businesses including our eye doctor’s office! And on the main road D768 there is another Leclerc shopping center and a Super U shopping center! All around our best beer place the V&B franchise chain. Lovely area indeed!!!


We had reservation for 19h or 7pm as he likes to get home early! We arrived exactly at 19h and to my surprise the restaurant was empty with only two attendants! This is a place you reserve because it is always full but I guess the covid19 virus has taken a greater toll here, do not know for how long.

Anyway, the service was great nice friendly and I guess plenty of time for talks. The food as always very nice and we even try the house red wine L’Effet Boeuf or the meat effect a red 2017 from pays d’Oc of Syrah marselan that was very nice indeed. Restaurant price right at 21,90€.


We ordered the usual entrecôte steaks or rib eye cut , me with rice, my Dad with fries and both with salads. My boys had a panaché du boucher of about 3 different cuts and a huge maquignon rustique burger with fries and salad. To end we opted for the splendid café gourmand platter of coffee and four sweet assorted cakes and ice cream. All for 31,50€ per person. Nice!


We left in good cheers of a wonderful day and great family fun, simple routine la vie à la Française in family life of a country town in inland Morbihan dept 56 of my beloved Bretagne. As Auray and Vannes has numerous posts in my blog you can tell we go there often and there are magical spots for the visitors and locals alike. Hope you enjoy this family outing , not like my usual blog’s post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

July 21, 2020

Saint Colomban and La Bobine!

Once again, I have written a bit on this site but feel never enough. It is at a very quant and lovely area of Quimperlé and we love to walk by it. As movies goes and lately not in one , no time to see one there but the place looks very enticing and very nice architecture at the expense of something else. Just love these architecturally ,historical places of my belle France.

So the Saint Colomban was a church, as many in France due to the current revolution it was force to close and even arrived in ruins. The town found someone who decided to open a cinema here. A good idea and that is La Bobine. Let me tell you a bit about the Saint Colomban and la Bobine.


The ruins of the church of Saint Colomban, at 18 rue Brémond d’Ars ,there since the 6C!!! with a Celtic monastery following the rules of Irish Saint Colomban. Destroyed by the Vikings in 878. Some claimed to have been renovated by the year 1000 and on the 13C a great Gothic church long of 50 meters was built. It still can be seen a piece from this period by the wall of the altar with sculptures and a facade renovated from the 15C.


Abandoned since 1792 in favor of the Sainte-Croix Abbey Church (see posts), which has become the chief parish of the town, the church is carved up and quickly falls into disrepair. In the 19C, the old sacristy was raised and converted into a dwelling house, leading to the piercing of two windows in the wall of the old choir. The ruins now only include a section of wall comprising, in the lower part, a semicircular gate and, above, a broken arch bay from which all the stone mullions have disappeared. A cinema stands today on part of the right of way of the old choir. It is name  Cinema La Bobine.

Quimperle cinema La bobine ent arch old ch St Colomban front jul20

A bit of modern history on the La Bobine cinema from old newspaper articles I found at the Telegramme.  After WWII, which had partially suspended the sessions, a new period began. The Pax Hall is completely renovated: benches replaced, upstairs projection room, entrance hall, large stage for other shows, capacity of the hall increased to 700 spectators. The Pax is sold (but remains the property of the Saint-Colomban association) to a private, Mr. Guyard. He owned other cinemas like in Douarnenez and completely modernized the Quimperlé cinema, which became the Eden, with a slightly religious connotation.

Around 1995, Mr. Guyard sold the cinema. Become an associative cinema under Cinéquipe, supported by the City of Quimperlé. In 1999-2000, the town decided to modernize it completely to adapt it to new standards and to keep it attractive. But the start of construction is postponed by the floods and the delay in the grant from the General Council. In 2002, the new hall was inaugurated, with a new name, La Bobine. Voilà the short story. Hope you enjoy it as me finding it

My favorite cinema site Allôcine on La BobineAllôcine on La Bobine

The Facebook page of cinema La BobineFacebook page of cinema La Bobine

And there you go folks, see a nice movie in a historical place with still old remnants of what it was, just amazing; it should be good at night. Anyway, this is cinema La Bobine today.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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