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July 14, 2020

The beach at Perros Guirec!

So is that time of the year where we all head for the beaches in Europe. France is tops even if a bit north, the beaches are already crowded and traffic levels this past Saturday was black highest! I love to come at least once a year to a beach just to remind me of my roots but do not like the heavy crowds.

Going to the north is always welcome and we plan on returning this year. In the meantime, let me tell more on Perros Guirec and Ploumanac’h in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France!

Perros-Guirec its only 78 km from Saint Brieuc, 175 km from Rennes and 524 km from Paris. And 162 km from my town! We came following the road D768 up towards Pontivy, then passed it to the N12 direction Lannion, taking the D767 direction Guingamp first then Lannion and past it get on the D788 to Perros Guirec. Easy 2h30 by car!

Ploumanac’h is a village in the town of Perros-Guirec The village of Ploumanac’h is located 3 km of city center/downtown Perros-Guirec. By car, it is only accessible by a single road, the D788 between Perros-Guirec and Trégastel at the crossroads which is located below the town of La Clarté and the semaphore. I am putting the beaches of Perros Guéric but bordering on Ploumanac’h.

Again I have to thanks my dear late wife Martine for showing me her beautiful country since 1989 and to be part of it since 2000!

Let me tell you a bit about our favorite beaches here and they are gorgeous , planning to revisit soon!

The beach of Trestrignel is more beaten by the winds. Quite wild, which makes its charm, it is like cashed at the bottom of a coast, and is bordered by the point of the castle, rocky headland from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the islands, especially on the island Tomé ,which is not part of Sept-Îles or seven islands here.

The more huppé is the seaside district of Trestrignel which developed around the shore of the same name, enclosed in a basin. The land is cultivated by two farms located at the highest points. On the 1819 cadastre, two sentry boxes appeared, a guardhouse and a powder magazine where only one sentry box remains today, on private property. Around 1893, the Parisian René Du Pré de Saint-Maur had a holiday home built on the edge of the castle, the following year, the Parisian actress Marcelle Josset built the Villa Silencio, then bought by Maurice Denis in 1908. It is the entire concerted subdivision that constitutes the current district. The private roads of the subdivision were conceded to the district in 1926. On April 13, 1940, the site of the Pointe du Château was registered. In 1966, concrete bath cabins were built.

This rocky outcrop which marks the entrance to the harbor of Perros-Guirec has long served as a strategic defense post in the face of enemy attacks. Since then, the site has changed a lot. Far from repelling invasions, it welcomes many tourists, who come to contemplate the landscapes and enjoy the fine sandy beach. The place hosts beautiful villas built at the end of the 19C. Do not miss the one where avant-garde painter Maurice Denis lived: his neo-medieval style and his Spanish influences make it a curiosity. Indeed very nice! The plage de Trestrignel has now new showers installed on the beach promenade of Trestrignel (great walks). Fine sandy beach, supervised beach. Bathing water quality label. Bath cabin rental – Restaurant, Hotel – Free parking. Great!

My fav Plages tv site on the plage de Trestrignel in English: Plages tv on Trestrignel beach

perros guirec

perros guirec

perros guirec

The beach of Saint-Guirec is situated at the border with the village of Ploumanac’h, along the Sentiers du Douaniers (customs trail wonderful along the coastal beaches). It is therefore an easy stopover for any hiker in the summer. Facing it on the small island of Costaérès stands the castle of Costaérès.

Opposite the small white sand beach of Saint Guirec stands a granite oratory, built around the 11-12C from an ancient Gallic stele. This monument with capitals carved with animal motifs houses the statue of Saint-Guirec. Dating back to the 14C, the wooden sculpture was replaced by a granite version in 1904. Young girls wishing to marry during the year came to plant a needle there. Head to the small chapel also dedicated to the saint and observe the frame; it does make you think of a boat hull! And you see the majestic silhouette of the castle of Costaérès in the distance. By going to Tourony Bay, you can learn the history. The entire large site of Ploumanac’h, with its remarkable chaos and its lighthouse, is accessible by the coastal path. Saint Guirec beach is at the start of the sentier des Douaniers or douaniers path (again a wonderful walk). The plage de Saint Guirec is very pleasant, all surrounded by rocks. At high tide, the beach of Saint Guirec offers a landscape of islets and spectacular rocks. Access is via the D 788 road from Perros Guirec. The 250 meters long beach is made of fine sand, at high tide the slope is gentle and the decor is remarkable. At low tide, the whole bay and its small islets are accessible on foot. Wonderful indeed!

My fav plages tv on the plage de Saint Guirec in English: plages tv on Saint Guirec beach

perros guirec plage de saint guirec mar16

perros guirec

I can’t wait to get back as this is beautiful country and even Ploumanac’h has been name in the past of the preferred village of the French competition on national TV here! What can I say, France is a mouvable feast, just get out of Paris lol!

