Cholet: Les Arcades Rougé shopping!

Ok so we travel, we see, we enjoy we eat and we do shopping of course. Can’t be without it, doing so even today in my neck of the woods. However, when visiting a city we look for the quant shop stores and usually a shopping center or mall catch our eyes. This is the case of the Les Arcades Rouge in Cholet! Let me tell you a bit about it ok

Well Cholet is in the Maine et Loire dept 49 of the region of Pays de la Loire. We have visited and did some posts before but will expand here and already thinking of visiting again next week.

Les Arcades Rougé is a 1.8 hectare, entirely pedestrianized shopping center located in the city center of Cholet, bringing together 33 brands in the food, beauty / well-being, culture / leisure, ready-to-wear and services. It is located  at 30 rue Bretonnaise near the Parc du Mail.


The project was thought of before by the end of the 20C, the very dynamic district surrounding Place Rougé had lost some of its attractiveness. The commercial area was razed to the ground and parking spaces replaced it in the late 1990s. In collaboration with an architect from the Bâtiments de France in order to integrate the shopping center into the architectural style of the city ,the facade of an old building for example has been preserved and integrated into the project at the request of Bâtiments de France. It was completed in 2009.

Other architectural works are visible in the commercial area such as the red lines inaugurated in 2014 on a building of the Arcades Rougé, or the square metal bars painted in bright colors and fixed to the ground vertically at no 1 rue de la Sardinerie in the Arcades Rougé shopping center, allowing  to decorate the space while being an anti-squat device preventing marginalized or homeless people from settling in the area.
In order to provide more parking , the creation of additional spaces was  done; 38 spaces were added rue Kléber, parking du mail, place du 8 Mai and 92 spaces were rehabilitated in the Prisset car park. The Travot, Salbérie, Prisset, Bourg-Baudry, Mail, Mondement car parks located near the commercial area make it very accessible. The Place Travot which is a crossing point linking the Arcades Rougé to the heart of the city has in addition many bars;restaurants, and a relaxation area. All in city center very nice indeed.

Les Arcades Rougé is the perfect balance between shops, housing and entertainment.
You will be able to find renowned brands such as H&M, Sephora or Vero Moda in the heart of the city center. Practical aspect: Super U supermarket is also there! Film buffs, Cinémovida and its 9 cinemas will delight you all year round. And to park, nothing could be simpler thanks to the 500 covered parking spaces. It is also a lively district, punctuated throughout the year with commercial events, sales, contests, street shows etc!


The first thing we did after parking the car is walk the town as we love to do. We saw a very modern and nice shopping center right in city center!  the  « Les Arcades Rougé »; something different to have one around the old town.  Anchor by a Super U supermarket and with plenty of stores of all kinds and Irish pubs as well ! We did shopping and drinks here. More info here: Cholet tourist office on Les Arcades Rouge

As usual for those who can read French, the information is much more on the shopping center here: Cholet tourist office on Les Arcades Rouge

A wonderful day out into glorious country of my belle France on the road again! Cholet is nice and full of history and wonderful architecture. We look forward to be back soon.

Hope you enjoy the shopping at Les Arcades Rouge in Cholet. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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