Château-Thébaud: Poiron-Dabin!!!

So time are coming back slowly and we are off too. I am still working from home and it seems this will be the case for the rest of 2020, of course I am priviledge to receive full pay at home as my role of senior member manager of the Finance dept best is serve by advise ,details and guidance to the rest even my CFO! And taking advantage of this pre retirement episode and the fact that my sons were off as well we decided to go out and about our region.

Well the region includes the Loire Atlantique dept 44 now part of the Pays de la Loire region but historically part of Bretagne/Brittany (Breizh in Breton language). It is sort of like the Breton wine area ! And we go often and do get our house wines from there. I have written a couple of posts on this outings and this one was another one with new pictures. Hope you enjoy our daily life in our belle France.

One of our fav properties is the Domaine Poiron-Dabin at Château-Thébaud. They are only 15 km south of Nantes , and about 1h45 from our house. Let me tell you a bit on it for reference.

chateau thebaud

The winemakers of Château-Thébaud area have won seven times since its creation “la Bouteille d’Or”, or the golden bottle ,rewarding the local vineyard town which had the highest number of prizes in the Nantes and Paris wine competitions during the year. The town is a leader in this area, thanks to the quality of its terroirs and the skills of its winegrowers. And of course, one of these are the Poiron-Dabin.

Chateau Thebaud

Chateau Thebaud

The town located on the banks of the Maine river, Château Thebaud lends itself to nautical activities, its banks for climbing and hiking. More of these activities here in French: The winegrowers of Nantes on walks by the river

The folks at Domaine Poiron-Dabin have been winegrowers since 1858, the Poiron-Dabin family has always had the ambition to surprise you. With its many grape varieties, it produces wines of excellence and perfection. Sandrine, Jean Michel, Laurent and their team will have a lot of fun making you discover their profession. 70 Hectares make up this superb vineyard. Appellations: Muscadets Sèvre et Maine; Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon fié Gris, Cot Malbec, Pinot Noir, Berligou, Pinot gris, Petit Manseng, Gewurztraminer, cabernet Franc etc They are at the place or Lieu dit Chantegrolle, 44690 Château-Thébaud right off the road D58 coming from Vertou and further Nantes.

Over the last several years we have enjoyed their wines and company visiting the domaine and participating in rando or walks in the vineyards chasing bottles and drink it on site! It is worth a detour if you ever by Nantes. More than good wines, the friendly talkative mood of the winegrowers is catchy, they love to talk about the wines, making it selling it, the works. Always a pleasant visit.

We have enjoyed the Berligou red and rosé, as it is a grape giving as a gift by the Duke of Burgundy to his cousin the Duke of Brittany around 1470. It is still grown in the domaine. They do an interesting cuvée call bit a red and a bit rose blending the two wines styles into one ,very fruity great for summer and apéros. Also, from the Berligou grape they do a sparkling wine too! delicious. All very modestly price the most expensive bottle is 16 euros!

This trip we took home, the Chardonnay, rouge et rose, Berligou rosé and red , and the Berligou sparklers. Also, we try a new bottle we like a blend of Côt /Malbec grape. A bit more on this interesting variety that has cross the frontiers from long time ago.

Chateau Thebaud

It is the essential grape variety of AOC Cahors, where it represents at least 70% of the blend. It is now widely cultivated in Argentina and Chile. The grape variety is known by the names of Auxerrois (Quercy), Bouchalès1 ( Haute-Garonne),  Côt (Loire), Mauzat, Noir de Pressac (Libournais), Mancin, Soumancigne and finally Malbec (Bordeaux). This last name is now used for the Cahors wine.  The name Auxerrois comes from the city of Auxerre; it could in fact be a deformation of Haute-Serre near Cahors ( Lot dept 46 ) even if there is a lack of documents attesting to this confusion; the name Cot  is a cacography of horn, horns , cos, itself a deformation of Cahors from 1800; and the name Malbec  is borrowed from a merchant, named Malbeck, who spread it in the Médoc.

The vineyards of Nantes on the Domaine Poiron-Dabin: The vineyards of Nantes on Poiron Dabin

The vineyards of Nantes on the appellation area and further information on their wines in French: Vineyards of Nantes on their wines

The official Domaine Poiron DabinDomaine Poiron Dabin

And already told you a lot on this property in different posts, now enjoy the new photos of the Domaine Poiron Dabin in the village of Chantegrolle, part of town of Château Thébaud. En vino veritas!

Recommended when in the area of Nantes indeed. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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