Let me give some further webpages to help you plan your visit here and is a must me think

The city of Perros Guirec on plage de Trestrignel in French: city of Perros Guirec on plage de Trestrignel

The Brittany tourist office on plage de Trestrignel in English: Brittany tourist office on Trestrignel beach

The city of Perros Guirec on plage de Saint Guirec in French: city of Perros Guirec on plage de St Guirec

The Brittany tourist office on plage de Saint Guirec in English: Brittany tourist office on plage de Saint Guirec

Again, enjoy the beaches of Perros Guirec up north Bretagne!! wonderful I say it again!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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July 14, 2020

Saint Brieuc, the north!

And yes we have been to the way north of Bretagne and expand our knowledge of our adopted region. This is in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 and the town of Saint Brieuc. I have written before on it but need to tell you a bit more now . Hope you enjoy it.

We came by car easy on the D768 direction Pontivy and then Saint Brieuc ,easy in about 1h30. You have parking in city center at Charner, Poulain Corbion,saint Benoit,les Champs,Raoul Poupard,Gouêdic, and Promenades. We parked for free by rue des promenades one way street.

The Gare Saint-Brieuc train station lines from Paris-Montparnasse to Brest, from Saint-Brieuc to Pontivy and from Saint-Brieuc to Légué. The Saint-Brieuc train station was put into service on September 7, 1863, during the inauguration of the section from Rennes to Guingamp on the line from Paris-Montparnasse to Brest. The station is served by the TGV Atlantique from Paris-Montparnasse – Rennes – Brest / Lannion connections. Saint-Brieuc is served by TER Bretagne trains which run on lines no 1 (Rennes – Brest), no 16 (Rennes – Lamballe – Saint-Brieuc), no 20 (Lannion – Saint-Brieuc), no 21 (Saint- Brieuc – Morlaix – Brest) and no 24 (Dol-de-Bretagne – Dinan – Saint-Brieuc). A TER Bretagne bus/coach service operates with line no. 27 (Saint-Brieuc – Pontivy – Vannes / Lorient) accessible from the station car park. A verify on webpages below due to the virus.

The SNCF train station Saint BrieucSNCF train station at Saint Brieuc

The TER Bretagne info on Saint BrieucTER Bretagne train info on St Brieuc

Saint Brieuc

You have the Collége/Lycée Anatole le Braz, at 46 rue du 71éme regiment d’infanterie, another wonderful architecture building with a nice chapel and it was here that the local résidents were put in prison during the Nazi occupation on December 10 1943. Three high school students were sentenced to death on February 11, 1944 and were shot on February 21, 1944, at the Fort du Mont-Valérien (see post on MV). Eight high school students arrested on December 10, 1943 were transferred to the Compiègne transit camp and then deported to the Neuengamme concentration camp. Four die there. One dies of exhaustion soon after his return. Only three survive the deportation among these eight. For one of the survivors, the liberation took place on May 2, 1945 in the Wöbbelin camp where he had been transferred after 11 months spent in Neuengamme. In total, counting the other arrests, before or after December 10, 1943, 16 students from Le Braz will be deported. They will die. A teacher and a pastor were also deported. Pastor Crespin died in deportation. In 1948, the school was collectively decorated with the Croix de guerre 1939-1945 War Cross 1939-1945 for exemplar valor in the face of the enemy.

Saint Brieuc

We had a quick lunch a la baguette late at the nice institution of Maison Diener , founded in 1947 , boulangerie/pâtisserie by the boutique des champs 11 rue St François, formule of bacon goat cheese sandwich, nice pain au chocolat and coca cola on the run and eaten right on the corner of the shopping center Les Champs! people watching par excellence. Third generation of a family of taste craftsmen, they invite you to come and discover their products, a mixture of tradition and innovation. They make their chocolates from a grand cru chocolate: “Valhrona”, in retail, in boxes or in luxury boxes. Come and discover their chocolate factory as well as their great specialty, Tro Breiz™ Briochine specialty chocolate developed by Maison Diener. More info here : Maison Diener of St Brieuc

Saint Brieuc

We had our treats at the caramels breton and cookies place of the Biscuiterie Saint Brieuc, next to the old Church of Saint François by rue Saint François and  rue Saint Guillaume, exactly at 58 rue Saint Guillaume. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10h to 12h30 and from 14h30 to 19h . La Biscuiterie Caramèlerie Confiturerie Brieuc makes a wide range of biscuits and Breton specialties by hand, notably with salted butter caramel. It is a small team of twenty gourmets who concocts more than sixty recipes: 12 flavors of salted butter caramel, Breton Palets, Kouign Amann, Breton cakes, caramel pound cake, spreads and Confibreizh composed of 52 to 73% fruit! Made without coloring, preservatives and additives, all these delicacies are cooked in accordance with the pure Breton pastry tradition. More info here:  Boulangerie ST Brieuc

Saint Brieuc

And just around the above at Place Saint Guillaume you have a typical wonderful carrousel for kiddies quite quant and pretty me think.

