Jaca: The Seminario Diocesano !

And here I am back in my beloved Spain! I have been coming here for years , initially as a stopping point between my trips from France to Spain over  Somport and Portalet; then we visit the city and even spent vacation time around the area. This is Jaca right facing the Pyrénées mountains! As you might know Spain is the No 2 most visited country in the world according to official tallies of the UN-WTO.

I have written several posts on it  ,but feel some is missing and I am trying to remedy this ommission of this wonderful quant city of Aragon. Let me tell you a bit more of Jaca on the Seminario Diocesano or Diocesan Seminary.

The Seminario Diocesano or Diocesan Seminary was built during the third decade of the 20C, at an important moment for urban planning in Jaca. At that time, the City Council had decided to demolish the medieval wall to promote growth and meet the new needs of the city. This extension is known as El Ensanche (widening the suburbs), which, as in other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, brings together in Jaca numerous buildings with high-quality modernist features, such as this former Diocesan Seminary.

Jaca seminario diocesano aug14

From 1610 different seminaries followed one another in the city of Jaca, but it was not until 1860 when the old Conciliar Seminary of the Immaculate Conception was officially inaugurated. This building was located on Calle del Carmen and was destroyed by a great fire in May 1924. That same year,a project for the construction of a new seminary, in the western area of the Ensanche, in a place that it allowed the Diocese to acquire large plots of land in a place close to the old city center.

The elevation of the Seminario Diocesano is made up of a ground floor and two floors in height. Its façade is divided into three large forward and raised bodies, between which two small transition elements are located, which provide the ensemble with continuity. The entire main façade is articulated on the basis of large openings framed by rectangular section pilasters, which run through the building in height. These openings are culminated by arches of very different making and proportions: lintels, semicircular, edging, panels, lowered and pointed, in mitre or pediment. This compositional alternation manages to give said façade a mobility and variety that contrasts powerfully with the uniformity of materials used in it. The new building was finally inaugurated in February 1926.


More info on the Seminario Diocesano  translated above from the city of Jaca here: City of Jaca on the Seminario Diocesano

Some additional webpages as usual for reference on planning your trip here which is worth it are

The Jaca tourist office: Jaca tourist office

The Huesca Province tourist office on Jaca in Spanish: Huesca province tourist office on Jaca

The Aragon region tourist office on Jaca:  Aragon tourist office on jaca

And once again, there you go folks ,another wonderful architecturally and historical monument in beautiful Jaca and all easy on foot. Hope you enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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