Shopping in the Domaine of Versailles!

Well, I think its time I tell you about the shopping inside the properties of the Domaine de Versailles, which includes the palace, trianons, hameau, etc in the city of Versailles, capital of the department 78 Yvelines and in the region of Ïle de France. Happy to say it again, my old home.

I have told you plenty on the palace and also, that Versailles is a lot more than it. However, it is true 98% (according to survey by City of Versailles) come here for the palace alone. Therefore, feel it is the time to tell you a bit about the shopping available inside the properties of the Domaine de Versailles! Here is my brief introduction as the subject can be long….

However, first, let me tell you some practical information base on many sources and my own experiences.

Some ideas to ease your visit to the Domaine de Versailles is to schedule your visit from Wednesday to Friday. Buying a ticket online allows you to go directly to entrance A, without going through the ticket office! Arrive early and start with the visit of the Palace, then go to the Trianon which opens at 12h30. The rest of the day, enjoy the gardens and the park.

The Passport ticket, for one day or two consecutive days, is the sesame that opens with a single ticket all the gates of Versailles: Palace, Trianon estate, temporary exhibitions, gardens, park, Galerie des Carrosses or carriage wagons gallery museum, not to mention events like the Musical Fountains or the Musical Gardens.


To visit the entire Estate in peace, the petit train or little train in the Parc de Versailles is the ideal ally for families. Trains run between the palace and the Trianon estate. The palace gardens are free to access, every day, from 8h to 20h30 however, the gardens close at 17h30 during the evening Fountains water Show.

The Domaine de Versailles is easily accessible by train or RER from Paris, from Saint-Lazare or Montparnasse stations and by RER C from Les Invalides. Arrived at one of the stations of Versailles (rive droite from St Lazare), (rive gauche château from several or les invalids on RER C ) and (Chantiers from Montparnasse), a few minutes on foot are enough to reach the palace.

The palace of Versailles practical information in English: Palace of Versailles practical information

And now ,that you are here, let me tell you about the shopping!

The Cabinet des médailles du roi or the king’s medal cabinet. The museum’s stores house many medals that testify to the history of Versailles over the centuries. To publicize these collections, the Palace invited Maison Arthus-Bertrand to delve into its numismatic archives. The workshops thus created 17 medals reproduced identically or reinterpreted after old engravings. Freely accessible via the Palace’s main courtyard.

The Librairie des Princes or princes’ bookstore. Located on the left in the courtyard of the Palace of Versailles, this space offers walkers and art enthusiasts the opportunity to make purchases outside the Château tour circuit. Freely accessible via the Palace’s main courtyard.

The Comptoir de la Chapelle or the chapel counter. Located opposite the Royal Chapel in the upper vestibule, this shop offers a selection of derivative items around the Palace of Versailles. Accessible with an entry ticket to the Palace.

The Boutique du pavillon Dufour or the Dufour pavilion shop. Located at the end of the Château tours, this new store occupies the historic space of the old cisterns of the Bouche du Roi, under the courtyard of the Princes. Accessible with an entry ticket to the Palace.

The Boutique cour de Marbre or the Marble courtyard boutique. Located at the foot of the Queen’s staircase, at the end of your visit to the Grands Appartements, the boutique offers a wide choice of gifts and merchandise around the Palace of Versailles. Accessible with an entry ticket to the Palace.

The Boutique des jardins or Garden boutique. Come and discover the Garden Boutique located in an old farmhouse in the parc of the Palace of Versailles, a place with authentic decor made up of old wooden feeders. The garden shop offers a selection of quality products around Versailles and its great figures, but also on plants and gardens. Freely accessible through the Parc.

The Boutique du Grand Trianon or the boutique of the Grand Trianon. The boutique of the Grand Trianon, located at the exit at the end of the visit, offers a selection of books and gifts linked to the collections and history of this place, nicknamed the “little Palace of marble” by its architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Accessible by small train or on foot, 15 min walk from the Palace.

Ladurée – Versailles .The taste for sweet treats at the court of France foreshadows the success of Maison Ladurée a few decades later. The story of Macaron Ladurée begins with Pierre Desfontaines, little cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, who in the middle of the 19C had the good fortune to pair the macaroon shells two by two and garnish them with a tasty ganache. The shop is accessible with an entrance ticket to the Palace, from the cour Royale or at the end of the Grands Appartements circuit, at the bottom of the Queen’s staircase.

Angelina – Versailles . Renowned for its hot chocolate, the favorite drink of queens and kings of France since its establishment at the court in 1615, Maison Angelina has perpetuated the tradition of chocolate makers from the 17-18C. Founded in 1903, the tea room has established itself as a gourmet and refined place from its opening, an unmissable event for the Parisian aristocracy. at the Palace and the Petit Trianon. The two shops offer the possibility to eat on site with a wide choice of pastries and chocolates, but also to buy many delicatessen products from Maison Angélina, including the famous hot chocolate in the bottle, as well as products around brown, a sure bet for the house. At the Palace, the restaurant is accessible with an entrance ticket, from the cour Royale or at the end of the Grand Apartments circuit. At the Petit trianon ,the take-out counter and the terrace are accessible without an entry ticket. Yes!!

The shops at the Palace of Versailles in English: Shops at the Palace of Versailles

Well, can’t find a photo on these shops ,and the ones i have already did a post on the Petit Trianon and Angelina as this is where I gather after a walk or jog in the garden when lived in Versailles; wont repeat them here.

Nevertheless, hope you enjoy the post on the wonderful shopping inside the Domaine de Versailles. I leave you above with one photo of the entrance to the ticket office once past security.  Enjoy the shopping at the Domaine of Versailles.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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