Cholet and its theaters!

Why not sticking with a wonderful town when you are having fun visiting again! This is the case of Cholet in the Maine et Loire dept 49 of the Pays de la Loire region! We have been here before but missed several things to see and we are trying to catch up, nevertheless we will be back!

There is a whole complex of it and we needed to see them for the record. Hard to participate as most if not the best functions are in the evenings. However, the theater complex is superb.

Cholet is the residential seat of the Pays de la Loire regional theater. The Interlude theater, part of the Jean Guichard space, was built to replace the old municipal theater while awaiting the completion of the Espace Saint-Louis intercommunal theater inaugurated on September 28, 2012. This room can accommodate theater performances, concerts and conferences and has a capacity of 587 numbered seats plus thirteen places for people with reduced mobility .

cholet espace saint louis front rue de l'ancienne hopital jul20

The municipal theater, in neo-classical style, located on Place Travot was inaugurated on October 5, 1886. Partly damaged by a fire on April 23, 1949 ; then completely restored, it was abandoned in 2011 and the interior was transformed into commercial space. Located at Rue Jean Vilar. A new intercommunal theater was built in 2012 on the site of Espace Saint Louis.

A bit on the history of this transformation in the history of Cholet

At the end of the Middle Ages, the construction of a religious establishment not far from the enclosure, inaugurated a movement of extension of the city towards the west. For six centuries, the islet has undergone profound transformations. The religious function of the origins gives way to a hospital activity which, while being partially maintained, will fade in the face of the rise in power of a cultural pole which accompanies the second millennium.

At the beginning of the 15C, the Lord of Cholet granted land for the establishment of a community of beggar monks. The minor brothers or Cordeliers will never be very numerous. In the following century, Franciscans settled next door. The community of Cordelières, rather prosperous until the French revolution, welcomes around forty members, including boarders. From 1797 to 1803, the Cordelières convent became the new headquarters of the hospital. Only the 1977 move brought this situation to an end.


Decided at the end of the 20C, the rehabilitation of the hospital began in 1999. The first phase of work gave birth to the Conservatory of music, dance and dramatic art which opened its doors to the public in 2002.


At the same time, the hospital chapel is transformed into an auditorium. The Saint Louis auditorium Jean Sebastian Bach!


The second phase of work begins in 2010. The theater then emerges from the ground and allows us to imagine the configuration of the new Espace Saint-Louis which brings together training and dissemination activities related to the performing arts.

cholet espace saint louis theatre rue de l'ancienne hopital jul20

More on the programming on the city of Cholet in French : City of Cholet cultural programming

The city of Cholet for its size has a tremendous offering of theatrical performances and museums (see next post). All in a beautiful setting combining the old and the new architecture. Hope you enjoy the walks on the theaters of Cholet as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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