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June 29, 2020

Cruising in Vannes!!!

Ok ok so we are allow out now, and all are exciting right? Well, from what I see and told from afar , the situation is sketchy to say the least. Many of the businesses we patronise are hurting and almost empty. Again, last week in Vannes. 

We were trying to put our several heads together to do our errands now with 3 young men around. As we were in a heat wave with temps as high as 37C or 98F here! I had decided to paint and varnish our basement and doors/windows! Yes!

In the meantime, my oldest was working and only had the middle of the day free, and my other twin was getting his storage box on his Yamaha bike which he is totally out for it, so we needed to stop the work and go there as he was call the part had arrive. And off we went with precision timing so all meet at the bike place in Vannes. 

This is Morbihan Moto with plenty of parking to meet a bike and two cars! As the installation was to take over an hour, we decided to have lunch . This we did to one popular family place here which is very French, Flunch or as the founder thought of, Flunch=family lunch. They are cafeterias with an all you can eat option and a main plate with all the trimming of desserts, drinks, wines beers etc. We have been to the one in Vannes several times over the years living here.

By the way the Morbihan Moto webpage is here if you are looking for a bike , these folks are good and very friendly. All in one roof: Morbihan Moto


At the Flunch, we had our fish and chips, all you can eat salads, tiramisus, quart bottle of rose wine, and expresso coffee. Of course my boys had a lot more lol!! All 19 euros per person.Nice helping out the local economy!  As you can see from the pictures the economy is hurting for many but nobody talks about it than those suffering the most restaurants/bar/cafe owners! Their webpage is here for reference, great family place at the Centre Commercial Leclerc: Flunch at CC Leclerc Vannes




In between we got some electronic gadgets at another dandy store we like and been clients since opening a few years back. Electro Depot, they sell all you need for the modern world! And it is right next to a huge restaurant cluster we enjoy and the Cinema. More on Eletro Depot Vannes here: Electro Depot Vannes


Of course, we love our Cinéville cinema right next to Eletro Depot and could not resist taken another picture lol! just locals enjoying themselves sorry.  Oh yes heck for reference the Cinéville webpage: Cineville cinema Vannes


And as said, all very much empty. We will see the pickup as by July 1 even the EU is open. In the meantime, we stay in our lovely Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton! and driving around and around! Enjoy your neck of the woods , is time we get to know our backyard. Hope you enjoy my rants of humble everyday life in my belle France. It’s a lot more than Dior lol!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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