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July 4, 2020

The family in Florida USA!

So bear with me , I am on the mood for things nostalgic again. I have written plenty in my blog and I thank you. However, missing out on my family, very dear to me. Therefore, let me tell you a bit about it, up close and personal. And happy 4th of July!

A wonderful 18 years in the State of Florida, my biggest chunk of life so far (France total so far is 17). Memories that will not go away easy. The State was sunshine, friendly, and happy; so many things to do it will take an entire blog history to tell. Of course, left for my belle France in 2003, and just back once with the family in 2009 and a couple days business conference in 2016. Life moves on, but the memories remain. Even many have change.

Starting with the Daytona Beach for college then Ormond Beach for living. Then , North Miami, Hialeah, and Miramar while working in Miami. Hope you have enjoyed this overview of my memories in Florida on my many posts on the great State. I told you about me and my places lived and visited all over the State. However, let me give some of my family still there as some are too shy to even have a FB page never mind a blog! Even if I send them my posts via email or FB lol!

So obviously a family portrait of Florida and those visiting from abroad while we were there; therefore not much text. Hope you enjoy it as we do , for the memories, for the times, forever family ,the rock or foundation of human life. Thank you for all you have taught over the years and still going strong!!

cape coral

Cape Coral family with wife and boys

Miami Lakes

Miami Lakes family pool and my boys

Miami lakes

Miami Lakes family pigout Father and friends forever


Ocala family cousins aunt and my Parents


Orlando family, my wife and boys


Miami me, paternal grandfather and his brother


Ocala old Silver springs my mom and visiting aunt visiting family


Orlando Epcot France pavilion of course my dear Frenchie Martine need to put up

Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach my parents, wife and oldest son godparent (Portugal)

Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine with my late Mom and late wife’s Grandma visiting from France!


Tampa Ybor City Columbia oldest Spanish resto in USA facade my dear late wife Martine and me

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach my office aunt visiting now in Mexico!

Hope you enjoy this family post as much as I doing it. Florida will be a part of my heart wherever I go in our world. Thanks for sharing these moment with me.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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July 4, 2020

My early US history, Perth Amboy NJ!

It is said, that in times of need/worries in this case due to the covid19 virus, the roots come out and make you stronger. I believe it. I have an entertaining blog that keeps my time thanks to all my readers it helps. I sometimes write about glamorous places that I have been lucky to visit or lived! but the roots always comes back to you. And happy 4th of July.

On a cloudy cool day at about 17C or 64F in my new neck of the woods Pluvigner, Morbihan 56, Bretagne in my belle France, let me get back on my feet. I came finally into freedom after avoiding communism and fascism into the United States. I was 13,5 years old arriving in unknown town of Perth Amboy New Jersey USA!

Perth Amboy

I spoked no English, no money and the clothes I was wearing arriving with my Mother (passed away in Versailles 2007) to join my Father there in Amboy as we locally call it. And the good times began!! Date: May 10 1972.

Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy

The early life was working very hard ,helping my parents who had branch out into small businesses such as the grocery store , clothing store, restaurant, delivery services,and nightclub activities. As hard working immigrants, it was a period of learning English, and new rules, laws, and way of living ,adjusting to the American work ethics that so much carry on in my life today. Even if by now also enjoying the la vie en rose à la Française!

Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy

I became a US citizen in the municipal courthouse of New Brunswick, Middlesex county, New Jersey on December 13, 1980. I learn my ways and language like a native ::) I continue playing my beloved football/soccer (learned in Madrid), and some baseball at high school, and amateur team levels. I played in the Garden State Soccer league known as Schaeffer league for the local beer who sponsored it,and the LISA, or Luso-Iberian Soccer Association with Portuguese and Spanish clubs.

My sports were intercepted around the help needed on my parents businesses,so I was very busy ,sometimes working at nights so to have some daytime free for sports and girls ::). The city that welcome me to America was Perth Amboy ,in Middlesex County, NJ. It was a city of about 50 000 inhabitants, full of immigrants from all over,there were sections call Budapest, Dublin, Little Italy, Holy Cross, etc, I lived by the one call the Waterfront (facing Staten Island, New York City).

Perth Amboy

I graduated a Panther from Perth Amboy High School in June of 1977,and went to university in Florida (later my second and last home in the USA). In Perth Amboy I lived for 13 years, hard working and full of learning a new surroundings and customs/language but full of great memories and many many friends that will eventually stop by here. Forever, Go Panthers !!!!!!!!!

perth amboy

In the Summers , we played at Rudyk Park complex underneath the Outerbridge to Staten Island, NYC, which was used by many to play summer league soccer/football sometimes with as many as 40 nationalities playing!  The wonderful tennis courts by the waterfront was entertaining, and with great views of the bay of NY all in Bayview Park. It has a vibrant downtown or city center area around the Five Corners as five avenues coincide at this junction. The roads are very easy as it is at the crossroads of the NJ Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, and the Routes 1-9, 35 (to the Jersey shore and The Boss/Bon Jovi days), and 440.

