Los Guerrilleros!

Got you!ha!! well lack of creativity makes you come up with these names. It sound awful , guerrillas wow I am going radical!! nahhh; is one of my nicest stories in my blog. Let me tell you a bit about Los Guerrilleros of Madrid! Another memorable spot for me!

It was a shoe store. It had a bellicose name: Los Guerrilleros or guerrillas. I was a teen, and way back then my true homeland was my childhood. I don’t know why, I never asked my mother why so many people came into that store. I understood what was behind that slogan. “Don’t buy here, we sell‘ very expensive. ” It was about honesty. It was rebellion. It was about a sense of humor. It was about originality. The shoe sales company ‘Los Guerrilleros’ definitely close all its stores on January 10, 2015.

The company, founded in 1962, was very popular for its motto ‘Don’t buy here, we sell very expensive. Throughout these 53 years, the company has opened a total of 14 own stores in the Comunidad de Madrid region. In Madrid, the best-known store was the one located in Puerta del Sol, 5. Metro Sol lines 1,2, and 3. The bus lines 3 51 and N16 N26 nights leave you right at the square. The bus lines 5 15 20 53 and 150 leaves you close by calle de Alcalà or Calle Mayor.

It was the first Spanish franchise for footwear and accessories with a multi-brand concept. The product range, which is mainly based on footwear and leather accessories, also includes bags, belts, watches and sunglasses. Under the motto ‘Don’t buy here, we sell very expensively’, the well-known establishment ranked as one of the 5,000 most outstanding companies in Spain.  On a professional level, the Los Guerrilleros had also been rewarded at various points in their long career. It was the first shoe retailer to achieve the “ISO 9002 Certified Quality System”. It also holds various business merit awards such as the “International Master Company”, such as the “Golden Laurel” or the recently achieved: the prestigious “Avanza Quality Awards” for business management.

The headquarters was base near my neighborhood at Calle Valentin Beato, 24 on metro line 5 ,Ciudad Lineal. Today at the building at Puerta del Sol, 5 there is the community of Madrid tourist office or Centro de Turismo del Sol. The webpage is here in English: https://www.turismomadrid.es/en/

Just last year we were in Madrid, and I bought shoes for my boys at a new shoe store next door at no 6  Zapshop , (see post) they had managed to keep its stores always full. The key? the prices. And I still have my shoes!!

But why all these writing you may ask? And no photos of Los Guerrilleros. Well , this was one of the two stores(other Victor see post)  in my teen years in Madrid that my Mom purchase shoes for me, I must have been 12! The first time was magical, we had people there that my mother had known for years before even before arriving in Spain. One of then still there as when we all left for NJ USA, she felled in love with a local Spaniard who worked at the store, and stayed behind, never leaving, love triumph as always. Every time in Madrid and passing by the Puerta del Sol,this is one of the buildings I look as memories of my Mom becomes stronger and sad she is not with me to visit. Just wanted to have this story in my blog.

The closest photo is of 2013, shows the Madroño with the post office building behind it and to the left is the building of Puerta del Sol no 5 and 6 etc.


Hope you like it and enjoy visiting the Puerta del Sol, many posts on it in my blog a must to visit while in Madrid, km zero of all distances in Spain! And of course the Madroño bear symbol of my beloved Madrid.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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