Cruising in Auray!!!

Ok so we are starting to flex our wings and travel again in my belle France. Actually, after 2,5 months of confinement, you come to realise you have plenty around you and need to enjoy it more. As the old saying says, See your country first and the world later. Well , not that I have not seen my Brittany, but now more so.

We have not set on our long vacations yet, and we are seeing if we can go Honfleur in Normandie for personal sad reason as my Mom and Wife ashes are at sea there. I need to get the dates right to go. Otherwise , nothing else is set.

However, we move about in our neck of the woods and find simple things matters. Paris is Paris and it seems all think is France lol! Well the central government have done a good job of moving everything there to the museums but most came from the regions. and we do have several good ones around.

Last, we needed to get a patio table and chairs for our veranda. We will moved the old table out in the backyard to use it as a barbecue serving table! Good deal, the boys help and its a great family event at home.

We look around for prices and models and the stock is dismal, most major stores are empty , we were asked to order the darn set of table and five chairs. No way, we kept looking and went to a store I remember going there with my dear wife Martine. La FoirFouille in Auray! just 14 km from our house!!! This is the store here: La Foir’Fouille Auray


And of course, a trip to our favorite beer place ,V&B concept right across the park in Auray too for a load of Belgian and German beers for home enjoyment. The store has been feature before in my posts, so here is the webpage: V&B Auray

We ,also, did some grocery shopping right around the same park at the supermarket Super U in Auray as well! We shop here once in a while when in a hurry or convenience sake as normally is crowded as folks from the beaches come up to load up for their apartment/hotels etc. We have one in our town but we always on the run lol!!! The store is here : Supermarket Super U Auray

But the event of the day was that while waiting for the stores to open at 14h we had our lunch with simple American style sandwiches of tuna, ham, and chicken and of course a round of good Grimbergen Belgian beers at…..well we never been but it was very nice, friendly folks and good deal Restaurant Le Grenier inside the Super U commercial center in Auray. An impromtus lunch but nice with the boys, we enjoy it and the server was a nice guy too. Just to show France can have good things even in the least expected place and no star Michelin but a star from us. We will be back! here is their nice Facebook page: Facebook page of Restaurant Le Grenier Auray



And we did came back with our glass covered aluminum table and five nice chairs to match. Now, ready for the set up and moving, and more painting and varnish to do around the house for the start of Summer! Vacation? we will see as August is just around the corner and THAT is a religion in my belle France!!

So, here it is just regular folks enjoying a new adopted country that we are blessed with and enjoy very much. The best experience so far, if only those wonderful missing woman were here oh la la la! Memories of many travels, never to be forgotten and a thank you for all that was given. We will continue in our neck of the wood after all even the folks of Unesco claim a heritage site just all over south of us on the coast and beaches of the Morbihan Breton!

Hope you enjoy this most personal post and to get an idea of when do other posts are done with experience, love, and caring for the world. No need for medals, diplomas or awards, we are humans. And do see my other many posts on Auray. See you around the Morbihan, Bretagne, and France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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