Brest and its markets!

And here we are to talk about one of my favorite subjects, the markets! Love these , go to any in any town on the road in my belle France. The very essence of what French culinary excellence is known and the better ones are away from the big metropolis. I have been with the family to the one in Brest, dept 29 Finistére, in my lovely Bretagne.

Let me tell you a bit more on the Markets of Brest.

You find the wonderful Halles Saint Louis or covered market St Louis. A must on any visit to the city for the local ambiance, the goodies from the French countryside, and the history. They are open Tuesdays to Fridays from 8h30-13h30 and 16h to 19h30, Saturdays from 8h-14h and 16h to 19h30, and Sundays from 8h to 13h; completely renovated in 2016.


The Saint-Louis market returned on June 7 2020. With a redesigned formula to integrate sanitary and distancing rules, while maintaining fluidity and conviviality. A hundred traders are present.  Local producers are located around the Halles Saint-Louis. Wearing a mask will be advised for customers, and compulsory for traders. But beware new law August 1 everyone will wear the mandatory mask. The story began in 1845, long before its reconstruction after WWII, it had a metallic architecture in the Napoleon III style.

brest halles ST Louis nov13

The details of the new organization is as follows:

Zone 1 / Rue de Lyon, a special feature in front of the Halles Saint-Louis in addition to the deployment on one side along the rue de Lyon, some market traders will face the halls: they will be positioned on the south road, that is to say back to the church parking lot.
Zone 2 / The producers’ square. This is one of the major changes in this new organization: this part of the market can no longer be held on Boussingault and Picot streets, which are now too cramped and crowded. It is therefore repositioned on the rectangle around the Halles Saint-Louis on rue des halles saint Louis and rue Pasteur to rue de Lyon.

Zone 3 / World kitchens or the food trucks. Usually in the car park in the square of the Tour d’Auvergne, the food trucks will be repositioned, always on one lane, in the car park, for some of them, and on rue Boussingault for others.

Facebook page on Halles Saint Louis with youtube video about it here :Facebook page of Halles Saint Louis

My best reason to come in here was and is the cheese store in the Halles Saint Louis market, or La Maison du Fromage here: La Maison du Fromage at Halles Saint Louis

Outside Saint-Louis or around the Halles Saint Louis open market on the sides of rue de Lyon and rue Pasteur) ,these are non food market sort of like a flea market. Open from  8h30 to 19h. On the side of rue de Siam ,rue de Lyon, rue Boussingault, Rue Colonel Picot you have a mix food and non food market open May 1st to September 30th from  8h to 13h , and from October 1st to April 30th from 8h30 to 13h.

More info from the city of Brest on its markets in French here: City of Brest on its markets

There you go folks a great family outing to indulge on the best of my belle France. Hope you enjoy the shopping! we do lol! The Halles Saint Louis is now even nicer even if restricted due to our times.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers!!!

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  1. This is one area where UK cannot compete. Cannot even get close!

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