These were what I call the learning years, the real adult fun began in Florida, but have several posts on it too in my blog.  And then , of course, my belle France (French citizen since 2000) and have many many posts on that in my blog too!

The Perth Amboy is full of American history from the times of the colonies and later, just browse my other entries on it. It was the right city to be acclimated to the American way of life indeed. I am still attach to the city and high school with groups in FB!

Perth Amboy

The Amboy Guardian local newspaper here! Amboy guardian newspaper

The Perth Amboy schools have it on the High School (lycée): Perth Amboy Publis Schools on the High School

The Middlesex County NJ webpage on Perth AmboyMiddlesex County on Perth Amboy

The city of Perth AmboyCity of Perth Amboy

Just for the memories and if by the area NY/NJ a must stop to get to know about early American history as it was the home of the British colonial governor of NJ and many battles were held there. Hope you enjoy this personal post. And thank you Perth Amboy!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

July 4, 2020

Lapa, Paranà State, Brazil!!!

Ok so browsing my photo cdroms vaults I found one picture, only one that I can find but worth mentioning in my blog. This was the desire to see more of the place of I was living as an expat in the areas surrounding Curitiba, (see posts). The locals told me about it so with my Chevy Prisma car took off into the countryside of the State of Paranà, Brazil. And I found Lapa! Let me tell you a bit about it ok, just for the memories.

Lapa is a town in the State of Paraná, Brazil. It is located at about 62 km from the State capital, Curitiba, and 160 km from the Port of Paranaguà on the coast. The exploration of yerba mate and the tropeira (cattle herds similar to cowboys) activity were part of the economic activities of its history. Its first name was parish of Santo Antônio da Lapa, under the jurisdiction of the town of Curitiba in 1797. It became later Capão Alto and in 1806, changed its name to Vila Nova do Príncipe. In 1872, Vila Nova do Príncipe is elevated to the category of town dismembering from Curitiba and finally receives the name of Lapa.

During the Federalist Revolution of 1894, Lapa became the arena of a bloody confrontation between the republican troops, the so-called Pica-paus and the Maragatos opposed to the Republic. Lapa resisted bravely until the Lapeanos, commanded by General Ernesto Gomes Carneiro, felled. They resisted the siege for 26 days, but they succumbed to the greater number of the Republican army. The episode became known as the siege of Lapa.

The BR-476 road that passes through the city from Curitiba( from where I visited by car) is the main Mercosur Route, connecting the Southwest regions of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and South American countries.

Some of the things to see here are:

Pantheon of Heroes, where the bodies of the Federalists who fought in the Siege of Lapa lies. The São João Theater opened in 1876, one of the oldest in Paraná State. Located at Praça Joaquim Lacerda and built in 1888, Casa da Memória is a space popularly known as “Casa dos Cavalinhos” or house of horsemen. The main Church of Santo Antônio, building began in 1769 and completed in 1784. The Casa Lacerda Museum, where it was the home of Colonel Joaquim de Rezende Correia de Lacerda (who led the insurrection vs the Republic, and buried at the Pantheon of Heroes) built in 1842. At the entrance to the town there is the Monument to the Tropeiros at Avenida Dr. Manoel Pedro , also called Avenida das Tropas.

The main thing came here to see as told by locals was the Gruta do Monge (monk’s grotto). According to leyend, the monk João Maria D’Agostinis lived in a mountain cave with rock formations. The place became a pilgrimage spot with mystical value. “São João Maria”, or Saint John Mary as he was known, was dedicated to the study of the plants of the region, medicated the sick, made prophecies and prayers. For this reason, the place, which is part of the Monge State Park, is sought by people who seek a cure for their ills. In addition to João Maria, the records show that two monks attended the region and made predictions. Legend has it that the three made predictions. There are also those who say they see the image of a saint in the crack in the stone that served as a shelter for the monk João Maria – known as Pedra Partida or broken stone.


Another thing that push me to come here was told by Brazililans collegues in Curitiba about the food here. The dishes that can be considered typical of the municipality are: arroz tropeiro ( dried meat,cubed smoked bacon,sliced pork sausage, and rice) , coxinha de farofa (chicken breast and corn flour etc), quirera lapeana (prepared with broken corn and pork swine, and virado lapeano (black beans with corn flour and eggs delicious) .

There is a webpage Viaje Parana with some further information in Portuguese here: Viaje Parana on Lapa

And there is a nice youtube video on Lapa here for reference:

One of the nice trips I made while living there and always a pleasant memory with many friends still in contact with me. Get to see the country and get to know the country better, it works all the time for me! Enjoy Lapa!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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