Saint Brieuc

And we had our gourmand tour of Saint Brieuc while seeing some interesting buildings and plenty of history. This is north of Bretagne and it was a nice ride; something to do again me think. Hope you enjoy the tour.

Tourist office of Saint Brieuc on gourmand tours: Tourist office of St Brieuc on goodies

City of Saint Brieuc on things to see in French: City of Saint Brieuc on things to see

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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July 14, 2020

Plémet and the Saint Antoine!

In these days of uncertainty nostalgia comes forward and digging in my vault of photos came up with two, one not well taken but worth including it. I was doing my duties in my lovely Bretagne and came upon to find a wonderful restaurant thanks to collegues at work. This was back several years maybe 2012, not sure. The thing is ,not on my blog and for the memories that is my blog I need to put it in. Hope you enjoy the story.

Plémet is located in the department 22 of Côtes-d’Armor in the region of Bretagne. It was born on January 1, 2016 from the merger of the two towns of Plémet and La Ferrière. The return to the name of Plémet takes place on December 25, 2017. It takes its name from Saint Démet, of Welsh origin and having lived in the Brest region. The name of the town is Pllémé in Gallo, Plezeved in Breton local languages.

The Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Church, was built from 1894 to 1896. Inside, there is a reliquary of Saint-Pierre or the wooden Angel, which was the first work done in Plémet by Roland Guillaumel ( sculptor Grand Prix de Rome 1950) and, that it was walked during the processions. Which is the best to see here and not been in it.

The city of Plémet on its history in French: City of Plemet on its history

However, the reason I came to this small town hidden in the countryside was to visit a restaurant for a business function my CFO was given to the Finance team. We came by car pool, actually any other way will be almost imposible if impossible. We took the N165 voie express Nantes-Brest road and got on exit D767 towards Locmine, then followed direction Pontivy, Rennes, Loudéac, and finally Plemet.

We arrive in the afternoon ready for a meeting, then by evening, we went to a very nice restaurant Le St Antoine in Plémet,(now closed) this was supposely visited by French actresse Marion Cotillard.  It is a Gault and Millau rated restaurant,  8, place du Général De Gaulle , French cuisine and very nice setting. We had a ball of fun here and great friendship of a team that stayed together for almost 9 years! And of course, we are still in touch. It was indeed great French cuisine at a low price, in a dark, classy and cozy setting, a table worthy of great restaurants, we were received simply but warmly, we ate divinely with appetizers waiting and at no extra cost!


In Plémet, the Le Saint Antoine had a large room with personalized decor dedicated to the cinema and prestigious actors will remain closed from June 2020, sadly I learned. The health crisis has accelerated the decision of the owners, who will not reopen. The Le Saint-Antoine restaurant, emblematic in the town, takes its bow. “A page is turning,” said Marie-Aimée André (wife owner). Good news for lovers of fine gastronomy carefully prepared by Jean-Paul André (husband owner): the traiteur or caterer’s shop continues!

Over the years, Le Saint-Antoine has become a veritable institution in Plémet and a culinary heritage. It welcomed fine gourmets from all countries. “Foreigners represented between 30 and 40% of our clientele. It, also came from all regions of France. “They came alone, with friends, or with family. ” said the owners.


Le Saint-Antoine restaurant,was created in 1994 and their catering boutique which they took over in 1983. The boutique and the catering section of Le Saint-Antoine will remain open for the benefits of those nearby. Jean-Paul and Marie-Aimée André wanted to continue this activity, when they have just closed their restaurant. The boutique catering was founded in 1946 by Jean André, Jean-Paul’s father, this business holds a special place in the hearts of the inhabitants of the territory. Jean-Paul and Marie-Aimée took it over in 1983 and brought it to life by expanding its services, over the years These range from cold cuts, entrees and cooked dishes, daily specials, homemade cakes that Jean-Paul prepares himself, through the sale of delicatessen, fruits and vegetables, good wines, fruit juices etc. Now open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9h to 13h and from 14h30 to 19h, and Sunday, 9h to 13h. Contact: tel.+33 (0) 2 96 25 61 62. Maybe worth a stop….

This is the city of Plémet on the Le Saint Antoine restaurant for reference and directions as said only the catering is now open. City of Plémet on Le Saint Antoine boutique catering

There you go ,now I feel better, more wonderful memories into my blog to relish for life and hopefully my sons will continue. This is part of our lives and I feel great to post it here for the memories of good cheers and good friendship, Le Saint Antoine at Plémet. Hope you enjoy the story.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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