Lapa, Paranà State, Brazil!!!

Ok so browsing my photo cdroms vaults I found one picture, only one that I can find but worth mentioning in my blog. This was the desire to see more of the place of I was living as an expat in the areas surrounding Curitiba, (see posts). The locals told me about it so with my Chevy Prisma car took off into the countryside of the State of Paranà, Brazil. And I found Lapa! Let me tell you a bit about it ok, just for the memories.

Lapa is a town in the State of Paraná, Brazil. It is located at about 62 km from the State capital, Curitiba, and 160 km from the Port of Paranaguà on the coast. The exploration of yerba mate and the tropeira (cattle herds similar to cowboys) activity were part of the economic activities of its history. Its first name was parish of Santo Antônio da Lapa, under the jurisdiction of the town of Curitiba in 1797. It became later Capão Alto and in 1806, changed its name to Vila Nova do Príncipe. In 1872, Vila Nova do Príncipe is elevated to the category of town dismembering from Curitiba and finally receives the name of Lapa.

During the Federalist Revolution of 1894, Lapa became the arena of a bloody confrontation between the republican troops, the so-called Pica-paus and the Maragatos opposed to the Republic. Lapa resisted bravely until the Lapeanos, commanded by General Ernesto Gomes Carneiro, felled. They resisted the siege for 26 days, but they succumbed to the greater number of the Republican army. The episode became known as the siege of Lapa.

The BR-476 road that passes through the city from Curitiba( from where I visited by car) is the main Mercosur Route, connecting the Southwest regions of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and South American countries.

Some of the things to see here are:

Pantheon of Heroes, where the bodies of the Federalists who fought in the Siege of Lapa lies. The São João Theater opened in 1876, one of the oldest in Paraná State. Located at Praça Joaquim Lacerda and built in 1888, Casa da Memória is a space popularly known as “Casa dos Cavalinhos” or house of horsemen. The main Church of Santo Antônio, building began in 1769 and completed in 1784. The Casa Lacerda Museum, where it was the home of Colonel Joaquim de Rezende Correia de Lacerda (who led the insurrection vs the Republic, and buried at the Pantheon of Heroes) built in 1842. At the entrance to the town there is the Monument to the Tropeiros at Avenida Dr. Manoel Pedro , also called Avenida das Tropas.

The main thing came here to see as told by locals was the Gruta do Monge (monk’s grotto). According to leyend, the monk João Maria D’Agostinis lived in a mountain cave with rock formations. The place became a pilgrimage spot with mystical value. “São João Maria”, or Saint John Mary as he was known, was dedicated to the study of the plants of the region, medicated the sick, made prophecies and prayers. For this reason, the place, which is part of the Monge State Park, is sought by people who seek a cure for their ills. In addition to João Maria, the records show that two monks attended the region and made predictions. Legend has it that the three made predictions. There are also those who say they see the image of a saint in the crack in the stone that served as a shelter for the monk João Maria – known as Pedra Partida or broken stone.


Another thing that push me to come here was told by Brazililans collegues in Curitiba about the food here. The dishes that can be considered typical of the municipality are: arroz tropeiro ( dried meat,cubed smoked bacon,sliced pork sausage, and rice) , coxinha de farofa (chicken breast and corn flour etc), quirera lapeana (prepared with broken corn and pork swine, and virado lapeano (black beans with corn flour and eggs delicious) .

There is a webpage Viaje Parana with some further information in Portuguese here: Viaje Parana on Lapa

And there is a nice youtube video on Lapa here for reference:

One of the nice trips I made while living there and always a pleasant memory with many friends still in contact with me. Get to see the country and get to know the country better, it works all the time for me! Enjoy Lapa!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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