Saint Sébastien sur Loire and Auchan!

So, here I am writing about a hypermarket chain of France. This is the Auchan (in Spain they are known as AlCampo) , meaning to the fields. A supermarket chain from the Nord region, and now all over France. We love it in the Yvelines dept 78 our old home where we shopped exclusively there. However, moving to Bretagne there is none unless you go further after Rennes or this one I will tell you today. One of my stories on everyday life in my belle France, hope you enjoy the tour.

A while back I was visiting a friend co worker in Nantes, and needed to do our groceries on the way back. Cruising thru we saw the Auchan sign at Saint Sébastien sur Loire , a town just over the street from Nantes. We decided to stop by and had flash memories coming back from our experiences at Auchan. Which by the way financially are not doing so well nowdays.

st sebastien sur loire cc auchan arriving jun20

We remember the shopping experience here and once coming back to the area this time for wine purchases on site, on our way back we did our groceries here at Auchan too. Another memorable moment this time without my dear late wife Martine. Sad but with many souvenirs as well. One of those simple  places that stays with you no matter what. The Auchan hypermarket of Saint Sebastian sur Loire was on our way on the N844 so we stopped and did our groceries!!!

st sebastien sur loire cc auchan ent inside jun20

The Auchan Saint-Sébastien’s shopping mall is made up of almost 90 stores of all kinds. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it, for young and old, men or women, young and old. Admittedly, having everything in one place provides many benefits. You can prepare a trip with the different agencies present in the gallery, dress the whole family there thanks to the many specially dedicated signs, change your glasses, have a makeover, have your car repaired, eat there at the restaurant or simply come and stroll around and shop there when the weather looks grim.

st sebastien sur loire

How to get there by car: The shopping center is located in the immediate vicinity of exit/sortie 46 (Porte de Saint-Sébastien) of the Périphérique Sud of Nantes N844. There is ample free parking on site. For those for the move for public transports you can get here from Nantes on Bus line 27 of the Nantes bus network offers a journey of approximately 10 km which it covers in around twenty minutes, leaving from Pirmil (Nantes South) to reach Herdrie, a high school located in Basse-Goulaine, notably passing through Saint-Sébastien and by proposing 25 stopping points. Bus 27 runs every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

The official Auchan hypermarket in Saint Sébastien sur Loire is here: Auchan at St Sebastien sur Loire

The official Centre Commercial or shopping center of Auchan in Saint Sébastien sur Loire with a map of stores here: Centre Commercial Auchan at St Sebastien sur Loire

And there you go folks , a nice local ride and great shopping experience as always with us far away from home, we shop anywhere! Hope you enjoy this most personal post on hypermarket or Hypermarché Auchan at the Centre Commercial Auchan in Saint Sébastien sur Loire, dept 44 of the Loire Atlantique and in the Pays de la Loire region.

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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