Cholet: Hôtel de Ville!

Here I take pictures of government buildings in France! Well they are part of the history of the towns and this is the case in Cholet in the Maine et Loire dept 49 part of the Pays de la Loire region.

As you walk these streets you begin to realise the wonderful architecture of these buildings and indulge into their history so much fascinating me think. This is the case of the city/town hall and prefecture building of Cholet. I like to tell you a bit on it ok.

When the city council decided to build a town hall in the 1820s, Cholet was only a modest county town. Built between 1824 and 1827, the very first city/town hall of Cholet took up residence near the covered market and rue Royale ;now rue Nationale, Place Travot was still only a vast swampy area.

Elected in 1965, Maurice Ligot decides to build a new city/town hall, inaugurated in 1976. Then, the building on Place Travot will successively host the Vendée War Museum and then the City’s cultural services. Before becoming the brasserie (see post) we know today, equipped with a large glass roof.

The city hall , prefecture and agglo admin building sits around the streets of Rue Saint Bonaventure ,Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville and the rue Travot.

Cholet hotel de ville agglo jul20

The main building of the main courtyard represents approximately 3/5 ° of the former Hôtel de Tharreau, which was split up and raised following a family sharing. The two buildings back on the main courtyard were erected for the transformation of this building into a sub-prefecture in 1858. The initial project provided for a blind wall on Rue Bretonnaise, with a high wooden gate, the option was taken to install a wrought iron gate surmounted by the arms of the town of Cholet; at the beginning of the century there were still two large plane trees on either side of this grid. The mansion has a structure from the end of the 18C, even if certain arrangements should be made around 1829: a typically Cholet style central staircase, in solid oak, with turned balusters, large handrail and solid stringer, which is developing over 3 flights. This mansion has on the ground floor and on the 1st floor two pretty rooms with Louis XVI decor, in rotunda. The large living room is the only room in the town of Cholet with checkered parquet “à la Versailles”. This room is also furnished with a period Directoire room which comes from the first sub-prefecture, then fixed at Beaupreau. In this living room and in the dining room, there are two beautiful fireplaces with inlaid decor: carved marble cartridges set at external angles and in the center of the lintel in the marble of the fireplace.


Cholet tourist office on its heritage in English here: Cholet tourist office on its heritage

Official city of Cholet on practival information in French: City of Cholet on practical information

And there you go walking is wonderful and let you see superb monuments such as this city hall of Cholet. For the original building see my next post on the brasserie!

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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